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May 19, 2005

Undeclared - Natalie Portman will have No Career

Another series that I wonder where it's been all my life. I hope to god that Judd Apatow can get back to doing stuff like this - that doesn't suck ass - now that 'piss as we gulp it' is died like it's dead.

I suppose it really helps that so many cast members from Freaks and Geeks show up. The only problem is the one of self-immolation, as covered elsewhere, not least about Peep Show, but at least that's not what this is "about". But yes, still plenty of dousing and shrieking. And woman who looks like cat-woman on CSI is endlessly charming. And the male cast is actually funny, and actually directed worth a damn.

And really, it's just so very very sweet and wavy.

And guess what? It sure beats (baby pops out) "Luke!" (another baby) "Leia!"

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