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February 21, 2005

Down by the Grapevine

It's nice, to just sit here and write, Laura Nyro playing in the blackground. It's nice that my speakers are now properly positioned in the room. I think I glory in my disdain for fastidiousness regarding wires. I really need to sleep timely tonight so I can wake up and buy the bus ticket. I hope I get more shirts I'll actually wear.

How handsome my site's become. The CSS fixing of the text sizes was particularly satisfying.

I wonder if I should go ahead to remove the dashes from the bottom of my blogger posts. I wonder whether export would do well moving images - I suppose you'd just put the files in the directory. The replace function would then be able to fix the absolute paths if necessary. Now that I know how, I'm nagged by the desire to export a backup. And the knowledge that phpBB still isn't upgraded. But apparently lots of people put off upgrading web apps - hence the pwning really. Oh, and there's so much crap on my desktop from tweaking.

I love my connection - it's worth a hug. But I'm done tweaking up speed to increase latency, much less to maximise downstream. Fixing it at 40 seems quite reasonable. When I have to adjust it for calls I wonder what I'll do, but probably just do the long way.

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