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July 7, 2003

Alone in York

Feeling retiscent despite the things that are happening, probably because it's just busy stuff and other people's problems that are coming up. Otherwise, still glorying in the firstness of my first. Shall skulk round the department office tomorrow and try and find out my detailed results. Really wonder if I should fight for my starred first.

I do however, have a bunch of CD's now that dig deep into the Throwing Muses ouvre in particular, as well as getting more of the Pixies, and the first Breeder's album. Woo hoo.

Spong was at Ve-Yin's place and answered the door, cuz Ve-Yin was at the gym.

Cari hasn't replied yet, but anyway Delwyn's coming down tomorrow to pick up stuff, so can't really go down anyway, unless I just go after noon, and mostly to deliver the TV and get sloshed.

Got a haircut from James again, at Sharp. Pity that just as I've found a hairdresser I like, that I have to leave. But then I'm leaving York, so...

Shall wonder at Peishan's lack of appearance and ask her about it.

Still feeling out of it despite having been back for the weekend - a bit strange, but not entirely unpleasant. Shall go off and take a shower.

For whatever strange reason, it's my old blog that's been getting the most hits, probably cuz it has the most text of the whole site - though the search strings that lead people here are a bit predictable - mostly stuff with subtitles somewhere. Ah well.

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