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April 22, 2005

Why I Might Ever Use Opera's RSS Reader - Instead of Klipfolio

Before I get into it, just to wonder, as I'll eventually discover, whether they simply filter the headline for the word "Opera". They don't seem to be vetting blogs - spammers take note. Honestly Opera Watch is the most loyal/timely and should probably get it, but it can (no offense) read a bit like an extended press release. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with shilling for the company you like, but it's not exactly the place you go for analysis and objectivity. He's welcome to bitch-slap me if he disagrees.

This is really a product of me sniffing around WordPress - since they offer feeds for every-fuck-thing, even comments. Now, I really like Klipfolio, and I'm not talking about migrating, but it's still best for monitoring stable headline feeds, rather than monitoring things that are more transitory and which could multiply exponentially.

I mean it'd be a hassle to create a new feed reader and paste the url just to get updates on a discussion - easier to just click and let Opera handle it. Though apparently Serence is working on making things easier. I wonder if the browsers would be obstructionist if that happened - if Opera is, they're in for an earful.

The last times I added feeds to Opera it was also because they were updates so often and plentifully that it didn't make sense to do anything else - but then those feeds tend to lose meaning, since without some form of editing, it's a bit meaningless. Oh, and once KF couldn't handle chinese characters.

Oh, and it's a bitch to get the feed menu up in Opera when you remove the menu bar and don't have a mail account so you can put it in your sidebar. I'm willing to be enlighted, but in general, I just find the "reading feeds like mail" thing a bit silly and not a bit ugly.

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