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February 28, 2005

Parabolic has more than one meaning

One thing I'll say about Boomtown, at least it isn't shy about the scale to which it aspires. It's really not as awful as it was trailed. Again, it probably appeals to me because it's parabolic. I'm wondering at my ambivalence towards the plain-spoken people in the series, just as I wonder at my ambivalence towards the hushed individuals. But the reporter is stunningly pretty I think, and Neil whatever is more palatable in small doses. Jason Gedrick I rather appreciate - he really carries his careworn look with a very conscientious gravitas. The 24 girl does her best to be appealing.

I'd link to the DVD, but they don't include the season 2 episodes. Hence you will be pointed here. If you want more Jason Gedrick, you know where to go.

I think it's the evocation of landscape from the pilot that's stuck with me, and again the parables that Fearless seems to be so much a party to.

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