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January 22, 2003

Sent invitations to Tim and

Sent invitations to Tim and Cari. If they're here, hi.

Starting to feel a bit uncomfortable addressing people, seems to detract from the me-ness of this. I suppose I could end up putting all me e-mail correspondences here and allowing this to document *everything*. Wonder whether I should stop with my "metablogging".

I suppose I should mention Mariah's new video, which for a while at least you should be able to download from here. SVCD quality, very good quality. Mariah daily's also a premier Mariah fan site. But yes, the video is pretty fun, if only for the extremely charming bits at the end when she's being coy with Cameron. Wasn't too sure about the whole thing with her in the car giving Bianca (her skanky alter-ego) the kiss-off. She's become a bit pointed an barbed (understandably of course) in recent times, especially post-"breakdown". Thought the whole thing with "Clown" and Eminem was just a bit overblown, somehow lacking the kind of control that she's so fabulous for in terms of her music. Clown as a rewrite of Breakdown(from Butterfly) doesn't compare well in terms of lyrics.

Been in a quite REM mood recently, listening to New Adventures in Hi-Fi. Currently listening to Reveal, which I bought but never really listened to. Going for Supergrass at the Barbican on Thursday, starting to feel a bit ambivalent about it, but should be fun regardless with Delwyn (who I'm getting along quite well with recently), Clarissa and Dion. The new Supergrass album is absolutely fantastic, Gaz's voice has a kind maturity and feeling that is quite breathtaking. It was nice having Clarissa and Vanessa over last week, breaks up the group in the house (plus Dion). Feeling guilty about not asking Andrew over. Wondering if I should go and order that promised half-case of wine. Bordeaux of course. It's really such a naff story that I'd not relate it without specific requests (and conditions of not thinking it sad). Subtitles is bit more fun, if only for me.

Makes me think how intrigued I am about reading Delillo's "The Names".

I think strangely that I've been drawn back to reading quite a bit in the recent weeks, despite my academic setbacks. Waiting with trepidation for me 1900-1950s results to come out on 3 Feb. The 68 for my Delillo essay was really puncturing my ego for quite a while till Judith Geoff decided to do a better job of it. Should write a bit about being "marks-conscious" at some point, but will save that for when I don't feel so strongly, and don't feel so fatigued.

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