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April 4, 2005

Ione Skye and Alan Tudyk - Smokers are People Too - Sketch Show Lame

Oh my god it's Ione Skye!!! not to mention Alan Tudyk! Yay for the cameos, pity about the show. And yes, quite rightly she's such a hottie - for people who don't know, she was the object of desire in Say Anything, which I'm sure destroyed her career. I hope there's much more of her soon, and not on crap shows. She really is heartbreaking, and more fragile with age. I feel like such a camp admirer. Not much of a part for Alan Tudyk, but sort of fun.

More and more lame Sketch Show is - honestly hasn't been much good since the pilot - surely they can't have run out of ideas that fast. The women do much better than the men.

But if you need a fantastic show to watch, and think smokers are people too, you haven't experienced the best that BBC digital has to offer, which is Smoking Room. I've only seen it on UKNova, and the rips aren't phenomenal, but it's a fantastic series, and you'd be a fool not to see it. Has the arsey guy from Peep Show, doing a much better version of himself in this one. Nicely written, and makes me want to smoke so bad. The players in these series really do seem rather incestuous, I suppose it's more understandable living it. Pity the pilot featuring someone from Smoking Room is the worst of the lot. I hope they upload the Christmas Special eventually.

Oh my god, I never quite realised that Ione Skye used to be married to a Beastie Boy! And I suppose she was sort of working steadily, if not prominently.

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