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March 16, 2005

House - Rescued from CSI

That was a rather superlatively good episode of House I just watched. It was written by Lawrence Kaplow, who's apparently written quite a few of the episodes of House that I think are very very good. The director Randall Zisk is also a familiar name, but to not so much that I remember him, nor is his long filmography *that* striking. But my it was a good episode. New nemesis is good - very very amped up presentation of the premises of the show, more drama than usual - you can tell it's the beginning of a new story arc from having had more episodes ordered. No end of interesting, knowing more about the production process and the way the episodes have to be batched.

Nina from 24 was the patient, good guest stars always raise the game. But yes, Lawrence Kaplow makes me now want to watch Hack, which I hope I can find somewhere. But apparently not. And thankfully they've rescued Baba O'Riley from CSI. Also the mentions of control and shame are really rather good in the presentation of Bulemia - I really liked it. Cameron was good in the episode as well, heartrending vulnerability does that, aussie boy was fine, Omar Epps is still annoying.

I will burn House DVDs for anyone who promises to stop watching DP.

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