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April 28, 2005

Wrap Up of Bits I Never Got Around to Finishing

I've been tending to note-take using the MT interface, and I just never get round to writing about any of these - no doubt due to my hectic schedule - itself due to the thing I can't name because if I do it'll get aggregated.

And What's Up With All These Euphemisms for HLA Anyway?

These must be the most literal bloody minded idiots who put together the series. I hope fuck that they novels were shit, because the series sure are. The bare caricature of construction.

To think that they might actually have in mind the notion of death generating stories. So just as all stories about native americans are tinged with the knowledge of their subjugation, all stories of lesbians in Victorian england end in tragedy and heartbreak.

the much fun that is alternate enterprise - so that's why Linda Park's on the show

L word is really so much better this season.

jesus has come to give us a lecture

big train, sales people hotties pharm reps

incredible zen that is smoking room

thompson hueffer

meeting person then leaving perspective, becoming theirs and so on - me then alyson, the the person that meets her etc.

killing off the only one worth watching on Jack and Bobby.

And why not, have a look at me testing out WordPress. I don't know when I'll move, but when I do, that's where I'm going.

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