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July 8, 2003

Doing stuff

Busy busy busy. Will probably be going to Manchester tonight to play mahjong and pick up the parental units tomorrow morning.

I've migrated my phone to pay as you talk, instead of actually cancelling the phone, which seems to be easier, I'll have to get them to send my bill to Manchester so it's easier for Delwyn to pay my last bill. I'll have to give them a call again.

Unfortunately when I go in to close my bank account, I'll probably be putting money in rather than taking it out. I'll have to ask if they have any alternative accounts I can move to so that I can pay my mobile bill instead of Delwyn. Will have to cancel my direct debit as well though.

Ordered the Gianduja, hopefully it'll reach the hotel in time, don't quite know if the paper ticket will make it here in time.

The graduation stuff can be picked up tomorrow at 4 or something from Physics, and I'll probably return Su-Lin's book then, or later tonight before dinner.

So yes, busy - all without leaving my room.

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