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March 10, 2005

Deadwood Season 2 Premiere

So in the second season the whores have to look that much more glamorous? No more persistent grubbiness? The formality of the letters is quite refreshing, contrasting well with the otherwise squalid nature of the reality that confronts them. Similarly with Alma Garrett. Maybe I have to get used to it again, but the vernacular is still pretty indecipherable, though the swearing has mitigated somewhat.

They seem more contrained that they used to, perhaps success has cursed them with the need to also be successful, and certain compromises necessitate from that. The handling of the telephone poles was okay, though I would have expected it to be better than it was. Doesn't seem quite as good so far as the previous that I remember, but no doubt it'll pick up as things progress.

I wonder if it's just natural that the prettier whores are the ones that are featured. The house and the description of the house is rather nice, and the sexual affair is quite gratifying, though the attempt at wryness doesn't quite wash. The women, other than the amping, remain rather appealing. But not the best episode; waiting for better.

It wasn't as depressing as I thought it might be.

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