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April 12, 2003

I'm seriously considering shutting down

I'm seriously considering shutting down my Yahoo account because of the spam, especially since I shifted over the fastmail recently. It's really not Yahoo's fault, I was careless with the address so... But that said, Fastmail, with IMAP, is the best free way to read mail in Outlook (or any mail client probably) - Hotmail is a bit flaky with Outlook, which is a pity since it wan't quite as bad with OE. So people who know me and read this have been warned, switch over to my fastmail accounts, I'll eventually not be reading my Yahoo mail anymore. My "public" account will still be the one one the left, but my private one I'll only give out to people I know. Die spam die. Filters are just not the answer since it's almost as much work to check the bulk mail folder for false positives, and you still get the occasional mail that the filters don't catch - which is all the more annoying.

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