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February 20, 2003

Nothing like a good awards

Nothing like a good awards show to perk you up. The Brits just came on, and watching Kylie perform with Timberlake was pretty fun. Must say I like the sound of Ms. Dynamite. Oh yeah and I heard the Sugababes sort of mangle "Shape of My Heart" by Sting yesterday, someone's fishing for cred... Oh yes and Mahjong is fun fun fun.

Just to mention, I've been to a number of customisable web portals and I think I've found one that puts Yahoo to shame, even the repackaged SBC one. MyWay was concieved largely as a Yahoo killer, and if only for their customised homepage and their (unfortunately US only) TV guide they win hands down in terms of usability and usefulness. They haven't introduced a fantastic e-mail system like Yahoo has and Google and Yahoo still have a better news page, but as a portal, MyWay has alot going for it. In particular if you're on dial-up, they are very bandwidth friendly in not having banner/pop-up ads and images in general unless you request for them. Conveniently situated Google search bar is apparently part of their buisness model - clever. But Opera users like me have a google box in the personal bar already so revenue's going to Opera... (hopefully)

Hate to admit it, but I'm finding MDI probably the best option for supercharged browsing, especially with the keyboard shortcuts for navigation. If I've learnt anything from the whole SDI campaign thing, it's that momentum can be an irresponsible thing. The peace campaigners might want to take notice and have a gander and the rampant fascism here. I'm really not willing write more about that unless someone's really that interested.

Must watch double bill of French Films on Sunday: Ma Femme Est Une Actrice + Read My Lips, City Screen Listings to be found here.

Must buy a mahjong set when I go back to Singapore.

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