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July 19, 2003

(Reactions to) Other Peoples' Blogs

Edel's blog has an article by A.S Byatt on Harry Potter. Being me, and not having read Harry Potter (not even when I'm high/tight) and pretty much disliking Possession (despite fantastic bits on Val) I'd just like to say, about that article - tripe. Tripe tripe tripe.

And about Su-lin's entry about RJ people collecting for charity? I sympatise, and I find her vignette quite effective, but I just remember being strong-armed into doing such nonsense and resenting it for years to come. And students forming lines to collect for charity (and I really mean no offence to dear Su-lin) makes me want to bludgeon them with a spoon. A spoon I tell you. Emotional blackmail is never pretty, and I refuse to feel guilty about emotional blackmail.

What I do feel probably altogether too self-congratulatory about is what I did just before I discovered that they no longer forced recruits to donate to the Community Chest, for fear of alienating them in the future, when they have more than $200 a month. The community chest guy told me that my company had an unusually high voluntary donation rate, which he attributed to my appealing to them, telling them of what I'd done as a recruit - clever people they are, using GIRO cuts out the negative utility from continually giving, ie not having to see students with cans.

I shall recommend TypePad to people when it comes out, Blogger has such consistent issues with its archives (at least on its free service), and is so much less feature rich (comments etc.). Though for the non-mental-midgets, hosted Movable Type is probably the way to go.

Just realised that I can actually host a whole bunch of e-mail addresses at the fallingbeam.org domain if I so chose. I really like the word biffing. Clever Waugh.

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