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January 22, 2003

Peishan has rather cleverly pointed

Peishan has rather cleverly pointed out the serendipitous nature of my provided e-mail address. Weltenshauung, as I understand it broadly means your personal, ideological conception of the world, which I suppose is quite nauseatingly fitting for a blog such as this. Corrections to this definition are welcome.

Am thinking of mailing Cari about my lovely blog, maybe Tim as well. I must say I was rather gratified (I'd say touched, but I'm trying to move away from that schmalzyness in my discourse) that he added me to his messenger list so promptly after my e-mail to the yahoo group. All these signs made in the air that we don't know how to interpret. Tim is one of those people that hover like a ghost over my past - in a ambivalent way, though obviously with broad strokes of nostalgia. We'll see.

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