July 6, 2005

Mia Kirshner is supposed to be the new, Jewish, Charlotte Coleman

Charlotte Coleman really is so adorable and insolent in Oranges, very much inhabitant.

Now we know where the L Word got it's carnival imagery from. Mia Kirshner is supposed to be the new, Jewish, Charlotte Coleman.

The series itself is whatever, particularly sparkly because of her, but otherwise a little unremarkable. Perhaps it's been spoilt by my having watched the stage adaptation in York. Makes me wonder at the source material, since it was adapted by her anyway.

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You Suck One Cock...

It's just funny beyond words. And Dylan Moran is just spanky. It's like Charlotte Coleman has a whole new lease. The intro music alone makes you want to weep.

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July 5, 2005

How Do You Want Me?

I've just been watching it, and there's something about the music and the setting that is just moving beyond words. And Charlotte Coleman is so very very heartbreakingly beautiful. The cast anyway is wonderful, though this makes me ache for the first series, and really to watch more Simon Nye.

Dylan Moran is great, as is Peter Serafinowichz - I really should go watch Shaun of the Dead. Mark Heap as well.

The fact that she died after, the idea that it might have been so horrible a death, almost beggars belief.

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July 2, 2005

Sharapova Getting Spanked - Tabitha - Opera McFlurry

I suppose I could write about Opera, but I've just not been in the mood. Something about the flurry of releases just strikes me as Opera overcompensating for Nokia chucking them for Apple. So there, stunning insight just for the people who subscribe here instead of just monitoring the aggregator.

But yes, Sharapova seems particularly alluring getting spanked by Venus. Even when she was being rolled over by Henin she didn't have that same air of grasping determination. It's probably not wrong to think that her appeal is similar to Zhang Ziyi's, which, as I've said before, seems incumbent on her being made to look thwarted and vexed in that very pursed manner.

Speaking of the shapely, I've been watching the much maligned and ill-fated Tabitha - the Bewitched spin-off that died after half a season. I remember watching an episode a long time ago and finding Lisa Hartley no end of fetching. From what I'm seeing now, it's another of those series that rightly has that attraction of ill fate.

Lindsey Davenport playing Kim Clijsters was quite a sight as well.

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June 30, 2005

The Inside: the fluttering flag over the fence

I obviously feel my weekly posts about The Inside can get a bit repetitious, but I can't tell you enough, how after last week's less than fantastic episode, this week's was spectacularly on the mark. The character interactions within the team were particularly wonderful this week, all of them. And very very very funny. "Cuz that's what I do".

But yes, Jane Espenson episode, which begs the question who did the very similar episode in Angel. Nanny from Wonderfalls is the featured guest, which turns out well. Their problematic endings are a particular weakness, but the episode was still very good, if only because the interplay of the characters' dialogue was wonderful. And the fluttering flag over the fence. "Either one of you? No."

They're lighting Rachel Nichols differently, more harshly I think, which is probably their assuredly subtle way of signalling her role in the episode.

TorrentSpy is your friend. I'm not sure, but I get the feeling that the ratings did, at least marginally, better. Apparently I was wrong, it's more or less been holding steady at what's considered a non-competitive dismal.

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June 27, 2005

Glut of Preview Screeners For Fall TV

I must have somehow missed all this stuff, or I'm just on the wrong feed. All of which is untrue, because for some reason the categories in ISOHunt aren't definitive when it comes to indexing this stuff, apparently - either that or they were hiding somehow, because they didn't show up on TorrentSpy, much to their chagrin. Which is all the more annoying, since these are all on prominent trackers/aggregators, like Piratebay, or Mininova.

Anyway, here's a list of the shows, most of which can be found searching through TV.com, or sheer ingenuity:

The Loop, Still Life, The Robinsons Lost In Space, Reunion, Just a Phase, Bones, Rocky Point, Prison Break, Supernatural, Everybody Hates Chris, Like Cats and Dogs, Out of Practise.

Torrents for you to torrent with can be found this convenient ISOHunt search results page.

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June 24, 2005

The Chills of Dave Gorman

I can't tell you how wonderful it is, this thing I've just watched. It's cosmically and artistically breathtaking, and it's also unerringly funny. I can't stress enough to you how blown away I was at watching this. I got it off UKNova, but you might want to try these off TorrentSpy, though I can't be sure they're the right ones.

The premise would just sound silly if I told it to you, but if you must you can search for it online, I think the search will really just augment the experience.

I'm telling you, really, watch this, you won't regret it. I haven't watched the subsequent episodes yet, but as with so many things, within the first couple of minutes or seconds, I knew, from that tiny sample, that this is something was wonderful, that I would want to watch, and that I would watch.

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June 23, 2005

The Inside - You Can Still Catch Up

theinside_gallery.jpgNow that I've got the drama that is Opera out of my system I can get back to the joyful act of writing about The Inside.

This episode wasn't quite as good as the others so far. That said, there are some things that are intensely enjoyable about it, not least Katie Finneran and Adam Baldwin getting very very gratifying moments.

And of course a post cannot go by without my mentioning how lovingly the show presents Rachel Nichols - though in this episode it wasn't quite as fluent, and wasn't quite as rigorous as it has been. Much too much of a concept episode - particularly in establishing the premise of the show - but those are normally the episodes they just have to get out of their system before they move on.

Whatever it is, if you're not already watching it, you must be waiting for me to mercilessly mock you into doing so. Anyway, I like making things just that bit easier, so even if you've missed the first two, you can still catch up.

Edit: Apparently the ratings aren't getting any better, basically getting creamed by Dancing With The Stars, and below even that of the reruns. I don't know what it bodes, but they're showing back to back episodes of it next week, July 6th.

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June 22, 2005

Nigella on HIGNFY

Honestly it had been the reason I actually got the whole wodge that got shoved, and well worth it. Nigella really is so very fetching, so very tartly regal in her minxy saucy manner. It must have been that period when those shirts were in vogue, since she was stretching out Delia's name. She didn't really say that much, but she looked so very focused and determined, and not a bit defensive, not a bit conservative. I suppose wafts of antipathy encourage those things. Very much the face of a younger conservatism, desiring not to suffer fools.

And she really does look like - :D. Less disperse, one would suspect.

It really was quite enjoyable, very squeal-worthy.

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June 18, 2005

Heidi-Ho - The Lovely Jewel Staite.

JewelStaite.jpgThe Jewel Staite episodes of Wonderfalls are probably the best arc in the series; of course excepting the couple of good stand alone episodes, like the Tim Minear episode (obviously the best of the lot), and perhaps the Destroy Her one. The Bryan Fuller portions make me suspicious - the portions that are Minear are more convincing to me. Not that I don't like the family, but some times what's done with them is less than subtle.

All will greatly look forward to Jewel's upcoming hurrah as Kaylee in Serenity.

What's up with "moist"? Particularly fun seeing Jaye wrestling with Heidi. Both are particularly fetching in the period. For those that don't quite get it, Bryan Fuller also did the occasionally good series Dead Like Me.

A post, especially one that mentions Tim Minear, cannot go by without mention of The Inside. As I have now done.

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New TV Site That Works With Azureus' RSS Plugin

Calls itself, and tags its files, as CTV - though the url is http://centraltracker.org/. Importantly, it has The Inside, so yay. If you need me to explain what Azureus is, or what a plugin is, what the RSS plugin is, or what RSS is - then god help you, I'll bash your fucking skull in. The feed url is http://centraltracker.org/rss/index.php.

Obviously The Inside has made me much more receptive to my rewatching of Wonderfalls.

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June 16, 2005

The Descriptive Wonder of: The Inside's Second *Incredible* Episode

jay_harrington1.jpgI'm sort of breathless from the second episode of The Inside. It was a really really good episode - probably one of the best directed I've seen of the genre that I can remember. Honestly, Quentin Tarantino should bury his head in his hands and trundle off with his hands, just dried. I've either not posted about what I refer to, or I've just hidden it too well - if you remember, please.

I just can't help but not want to over-sell it, but as I said to Su-lin, I *really* like it - I want it to be fluffy so I can hug it - kind of like it. In many ways much more paced and momentous (in the best way possible) than the pilot, perhaps another case of the creator being unable to work beyond his premise - like Joss needing Tim to step in. But yes, strangely for me, I really appreciated the significance of the exchanges, the focus and import. Unfortunately the elusiveness of the case was defeated in an annoyingly trite manner of closing, but I'm sure that's something they can work on. I mean even X-Files knew better than to give you more than you needed. And in this case, they decided to write past the significance - they just can't seem to be happy with the ambivalence and puzzlement, they have to sketch. But it was still a significant try that I really liked. Another one of my very favorite time/perception ellipses/replays. And the manner of her erotic replay. And the spectacle of her screams was thrilling in a way that went beyond gratification.

Rachel Nichol does so very very well, and acts so very very fetchingly. And the glimpses you get to see of the other cast members is wonderfully suggestive. Webb will be their downfall if they don't handle it.

And a very very good teaser, and some of the most evocative and appropriately toned titles I've ever seen. I just wonder how they managed to get the cast to go along with the whole change of premise, and perhaps how they managed to retain any cast at all in it. High School and control would have been a much tougher fit.

She really does do so very well.

Via Bittorrent, via TorrentSpy, via VTV - by forming another tier of bureacracy.

Fox really needs to start double and tripling up, re-airing to seed - they can't let this die, not when its merit rivals that of the OQ, which they so assiduously challenged.

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June 14, 2005

TVTome is Dead - TV.com Sucks - Long Live epguides.com

theinside_gallery2.jpgI can't stress enough how much suckage occurs with the "new" TV.com - CNet really knows how to fuck things up.

Anyway, that seems to have been the import of the sudden appearance of the CNet banner at the top of the TVTome pages, and now they can kiss their users goodbye.

As far as I'm concerned, epguides.com is a much much better, faster loading, stripped down version of TVTome, and now that I've rediscovered it, it strikes me that I should have moved ages ago.

The best things about epguides is that the episode listings are on the main page, so no navigating through menus to get where you want to go.

This way, you only really have to put up with TV.com when you're looking at episode details, which need not be often. Similarly with going to the main page for news.

epguides.com seems to work with a simple google search, which is more effective that I'd have thought.

My search.ini, when I update it, will put epguides.com in place of the old TVTome search. I'll probably include the TV.com search for completeness.

God damn those CNet bastards.

And so, as Rachel Nichols' pose suggests (her of the wonderful new show The Inside), we are not amused.

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June 12, 2005

Dear Emily and Richard

I wonder if they were heading towards cancellation in the middle of the 3rd season, because the 13th episode seems incredibly seminal. And very moving, for those of us who paid attention, and recognise colour.

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June 10, 2005

The Inside - Watch It - Fox, Weds 9/8c

76-18794.jpgThe pilot is available online, so you have no excuse. And given the ratings, I'm sure Fox won't mind, if it's to pimp the show. Apparently got it's ass handed to it by Dancing with the Stars, with I actually quite enjoy.

Anyway, The Inside is great - it's Executive Produced by Tim Minear, who worked on both Angel and Firefly (and X-Files before that), and also was the guy running Wonderfalls. He wrote my favorite episode of Firefly, Out of Gas, which stands alone wonderfully as a great piece of writing. I'm just hoping that given its summer status, it'll end up more like The OC than Wonderfalls. If not people are gonna start calling Tim "the Reaper" - which would be apt since Bryan Fuller (Dead Like Me) was creator of Wonderfalls.

The pilot probably isn't quite out of the park, but I find it wonderful for how much it reads like so much of Tim Minear's work. As far as I'm concerned, he can do very little wrong, or at least very little that I can't forgive.

Rachel Nichols is really superlatively lovely, and made to look so much like a prettier ringer for Jodie Foster. The most pleasant surprises are Adam Baldwin, Jayne from Firefly and Katie Finneran, Jaye's lesbian sister from Wonderfalls.

I mean I almost don't know what to say about how much I want to watch the series, how good I think it'll end up, and really how much I hope it doesn't get canceled. Hopefully Fox will have enough confidence in it that they'll do what they did, and keep repeating it over summer, so that it can build its audience.

Check out the official Fox site, and it's on Fox, Wednesdays 9/8c - best thing you'll see on TV all summer.

If you need convincing about Rachel Nichols, have a look at some lovely pictures of her from Maxim :). Of which my chosen teasers are these:

aab.jpg gm_l2.jpg aaf.jpg

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June 2, 2005

Dumping Klipfolio, Using Opera for RSS, Kelly Brook

It's not really their fault, but now that I've figured out how to use views in M2 to do more or less a global "dismiss all items", Klipfolio suddenly seems a lot less indispensable. It's not quite as easy as hovering and clicking, but using the keypad to trawl through has it's advantages, as does opening in background pages etc. Can't do weather, which is annoying, but I really could just use Klipfolio for that :P.

Love is not love that alters when alteration finds.

I must say it is pretty, the new beta, but after awhile it gets a bit clunky - the problem is when it starts to actually look and feel a bit clunky. It is still the most attractive and innovative way to present feeds, but Opera is surprising me with its potential efficiency, and now a more ruthless kind of elegance. Though I'm sure I'll straddle the two for a while at least. I suppose what I should also do is have an email address just for listhost stuff, since I need an address anyway to activate my mail panel - an annoying workaround if I ever knew one.

I'm still very much against the lock-in of Opera's feeds - showing the url won't kill anyone - though I'm now really appreciating things being built in. Having problems getting Opera to recognise a .food file as a feed, shall have to remember to ask. Looks like I'm going to have to figure out how to transfer settings for M2 as well now.

I suppose what I should be saying is mo' features, mo' problems.

It's nice that I can use it for chat as well, though I think I still can't get beyond the desire for folders, so M2 as a mail client is gonna have to wait. Is it just me, or is it silly that there's not pure aggregated feed view - they could just put in in the root directory of "Newsfeeds".

And Starhub is really pissing me off that bandwidth really gets squeezed at primetime, starting from about 8. Allegedly.

I really don't think I'd ever smurf with the panel open though, having the mail window in the background should be enough. I'll see when the morning inundation comes. It's probably because of the end of the season, but I'm just too lazy to set up Azureus to batch download - though I suppose I'll end up bothering for the various summer series of note, not to mentions stuff like Celebrity Love Island.

I'm actually currently getting through the episodes of first season WetBoy with Kelly Brook in it. They probably needed external talent back then for all the languid bath shots. As in sermons in stones, and books in the running. But yes, DVD rips are really not as lovely as from hdtv, more pixelated if nothing else. Pissed-Off steak, nice pepper sauce.

I have since ameliorated my opinion of klipfolio 3, and reinstated it in a more limited capacity - for more information, see this post on the Serence forums.

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May 31, 2005

Death to the Demoness Allegra Geller

Good propect of a history of violence. Cookie cutter elements to be sure, but it all looks like it'll come together in the most wonderful way. The prominent actors even managed to be made to look normal. It's not eXistenz, but then what is.

A very loving portrait of fiona, and the deft unpretention of newsradio. Even the best of series some times fail to meet the level of attentive unsentimentality that NewRadio manages. And Maura Tierney turns so seductively.

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May 29, 2005

We Win

I must say this is a genuinely very sinister episode. I suppose it really does depend on who is doing the what. Repetition can end up getting a bit banal-ly annoying after a while, but still very jumpy scary.

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watch, something

And so a pathetic sentimentality. I really need to watch something, and soon, that contains things getting blown up, shot, and people getting smacked over the head and called jag-off. And so a very different kind of sentimentality.

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May 25, 2005

One-eyed Mia Kirshner

One-eyed Mia Kirshner is such an *actress*. Very effective though. Very much like a button. Probably the best thing on the show in a long while. It's really just about a deftness and force of movement, a kind of firmness and resolution.

I like the idea of vagrant Jack. They also pulled out his dissolute jacket for it, which is nice. Perhaps they're doing something professional.

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May 22, 2005

with a kind of cant, obviously

And so this is what feature directors do, they come in and they do what features do best - they find the premise and dig deep. And so basically what they're doing is what Sorkin does in his 2 hour season premieres, but in their own way, with a kind of cant, obviously. They immerse in the mythology, or the diegesis if you will, and distill the things that, so often repeated, or so resonant, they they come to become. I won't say exactly that they do another pilot, as I think I mistakenly said before; what they do is exaggerate, reflex, emphasise, amplify, deft subtle. Often not new - pivotal - but not necessarily new. So that even if important changing things occur, it still is a kind of suspension, a kind of disruption of the flow or tick of the cadence. It's like casting in amber, making it crystal, a kind of refraction.

Though part of the problem, of course, is that in doing this, even though it leads to generally better episodes, it still means that however good the directors and episodes may be, they are unable to transcend the show, its premise, and the limitations of the genre, cast, and feel. Though of course, in the best series, or even in good ones, they can become some of the most effective, sometimes all the more's the pity for the after.

Jorja Fox has ceased to be any kind of attractive. And I wanted him to die - all of them, really. Bastards all. No help or pity, to those less fortunate than ourselves.

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May 21, 2005

Their little drama - out of the island

Yeah, I basically can't quite stand my last post being on top, because it's absolutely horrendous writing - hence new post. Normally I do okay when I'm sleeping odd hours and never quite feel rested, but that must have been strange. Most of the time I just get disjointed rather than rubbish. And I felt awfully about having to spank the word into the title.

It's absolutely wonderful that Z-Nix is still getting in the Maxell discs - the quality is excellent, though I'm sure it could be cheaper. Considering how much they cost, I really should get a Benq drive, but the Lite-On's still fine, and the myth of scanning is always convincing. Anyway the bigger issue is with the inability of the spin to catch up, which is annoying in so many ways.

Is it hard to make arrangements with yourself?

I'm quite enjoying Celebrity Love Island, not least because of Abi Titmuss and Liz from Atomic Kitten. Their little drama is entertaining if a little flickery.

Movable Type really needs to take a couple of pages from WordPress, esp things like ticking multiple categories etc. But then I've still not migrated, and neither likely to, so.

I'm still feeling too competitive about Opera Blogs, but ah well. I think I'll try my best to keep at least a post or 2 on the latest page, that seems fair. More dark comedy regarding my phone, and much annoyance with forms.

Starhub has been acting up a bit recently, basically with the bandwidth

out of the island.

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May 20, 2005

Bleatney Looks Like She's Shooting Porn

Ok, that was a bit harsh, but what's the fun in having a name if people can't make fun of it in some way. And yes, the whole handheld things is very gonzo, but not annoyingly so. I think you have to fight the urge to read it all as being "real" - and the picture they obviously want to paint of Bristina as being "People Like Uz". And yes it does come across as making things out a bit sad and bereft. Not really quite as funny as Newlyweds, which I'd suppose to be the benchmark. Well at least this has a vital ingredients, big star (/to be) and washed up nobody husband. The asking of questions is interesting. And you wonder at the smacking of manipulative attention-sook and pathos.

Other titles could have included Bitch-ney POV. And he's got all the hallmarks of "man" - in that he looks like a dick.

I had to get it off filelist, since everyone else was bleating about how there aren't propers out.

An interventionist god.

I don't answer stupid questions. People who don't know anything ask questions that so lack the will towards conviction.

Not entirely unaware.

It's nice that it happened, in what looks appears to be Manchester. So that's why they call it pathetic fallacy, which is not exact. Man-Whore. Don't Know Much.

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May 19, 2005

Undeclared - Natalie Portman will have No Career

Another series that I wonder where it's been all my life. I hope to god that Judd Apatow can get back to doing stuff like this - that doesn't suck ass - now that 'piss as we gulp it' is died like it's dead.

I suppose it really helps that so many cast members from Freaks and Geeks show up. The only problem is the one of self-immolation, as covered elsewhere, not least about Peep Show, but at least that's not what this is "about". But yes, still plenty of dousing and shrieking. And woman who looks like cat-woman on CSI is endlessly charming. And the male cast is actually funny, and actually directed worth a damn.

And really, it's just so very very sweet and wavy.

And guess what? It sure beats (baby pops out) "Luke!" (another baby) "Leia!"

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May 18, 2005

unfortunately still referential - Penultimate House

And so House decided to do interesting things. To be honest I preferred the jumpy pumpy to the revelation, but who would have guessed, eh? I can't say it's the most innovative way of presentation, but it was okay - unfortunately still referential, but then most things are. It's always more fun to play than to play for a reason, though playing for a reason in roundy circles without saying uncle is as good a way as any. Is playing for playing another kind of roundy circle? I've not thankfully made myself lose all interest and find it all tedious.

And so they picked up on the odd ambivalence of Sela Ward's empathy. Are her eyebrows really like that? And so it occurs to me that as with so many times, I probably liked or thought I liked more than came out and chiseled.

I recommend for convenience the TorrentSpy.com directory. For House.

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*Evil* Mia Kirshner

24 is really starting to epitomise the quote, that thankfully I managed to find on Yahoo - "You call this a coronation? I call it bad comedy." But the presence of *sinister* Mia Kirshner, after her camped out depravity on the L Word makes her look aged. And Trey is on 24, who would have thought? And how what the hell is wrong with them that they decided to be so very wrong and so very what were they thinking.

Both 24 and Alias are *so* on my list. But she makes a very cute terrorist mercenary, as I think is the point. I wonder if Daisy Adair will ever re-appear. I can't believe I missed that many episodes of 2.5 Men, silly btefnet. And oh my, now they're pulling out before they spurt 101 all over the screen. Probably the will they/won't they of violence-enabled melodrama.

Really, the pure tonnage of people getting finagled into coming here via Google is oxen stunning. Oh, and one friendly person signed up for my tracker, hoorah.

You shot a 6 year old.

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May 17, 2005

...who showed everyone her penis?

Greg the Bunny is fucking hilarious, and is actually better than you'd ever expect. Makes you want to watch every series that got canceled summarily. And puts puppet Angel into perspective. Sarah Silverman, for being witchily annoying, does however turn out to be reasonably effective totty. They must have some kind of special thigh make-up.

Ranks up there with ...doesn't mean you have to do porn.

The vision of Risky Business.

I'm not quite sure what to make of h.264, seems nice. I'd have to compare.

And so also really rather moving, and effective, and talently done. The physical comedy alone is breathtaking.

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Lesbian Time

I wonder if the displacement (even if to the present) at the beginning of each episode is a gesture towards "female time" - or some other not-so-condescending way of putting it. Jig-lamps I think is the analogy. But it's the finale so I should pay attention. And stick to not posting till it's over.

I mean, okay, I admit to being a bit distracted, but I genuinely am pretty bored as well. I wonder if they're contractually obligated to show a certain amount of HLA every episode. Baby drama never helps.

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May 16, 2005

Mena Suvari and Maura Tierney - And He Brings A Gun To School

Mena Suvari really is rather charming in the Teenage Dirtbag video, it makes me almost want to watch Loser again, even though it really wasn't that much of anything, despite Amy Heckerling. Interesting in terms of her, but not so much in terms of the thing itself. The narrative of the video is really rather effective, and her doing the girl portion is particularly gratifying. Is anyone possibly surprised she's now a swinging divorcee?

Speaking of which, Maura Tierney is lovely all over again on NewsRadio - so fresh faced. And the theme music has an excited joy about it that moves me like a funny puppet. But-ta-FU-co.

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May 13, 2005

maybe not so much for you with the talking

I'm sure I've mentioned hit and run Josh/Dan before. The much charmingness of Mary Louise-Parker. I just like the arc of her initial romance, with the end of Red Red Wine. Aztec, Two-Step, Turandot is also another of the superbly fantastic lines in television. I've got to keep awake a bit more to photocopy and send off. I'll have to check, perhaps if I can print there. Big Block of Cheese and the incredible-ness of that constipation. The times when I wished I still could pick up and few the Super Light. It's nice to be able to un-style and make prettier the silliness of SpelChek - and it'd be nice if the button in the edit page had a tooltip worth a damn - but whatever.

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May 12, 2005

Very Much Like Aslan

Again with the confluence - but it is the events, rather than my them of the piecing. You'll know when you see me. And the really very very funny bits in Concrete Cow about Lion/Witch/Wardrobe - "Aslan's just going to piss you off". Oh and the reasonably promising trailer for the new Narnia movie. It makes me want to read the ones that I remember more resonantly - Dawn Treader and (Su-lin will soon inform me) the one with the iconic presence of "Under Me", or something to that effect. But I think the Dawn Treader contributes in no small extent to my affection for Golding. And I shall find the opportunity to at least try reading Starter For Ten. One of my very first spell-checked posts, how lovely. Though it's annoying in the sense that it doesn't let you manually edit straight away, and there is more than one step towards putting it all back; so I tend to just check and when it shows nothing wrong, to close it. And it finds all manner of silly things wrong, which is wrong of them and silly. And I really must do a follow up on my writing about embracing chaos - the title is handily supplied: Chaos, Control. Chaos, Control. You Like? You Like? It's probably a kind of wrong that bulimia summarises for me such a assertive sense of the will towards control. There probably really is something wrong with me going Sorkin crazy again, but at least now I'm going to fun things like doing a Mary Louise-Parker splash. And dreams about things, and my grandfather, and his death and his funeral. Very much like Aslan.

I normally like to space paragraph things, but when it's composed the way it is. And apparently Opera has decided to abdicate all responsibility. And I think I'm just a bit worn out from Optool. You really do need to restart after you first launch after updating. Klipfolio 3 will be a treat. Perhaps I should cover their striptease before the money-shot.

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May 10, 2005

wanton insalubriousness

Ah, so I now recover where it's from: "though it's not like I'm a drug *person*, I just *love* pot". From the West Wing pilot no less. And uttered by Bobbi Bernstein - probably due to her ability to exude wanton insalubriousness.

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May 9, 2005

Incredibly Camp Symmetries

I really wonder how much overlap there is between Kylie and Pet Shop Boys, since I would assume they had at least similar people working on their tours, and they would seem to inhabit similar markets. Incredibly camp followings and sensibilities both, and icons in their own right. But the symmetries are quite stunning, looking at Kylie's Showgirl tour.

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May 6, 2005

Murder One and Igby Goes Down

Both are now available online, so check out Murder One at Realworld starting with the pilot, and Igby Goes Down at ShareProvider. It's just because I love these both so much - I actually have them on DVD. I actually did a previous post on Igby, if you can be bothered to search for it.

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May 5, 2005

Jack and Bobby - That Was Seriously Cool

...All friends shall taste
The wages of their virtue, and all foes
The cup of their deservings.- O, see, see!
And my poor fool is hang'd!

...I am in blood
Stepp'd in so far that, should I wade no more,
Returning were as tedious as go o'er.

Very much like a black hole. Oh, and the Mayor was pretty good, and rather funny. Also the splitting image.

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Daily Show Spin-Off

Stephen Colbert's been given a spin-off of the Daily Show, to be called the Colbert Report (co-BEAR ra-PORE). New York Times and E! via Yahoo. It'll be cool that they'll be doing a hand-off between the two shows, as they'll probably air back to back - "having Mr. Stewart, at the end of his half-hour show, share a split-screen with Mr. Colbert, in what is known in the news business as a "throw" or "toss."" Hilarity to ensue.

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May 4, 2005

Do *NOT* Tell Me Who Won The Snooker

I'm just starting to watch the first round of the World Snooker Championships, thanks to UKNova. It's currently over, but I know nothing, so if anyone spoils it for me, I going to give them a fucking kicking. I started watching snooker when I was in Holland, and continued when I was in York (the mentions of which, along with being tired, mask). Probably the only thing close so sport that I actually can and will watch religiously. Well, that and politics. Could anything be more boring that UK politics though? An obsession with the banal.

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May 3, 2005

Serenity Trailer in HD - Eventually

serenity_328x185.jpgIt's available on apple.com, and I'm downloading it now, but I won't be able to play it until Apple gets its act together and releases Quicktime 7 for Windows.

I'm sure it's just the trailer again anyway, but why not, it's their bandwidth. Is this not a good enough reason for a 25 Mbit downstream?

Ok, getting a bit annoying having to have enough text so the picture gets wrapped prettily.

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April 30, 2005

Numb3rs Needs To Get A Fucking Brain

Sabermetrics could also be used to point out where even a marginal increase in spending would benefit people the most, and where even a marginal decrease in spending would cause no effect - so the rich can get less money and the poor can get more. Of course it's based on past occurance and thus faulty, but it can assist in being a great leveller rather than a way to exclude. It can show how little it takes to nurture potential where previously there was nothing, and how any more somewhere else is just a waste of money.

And not even that much Sabrina Lloyd in the episode.

And these are the people who would otherwise say politics should stay out of science, these woolly headed eye stabbing idiots. Marching to the beat of their own lock-step.

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April 27, 2005

Amy Heckerling and Amy Adams - Hell Adjusts the Thermostat - The Office is Such Cack

It's just wrong that having sworn I'd never bother to watch the US version of the Office, I find out that Amy Heckerling directed the season finale, and now that Amy Adams is the "Hot Girl" in the episode. It still looks like I'll have to stab myself, but I don't think I can get around it.

Amy Heckerling most famously directed Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Clueless, while Amy Adams is one of my favorite under-discovered actresses.

I'm having to stop the episode every couple of seconds to keep myself from breaking a beer bottle over my head. Yes, oh my fucking god, if possible more annoying than the old one. Why must Amy Adams be in such cack? The woman is quite fetching as well. Jenna Fischer.

I'd like to say she's fetching such that I'd watch more of the show, but the show really is that motherfuckingly, asshole-rippingly annoying (as I've said about its predecessor) that it makes me want to burn my fucking flesh off - slowly.

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April 22, 2005

Twenty Thousand Streets Under The Sky

Thank blah blah for UKNova. I can't say for sure it'll be great, but so far I'm liking it more and more. It's got woman from Hex in it, one of the peripheral bitchy ones. She does well. This is the BBC site. IMDB. Seems like the director is an old hand at doing adaptations, though they refer to it via the writer/adaptor - I'm sure there's something in there to be mentioned, and has. Charming.

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Billie Piper on Parkinson

Sigh - Billie really is so hot isn't she? But yeah, it probably is just her body type that does what it does. A surprising amount of divorce talk - but I suppose that's probably what it was for - that's what Parky's for. A bit surreal that she was on next to Jamie Oliver. Not sure how charming she was, a bit gobby - and it really wasn't as if he was throwing softballs. Delightful scampering I must say. Now you know why I keep watching that awful show even though it's pathetically limp, written by (what I can only assume to be) a talentless ass.

Opera - opera opera opera. I'm not trying to "game" your filters, I'm just testing them out. Opera. Spell out the rules of the game in this conveniently referenced forum post.

Edit: yeah ok - sorry bout that, won't do it again.

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April 20, 2005

That Episode of 2.5 Men Was So Funny...

It almost makes up for how crap the season's been.
I almost peed my pants.
I'm hoarse from laughing so much.
My neighbours think a horse just moved in next door.
I had to pause it to keep from soiling the bed.
I laughed so hard I now have a headache.
I'm still chuckling as I write this.
I can't actually remember any of the funny lines.
I was sure before I checked, that it was written by the show's creators.
I tried to write a funny post that went down like a lead balloon.

Okay, that didn't come out quite as amusing as I thought it would, but trust me, it was fucking hilarious.

I can't believe though, that Janel Maloney is starring in the Amber Frey biopic, and that David Morissey is going to be in Basic Instinct 2.

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April 13, 2005

Blind Bochco Justice - West Wing is Best

Must say, still really liking the softly credits. And obviously this is me speaking from my huge backlog of experience, but it seems to be getting very recognisably Bochco-like.

Stoned Immaculate. West Wing is best when you've already finished most of a bottle of Bordeaux while waiting hungrily for delivery to arrive.

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I Heart House - that strange confluence of events

Chase downing the wine was pretty genius. And was squealing all the way through the Cameron bits. I can't get over how much I like the series, how this story arc in particular seems to have been infused with a sense of urgency and direction.

In that strange confluence of events, this episode had Missy Crider, who is Sharon Rooney from Murder One, but also was in Girls In Prison, which I watched because of Ione Skye appearing in Arrested Development. Girls in Prison is very much what convinced me of the queer genre in this stilted style is how it styles itself - along with Psycho Beach Party. PBP I now realise is very much a plot rip/homage of Gidget, which I was watching because of Beyond the Sea. Sandra Dee is remarkably like both Kate Bosworth and Lauren Ambrose. Lauren Ambrose in particular seems the red-headed self actualisation of the being-Dee. Remarkably salacious film for that era of "innocense".

Of course like all aetiological narratives, the attractive bits are rounded off by the return to order, or how the lady got her skirts or whatever. The whole confluence of narratives is particularly appealing to me - I think Girls in Prison stands out, if only for the very Lynch-esque song and Missy Crider's similarly-esque singing (speaking of which she was in Mulholland Drive). You already know about me and House, Gidget is something of a revelation, though probably mostly so because of the antecedents. Nice to see Missy Crider getting work.

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April 12, 2005

University Challenge Totty

They're no longer selling Diet Vanilla Coke at the Cold Storage at Bugis - it's a sign I tell you. Woman on University Challenge from the one women's college in Oxford is such hottie. Name of Kane from Glasgow, sort of Jennifer Connelly like, less long faced. I'm in the wrong band. I don't think she even buzzed in for a starter once, the daft cow. She provided really about one answer for the bonuses that I could tell. Totty.

Louis cleaned his floor, showered, and changed his sheets. What's wrong with me?


This is her wide-eyed and surprised - otherwise she looked a bit sleepy.

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April 11, 2005

The Huge Renaissance That is BBC Digital

I don't really have that much to say about it, but it's produced some serious quality television. Even if only Smoking Room and Shameless, it'd be worth it. Ideal wasn't bad, and I'd have though Peep Show is from there as well. According to Bex was a bit silly, but quantity is a virtue, especially when the quality isn't quite as bad or as mawkish as other national televisions. Of course a number of these were cross pollinated to terrestrial, but overall, they seem very much engendered by the desire for digital movement. Am I wrong, or is 3 comedy and 4 drama? Whatever the case, I don't quite see the same volume or quality from any of the other channels. And they do draw from an - admittedly small and incestuous - but nicely talented bunch.

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Grey's Anatomy - Masturbation is usually done alone for a reason - L-Chunky

And so Grey's Anatomy can actually be better, I assume once they get a bit further away from the stilted fuckers who actually concieved the series - much like Dead Like Me, which I think back on fondly now it's gone. Aptly because Mason appears in the episode, looking skeezier(?) than usual. But why oh why why why, does it have to resolve in such a trite, achingly middle-brow, "emotionally instructive" and upbeat manner? Masturbation is usually done alone for a reason.

And why did they have to make the pretty blonde one the most sentimental chest clasping one? Such a waste of Katherine Heigl doing well. Sandra Oh is doing better with me though. Many many signs pointing to how it might get better, especially them moving in to the house, probably the most enjoyable portion of the episode. I just hope it doesn't take on too much from its lead-in. Apparently Boston Legal got elbowed in favour of further pimping the series. The will-they won't they thing isn't awful, neither was Mason planting one.

L Word was pretty sweet this week, and Jenny looks better in the short hair, brings out the shape of her face - which is my way of saying it makes her look chunkier - in the good way.

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PopWorld - Concrete Cow - Miquita Oliver

I'm sure I appreciate PopWorld too much. Miquita I'm sure I find alluring in that very totty way. I really need to find a game that's worth playing. Tarty Doris.com has a bunch of pictures of Miquita. Very shapely thighs, is what I'm saying. Very flattering top here. A good example of how attractive heft can be. Overall I must say it's my favorite pop show on UK tv - they do much better live performances, even if they do rely that much on the washed out look; and they do nice nonsense interviews. Fun Shirley and Bjork.

I realise they (not Popworld) like to use the word cack - presumably since they can't say shit. But Concrete Cow is really rather good - especially with the very fine players from Smoking Room/Peepshow. I got it off UKNova - I find the idea of linking there a bit Pyrrhic, since unless you have a user account, you're up the creek; and if you did, you should understand what the search function is for, and be actively using their really rather innovative RSS feed.

And by the way, a bunch of definitions of G - as in, I assume, 'you ain't no G'.

Edit: It should surprise no one that this post is suddenly very high in the search results for the phrase "miquita oliver" - it's the most searched for unique phrase in my stats, and I'm on the first page of results for Yahoo. But if you want pictures, I recommend Tarty Doris from above, and if you want to download PopWorld to ogle, you'll have to get to UKNova when they're open for new members, otherwise you're out of luck.

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April 9, 2005

Upon a Thread

And so the mania never goes away, the crushing anxiety, the confused blinded panic, the twitch of summary anger.

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April 8, 2005

Maybe Baby - Melinda and Melinda/FF Trailer - Virtual Sexuality

Maybe Baby was absolute trash. It's not that Hugh Laurie isn't funny, or Joely Richardson isn't in need of Poliakoff to make her interesting - it's just absolutely fucking dire. Made me want to chuck things at the tv. Gives self-reflexive writing a bad name and uses the thing within the thing thing like he *wants* to make me strangle him. Matthew Macfadyen wasn't awful.

The trailer for Melinda and Melinda is absolutely awful, and Will Ferrell is particularly retch-inducing. It doesn't even look funny.

And how were the cast of Virtual Sexuality ever supposed to have played teenagers? I still can't believe she was Door.

And not that Jessica Alba doesn't look nice in it, but FF looks really fucking awful.

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April 7, 2005

The Tribe

What is it that Poliakoff does, that shrouds his actors in this swathe of gravitas - he just seems able to bring out of them what he does. Anna Friel makes me feel funny in my pants - and she's more successful than I ever thought her capable of. And Jeremy Northam seems to be yet another projection of the director. Joely Richardson I think I'm most surprised by, in many ways this is her Igby Goes Down, though I can't say I've seen enough of her to hate her like Jeff Goldblum. Anna Friel will have me looking out for her in GBH, and the coincidence of her being in a film called Perfect Strangers. And I'm getting Virtual Sexuality, which is probably where the ass who spoilt Spooks is so familiar from - which also has Laura Fraser, who - oh my god - was Door in Neverwhere: now available on DVD.

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April 4, 2005

The Troubadour in American Network Television

That's what season 2 Scrubs is for. Colin Hay at the beginning of the season premiere, My Overkill. I'll say again that Scrubs uses music, in not the most subtly, the most effectively of the series I see on TV. It's really not series, like most, where you dread the dreariness that is their montage sequences to music. I got his album - I surmised that a good amount of it appeared during the season. Colin Hay - Man At Work.rar

I've lost steam, but the Troubadour (a different one) appears rather prominently in Gilmore Girls, and particularly deliciously with Mr. Rosso from Freaks and Geeks. Music similarly of great importance, but more in the reference than in the use. Good theme tune though.

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Luvvie Without Being Annoying - Lesbians

Yeah, okay, they really decided to run with the whole thing of Jenny (Mia Kirsher) being likable this season, no longer the one you want to strangle - and not in the fun way. They also manage to dress her very fetchingly, luvvie without being annoying. I think I keep using lesbians in my titles in a rather untoward manner, but well. Jenny and new girl do well together. I wonder what's the whole thing with controlling lesbians, especially those with lots of financial and emotional power.

iheartmonkeys monkeysgotufty mebiting biffing

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Ione Skye and Alan Tudyk - Smokers are People Too - Sketch Show Lame

Oh my god it's Ione Skye!!! not to mention Alan Tudyk! Yay for the cameos, pity about the show. And yes, quite rightly she's such a hottie - for people who don't know, she was the object of desire in Say Anything, which I'm sure destroyed her career. I hope there's much more of her soon, and not on crap shows. She really is heartbreaking, and more fragile with age. I feel like such a camp admirer. Not much of a part for Alan Tudyk, but sort of fun.

More and more lame Sketch Show is - honestly hasn't been much good since the pilot - surely they can't have run out of ideas that fast. The women do much better than the men.

But if you need a fantastic show to watch, and think smokers are people too, you haven't experienced the best that BBC digital has to offer, which is Smoking Room. I've only seen it on UKNova, and the rips aren't phenomenal, but it's a fantastic series, and you'd be a fool not to see it. Has the arsey guy from Peep Show, doing a much better version of himself in this one. Nicely written, and makes me want to smoke so bad. The players in these series really do seem rather incestuous, I suppose it's more understandable living it. Pity the pilot featuring someone from Smoking Room is the worst of the lot. I hope they upload the Christmas Special eventually.

Oh my god, I never quite realised that Ione Skye used to be married to a Beastie Boy! And I suppose she was sort of working steadily, if not prominently.

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Grey's Anatomy - Oh Fuck Me.

Okay, to be fair, I really like Katherine Heigl, she's just so much more expressive and attractive than the rest of the cast - and funny guy similarly has a lot of potential. But oh my fucking god the fucking drama. At least the first part of the pilot was funny. I was already going to say, that having watched Scrubs season 2 again, that the medical drama side of things, the specifics of this fictionalised diegesis of medicine - as much as hobbits and Jedi - can so easily end up being a self-diddling indulgence. As if masturbation isn't repetitive enough.

The problem with Grey's is that fine, it also tries to move beyond the medical (/fantastic), but that portion of it really isn't any good either. Compound that with the dreadful drama and politics of cine, and you get me stabbing myself like it's fun. And so much of the cast are annoying as fuck - especially the main character. Casting directors or whoever, invest far too much worth in "interesting" looking people. It's the disease of peroxo-boy and what made me underestimate Rena Sofer.

It's so telling that the most fun bit was probably funny guy and Katherine Heigl getting their rejoice on. And the non-core cast of drama are really very bored now. Oh and the writing is positively dreadful - what would be really scary is if whoever wrote it actually thought it was sincere, and if it is, oh my the scary. I'm a writer now, I get to say it - they should be shot. I'm not saying I'm going to stop watching it, but they're going to have to seriously shape up, and find some way to make it as much about surgery as Charlies Angels was about Law Enforcement.

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March 31, 2005

Brideshead - the House of Blind Justice Sticks

There's always something special about watching the beginning of Brideshead. I think I don't even quite remember the novel quite as well as I do the series. Regardless, it does well, as far as I'm concerned, or at least I think so, watching the beginning again. It's now available where you'd expect it to be, or not. But regardless, here.

I wish I could talk about them at length every week, but I like Blind Justice and House. House in particular of course, but Blind Justice is doing well, and as always, I'm even more well corrected into liking Rena Sofer. So it's only with peroxo-boy that striking looks gets in the way of talent. I really need to do a real search for some talent when it comes to making up titles.

Oh, and Life on a Stick is still a bit too gaggy, but all in all still pretty funny, sticking with it.

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March 30, 2005

La Forza Del Destino

How much more wrenchingly awful can the diegesis that Shameless presents get? Which is to say that it's a wonderful series, and moving. Unfortunately RealWorld doesn't have the best rips, for that you'll have to get lucky with UKNova. The performers, and their performances, are wonderful.

I really can't quite get over how subtly and joyfully moving it is, just the montage of Lip in his newfound sanctuary of his own improvement, and Debbie's little shop and evasion. I can't believe I held off for this long. I suppose I just expected it to not be as good. Apparently some people know better.

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March 29, 2005

the great romance of the 20th century

The feeling of things happening while you're not there, after you come back. And this is so important, I feel can't stress it enough, and I'm clinging not to forget. It's peculiar, people looking at you 'you're back', and going off. Newfound confidence all round, place not having burnt to the ground. It's disappointing. It makes you wish you were all alone in the world unhappy. I'm resentful, for we're strangers when we meet. TV warming up in the cold.

I'm watching comedy connections now, and the goodness gracious me, and there's something tremendously sad about it, but then so many thing are when you wake up at midnight. In a sense in seems that you never quite got to glimpse at all the incredibly intellectual and eloquent people that participated, if only because the discourse they were stuck in precluded that - made it middle-brow. In the way you never quite got with the public school boys doing comedy. And perhaps as much if not more so than the Beatles, Monty Python is the great romance of the 20th century.

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March 28, 2005

Grey's Anatomy Pilot

The drama doesn't help. Funny-guy is funny. Katherine Heigl is fun. For a pilot, it's not bad. Central character isn't as bad as she looked she would be. Oh, ok, now you get that they should have just stuck to the comedy - the drama sucks ass. And annoying woman who wasn't being so annoying? Annoying again. If not for Katherine Heigl and funny guy, this would really suck. And bitchy chinese one - it's nice they're trying something original. So yes, stick to the funny. You'd think it'd only get better.

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March 27, 2005

Swansong - LAX, Medical Investigation - Life On A Stick and Sucking

It's a bit wrong, but watching the swansong episodes of LAX is making me miss it a bit. It really wasn't as bad as it initially allowed itself to be - I'm hoping I didn't just summarily delete them all, though I probably did. If it comes to that I could always get it here. Louis is sentimental that way.

Which explains the twinge (slight) at the end (pretty much) of Medical Investigation. I'm not sure if Susanna Thompson quite made up for Peroxo-boy being dissolute *yet* again. But I've always liked Sasha Barese, and still to this day hold out hope that I'll be able to find Run of the House.

Life on a Stick isn't awful - the unaired pilot was leaked as Related by Family, and it's supposedly by Mel Gibson's production company. Thankfully the change of title might mean they reconsidered putting too much emphasis on the family bits. Step-sister is quite comely though. Evil boss is pretty wrong, as are so many other things. We'll see how things go.

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I fart puckabees (what do you want from me?)

And so much biting. Naomi Watts is lovely. And she's good. She either gets the better lines, or she just does them better. Film is an absolute load of annoying me. Another strand of american masturbation that makes me wish I owned a baseball bat. But really Naomi Watts seems to be able to really carry off that very deft being of faffy and sincere. Nice lookin' too. Have I said it's annoying? Granted the activism is meant to be more or less peripheral, but there's this mallet and tongs and a sign that hits you on the head.

It's just disappointing that smart intellectual people seem absolutely incapable of getting out of their political lockstep - from Tracey Emin to Morrissey, it's all blah blah blag blag, no nuance, no complexity, just justification and buttress like a tree. It's like an inability to think, encouraged by this bent educational echo chamber. I look forward to shouting.

For whatever reason, webcam is broken in the latest leaked builds of MSN.

It appears to have something to do with scrolling in IE while video is playing - I think I shall disable smooth scrolling and remove IE from my list of optool browsers.

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Oh My God Is There No Escape From Countdown

I wonder what is more interesting to me, the fact that people post Countdown, that I downloaded it to watch, or that it's broadcast in HDTV. They posted it because it was an 8 year old kid who appeared in 3 shows, presumably winning twice. It's not quite as fun when you're not baked, but it's okay. Not the worst thing I could watch, I'll give it that. But also very very wrong. You do realise I'm going to end up watching Dr. Who for Billie don't you?

Well that explains what happened to Mel C. Still quite fetching isn't she? And Avril is similarly fetching - though it might just be washed out look the show seems to go for.

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March 26, 2005

"the office" - absolutely gut-wrenchingly motherfuckingly assholerippingly bitchfacedly awful

Again I'm surprised that I never wrote about it when I first watched it, but there you go. I'm sitting here, watching what I didn't finish watching of this cycle of Sports Night, and it occurs to me I've never told you how absolutely gut-wrenchingly motherfuckingly assholerippingly bitchfacedly awful The Office is. And just to be clear, I don't mean that the American version is bad while I would gladly give the UK version head. I'd rather be raised by my left testicle up a flagpole while imagining that over-enunciating anti-biotics is clever.

Anyone who lauds any or either is going to have me mocking them to their face like the cockmunching intellectual midgets that they are. If I'm not wrong I might have written about how the opening titles alone of 6 feet under can make me want to stab myself - and so the title song of the office makes me want to turn green wearing pants.

American comedy is often deeply and endlessly flawed - SNL in particular epitomises all that is wrong with american comedy, and after watching Mean Girls, I think Tina Fey should be shot - slowly. All this is nothing to the fact that american comedy presumes to itself that it can transpose comedy. But when you compound that sick fancy with the inability to discern what is absolutely gut-wrenchingly motherfuckingly assholerippingly bitchfacedly awful, you get a glimpse into why there are times when you think american comedy should be left on an island with a gun containing only one bullet.

It's an awful show. Why would I want to watch something that even in the original was offensive, pathetic, masturbatingly contrived, and - wait for it - about as vaguely amusing as a poke in the eye. Watching it made me want to hit things. Honestly, to the people I know who admit watching it to me - I will fuck you up.

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March 24, 2005

They're Going to Make Bartlett Vice-President

I'm not saying I'm going to go and watch MASH right this minute, but Alan Alda is good at what he does. But yes, I now know it for a fact that they're going to have the former/sitting president be the nominee for the Vice Presidency, as Clinton teased. It would help the next season in so many ways, most important of which is that Martin Sheen would have carte blanche to recur. It would explain Santos' win, and it would make it easier for all of the cast to stay the same.

Now obviously none of this is true - they wouldn't do it just because it'd cross the line, even for the, in terms of stunt politics - it would rob them of a meaningful debate by the start of next season between the two candidates; which would allow them, again, to dig deep into the ideology of how even at its best, the Republicans are going to get pwn3d by the Democrats. I wonder if they brought Bruno back to prove a point, and whether no one on the regular cast would talk to him.

So yeah, they realised that they need really strong episodes to end out the season, so break's over. Good episode. I hope Mary Louise Parker appears again. Oh, and clarification on nummy status - supposedly Jennifer Connelly is marriagable material and endlessly sweet and heartbreaking, rather than out and out nummy. Though Career Oppurtunities might cause that to be revised.

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March 23, 2005

The Way I'm Most Comfortable With

So yes, the Andorians are really cute, and having watched one of the few Enterprise episodes that I unreservedly like, I must say they are one of creations of the series that I think entirely successful. I'm sure the episode wouldn't be quite as resonant if you didn't watch the one about P'Jem first, but I remember this episode serving well, even when I first watched it. It makes me think it might actually be worth it to watch the Andorian episode in season 3, even though that's the season that quality forgot. I can't quite explain why I'm watching early seasons of Enterprise when I could be watching say the Shameless that I haven't yet, or even Spaced or My Life in Film again. Perhaps I find the simplicity of their guile-less representations comforting. I wonder whether the misdirection, or lack of, in the Stigma epsisode, is an alienating part of their insidious liberal agenda.

Speaking of which, Daily Show's been good the past few days, I think they respond well to crap being hefted. I'm sure you realise I just can't bring myself to respond to certain kinds of crap when it gets saturated, my previous post to this one covers at least one of the pertinent events in the way I'm most comfortable with. I don't know if it was Billy Campbell listening to Debaser that set it off, but I've been cramping up my hand trying to get down Here Comes Your Man and Headache.

I can't help but say that Enterprise isn't very good, even though I like it enough to watch it - and it'd help if my season 2 rips were worth a damn - this must have been back in the day when FOV and SFM were still ripping in analog - yikes. The Daily Show, and House for that matter, was good for my rage. I promise, I really will fuck them up.

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Isn't House Wonderful? - I underestimate Rena Sofer's appeal

They must really have had the backs up - they're pulling out all the stops, using the notes and running. The thing between him and Cameron is unbelievably good, and the rest of the cast is really showing off rather well - especially Cuddy and RSL. They represent commercialism is the most crass manner possible, and I think they mistake the person for the ideal, and they have no conception of what 'Good Management' is. I can't say enough about how good a series this is, and how much you should be watching it as opposed to other crap (you know what I'm talking about). But the actor isn't bad.

And So Definitive Guide to getting House. Torrents found here, get them while they're still seeded. The rest you'll have to get via Donkey, here.

If you put any faith in my sense of taste, and ability to smell, shower or not, watch it - and why not? Often enough it comes on after American Idol.

Oh, and Blind Justice is becoming more and more watchable, there are many good things about it. I underestimate Rena Sofer's appeal, and I actually really really like the titles. And it's unashamed of just being a cop show. At the moment, everything's still available.

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March 21, 2005

Omnibus, With Lesbians - Go Down - Opera Search

Burr Steers does good work. Apparently he's decided to really embrace the whole of the camp potential they've been going for. Really brought things out of the people - Bette being an ass. He's good. I'm sure I'll never quite get over Igby Goes Down.

I think I've come a bit tired of writing like this, part of me is really starting to think that I need to do some real work and finish something - I'm not going to be that guy who writes short stories - that's just silly like floral curtains.

Opera search is rather fine - it uses Overture, which I'm not sure how to differentiate from yahoo, but the searches aren't identical. Regardless I've decided that I should use it as default, the MSN butterfly isn't *that* pretty. If nothing else, it doesn't seem to include ads at the moment, which is nice - they probably don't expect massive traffic, but the layout is reasonably pretty, and it's by a brand I like, so why not.

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March 16, 2005

House - Rescued from CSI

That was a rather superlatively good episode of House I just watched. It was written by Lawrence Kaplow, who's apparently written quite a few of the episodes of House that I think are very very good. The director Randall Zisk is also a familiar name, but to not so much that I remember him, nor is his long filmography *that* striking. But my it was a good episode. New nemesis is good - very very amped up presentation of the premises of the show, more drama than usual - you can tell it's the beginning of a new story arc from having had more episodes ordered. No end of interesting, knowing more about the production process and the way the episodes have to be batched.

Nina from 24 was the patient, good guest stars always raise the game. But yes, Lawrence Kaplow makes me now want to watch Hack, which I hope I can find somewhere. But apparently not. And thankfully they've rescued Baba O'Riley from CSI. Also the mentions of control and shame are really rather good in the presentation of Bulemia - I really liked it. Cameron was good in the episode as well, heartrending vulnerability does that, aussie boy was fine, Omar Epps is still annoying.

I will burn House DVDs for anyone who promises to stop watching DP.

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March 15, 2005

Soon to be Superceded by the new PowerMac - The President's Voice

Oh my fucking god this is awful - the fuck-faced idiots also did a cover of Bohemian Rhapsody - Freddie Mercury is absolutely spinning. Wet bastards - twats basically, tossy little white boys. I never quite realised how much talentless gimpy trolls got featured on CD:UK, but I suppose that's as much my fault by now. Busking with My Sweet Lord was fun, and I think there was Neil Young song once that I liked.

Scott McClellan always seems so baby-faced, though recently he's begun to look more and more tired and worn. You can watch the press briefings on C-Span, which I do every once in a while. The latest briefing is normally on the front page. I went there because Fox News Online has more silly headlines about the new China law. When news organisations say so and so says this, doesn't it strike you as somewhat disingenuous?

So it's true, Jem - like Beth Orton, only nowhere near as good.

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To Which Belong Her - Jennifer Connelly in Career Oppurtunities

A lovely inflection of awk-wardness. The proliferation of google search boxes on Blogger blogs is comic to no end. I never realised that Pooh-Bah was derived from a character from the Mikado. I wonder if Colin Goh knew this.

Watching Career Oppurtunities now, with the immensely lovely Jennifer Connelly. For those that don't know, she is counted as one of the nummys, to which belong her, Mary Louise Parker, and Poppy Montgomery. I'm sure there's more, but can't remember right now. Anyway, the film is written by John Hughes, and it's pretty good, I must say. Makes me want to get more of his oevre than I already have. I wonder how much Target paid them. I'm now suddenly impressed that the director (Hughes only wrote it) directed a whole list of tv stuff that I like, including Sports Night and Freaks and Geeks. Immense. And really, so far it's an absolutely lovely film.

It was recommended by being ripped off on the OC, in a portion that I had ignored.

You can get it here: Career Opportunities - Jennifer Connelly.avi. The rip requires Zoom Player to properly display the aspect ratio though. I suppose all this isn't quite television, but I'm treating it as such, as I should. It's really really good.

Jennifer Connelly is *so* lovely. And the music's great. The white tank-top is I can't get my eyes off, her moving is so fetching with the hips, it's not even true. Oh, and the unbelievable riding of the horse. I can't get over how wonderful it is.

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Lesbians on a Sunday

Mia Kirshner looks nice being coy. She's less annoying this season, allowed to be more vulnerable and happy - so as to be an attractive draw for the show - no doubt that explains the bare breasted shot of her in the credits.

On a mildly related note, Dion sent me a bunch of pictures of the Nikon Booth Babes from the IT show, which makes me feel so much like a dirty old man - unabatingly lubricious.

Don't look, it's naughty.

I was saying that not since the Wire was on, have my sundays' downloading been so active - Deadwood, L Word, Simpsons, Arrested Development. I wonder if it's all just a response to the fact that DP has revealed the untapped potential of Sundays? I'm trying to think of a show to keep people from watching Arrested Development. Not that it's as bad as DP, by any means, I still watching if there's nothing left, but it's flawed in a bad way, and it's also annoying in a bad way. So I came up with Scrubs, Daily Show, and 2.5 Men - the good ones are good, much better than Arrested Development which really, just isn't visceral enough.

Lilac wine, is sweet, and heady, like my love...

Oh well, I'm putting it down to Mia Kirshner was just ill-used in the last season, because she's really good in this one - especially her getting her hair cut - incredibly lovely.

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Whipping Cocks is Coldplay

I just remember Melissa Etheridge, when the whole pedo-lesbo-pop thing was around with that russian girl band (tatu), saying that well, in the past you'd never have thought saying you're a lesbian would be good for your career. And so music trivia abounds watching Never Mind the Buzzcocks. I actually got a couple of Once and Agains posted, though the rest were rejected for lack of sources - eventually then. I'm so gratified that another of Mark Lamarr's whipping cocks is Coldplay, incredibly gratified. I can't say listening to the radio is quite my thing though - I'd like something more talky, but obviously funnier or as laid back as Showtalkers. And yet again I'm in a quandary about what to eat, and whether I should just finish watching.

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March 14, 2005

You're So Fucking Special

Granted I don't think Radiohead are worth much, but they deserve better than this. Some fuck-faced idiots (named after a generation of mac processors) are doing an operatic cover of Creep. They didn't even have the decency to swear as appropriate, just stuck filler in where they were supposed to be. Oh my. The UK, the land of nothing being sacred. Grave turning self stabbing dig your own eyes out with a spoon. They don't even have the decency to express at least some smidgen of unseemly irony. Eli's Coming. That's what you get from downloading TOTP - thanks UKNova. It must have done something to me, because I now actually quite like the Britney single - Do Somethin' - she's pretty effective being squeaky.

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Sketch Show Doesn't Suck

It's surprising I know, but it's actually better than some. And they do a very good job of making Mary Lynn Rajskub of 24 fame, look very convincingly hot. There's also another pretty blonde woman. It's flawed in that it's american, but other than that it seems to be trying very hard, and is very gaggy, which is a good thing. The insistence seems to be on keeping it short, but the interspersing of stock clips is a bit annoying - I preferred the Smack The Pony drifting off. Very contrived, but still funny. Very Methodical. TVTome.

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March 13, 2005

Dan and Casey's Dance Fever

Two speeches, tempting fate on Sports Night, but for the moon landings, no spit. I love Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Again, UKNova is the bomb and while I suppose it'd be nice to have more, or a longer half-life via ed2k, it's great that they have it at all. I wonder if they do Nigella.

Apparently a new season of Family Business has started, it's not exactly classic, but fun enough for a single viewing. I'm listening to Mark Lamarr on BBC radio now, it should be fun.

Numb3rs is becoming increasingly background viewing - more will they won't they drama with entrance of old girlfriend - they must teach a course in TV storylines 101 somewhere. Somehow they make Sabrina Lloyd look less diminutive, but she seems to have gained gravitas with age.

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Without The Rough Boys

I'm sure I'll get around to doing a more informative post about the state of torrenting, but right now the big news for me is UKNova.com. Everything that's good about living in the UK without the rough boys. It's absolutely heavenly, so that I'm now able to get at all the shows I had gaps in, not to mention the iching rips of Shameless Season 2.

The RSS feed is a bit tricky, but have a look at the forums and you'll find they did pretty cool things with it - and bothered to document it properly. Now if only there were an agnostic tool for harvesting torrent links from feeds. I'd link to everything, but unless you're registered, there's no point, so register (if they're still offering memberships) and go bananas.

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Titties and Beer

I can't seem to keep the break of Innocent Man by Billy Joel out of my head - 'I am, and innocent man, oh yes I am, an innocent man'.

I really like the recent episode of the Eric Rice Show - honestly, if I might be so bold: yes, no doubt your advertisers like short packaged shows that are about something etc. but the show is at it's best when it's flabby and you're just hanging out, messing about. It's not about whether or not you're pimping something - though I'm sure the act of pimping affects things regardless - it's just the feeling of people being themselves and goofing off around stuff. There's an accompanying video, which you can find here. They look like it tastes like ass.

So yes, they can be entertaining as they once were, but not a post will go by about them that I don't mention the absence of Esto-Jen, who is now knocked up Rice's fuckbuddy-child, locked in a basement, doing nothing but getting baked.

Anyone who can recommend me a podcasting tool that doesn't suck (iPodder was just pointless) will have erected for them bonkers scaffolding. But honestly, just having the feed on Klipfolio seems to do me pretty well - it's only a minute or so away once the headline shows up. I don't listen to them on the move because I don't move, so it's all on my spacious sound system - and if I do move, that's what the Economist is for.

Fire. And please, if you want to watch the series, just go here and get it, since it's aired on Sky in the UK already. Though the HRHD rips might be nice.

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March 11, 2005

Strangers When We Meet - Whoever You Want Me To Be

I maintain, as I should, differentiation from the things that nominally enforce themselves as similar. That is not this, and my protestations are not anything other than the desire to point out that that I am better than all of you, that I know more, understand more, am more.

I'm starting to think that the reason Sally was moved was because it was originally planned as the end of the 12/13 episode initial run - something surely intrigues me beyond all understanding.

Alicia Coppola: On both Sports Night and 2.5 Men, not to mention Lisa Edelstein as Bobby Bernstein.

The extreme close-ups of Sports Night's DOP?

I'm in clover, for... That's what the end of more self-reflexive OC will do to you - I'm downloading the Jennifer Connelly/John Hughes thing it refers to as we speak.

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How Much Do You Love Me

And so I've succumbed to watching Sports Night again - and not skipping straight to Pixley for Megan Ward. I think it was discovering that the episodes aired out of sequence, and that I now have the chance to correct that egregious error. I'm starting with Mary Pat Shelby because Su-lin already had a disc of the first 4 episodes. Sabrina Lloyd looks so fresh faced and pixie-like compared to Numb3rs. I think I've never quite realised how good Thomas Schlamme actually is, and how adventurous he can be. How did Felicity Huffman move to such crap from this. It's like when the camera pulls out, it quivers with a kind of uncertainty, as if it could topple over at any moment, ducking and weaving.

So now it occurs to me, remembering that Josh Schwartz was in Dead Poet's Society, that he's on the show at least in part because he's able to convincingly play being in crisis. Troubled and riddled with doubt.

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March 10, 2005

Where's Heat When You Need It?

I'm finding right-click scroll rather useful in my quest to scam BlogClicker, something useful to do while trying to not watch too much of Dr. Who. I mean, Neverwhere can't have been that much more expensive, but it was hell of a lot better. Maybe they should bring back Greg Dyke, if only because he hated this crap.

Though really, I get the feeling I'm the one getting scammed - at a rate of 2 clicks to 1 view, it's sustainable (I suppose) but not terribly worth it for me yes/no? And really, who are these cocksuckers who keep getting impressions - don't tell me they actually paid to get on. Though this is pretty sad too. It's not actually pyramid selling, but I'm sure there's a name for it somewhere.

If only Billie could be on something worth a damn. She's supposed to start singing again, which might be fun. You just hope she doesn't stray that far. And yes I'm reminded that I don't read Heat anymore.

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Not As Good As Puppet Angel - Talia Balsam

I suppose it's just because I've never watched the previous series of Dr. Who, but oh my god it's a cheap-ass show. Puppet Angel was *so* much more fun, not to mention more convincing. Even invisible fighting would be that bit better.

Can't seem to find Canterbury Tales (the one with Billie in it) online, I'm sure it'll turn up eventually or something. Sorry to anyone who was expecting me to follow through on ripping Murder One, I'm just useless like that.

Oh, and someone else who's been catching my attention recently is Talia Balsam, who aside from having been married to George Clooney at one point (by the way, Blind Justice guy used to be Juliana Marguiles' beau at one point), she's plays Anthony LaPaglia's wife/ex in Without a Trace, where she has been remarked upon as being very earth mother - like she's very nurturing. K-Street has her as rather a different character that uses her physicality in a similar way, but this time to emphasize her sexual appetite for Mary McCormack. Interesting evolution of roles, and pretty effective actress in them. She's now married to John Slattery who's now on Jack and Bobby.

I'm still quite convinced by my talking about the inability to see the central figure in Blind Justice, if only because being blind, he does not interact as people normally would, he doesn't look at people, and people don't really look at him - and he always gives the impression of sensing, so you look around rather than at him. So you look but you don't see. Aren't I just clever. And I've just been thinking, that there's a case to be made for the show, or at least the pilot, being at least in part preoccupied with circumvention - making the scene where he walks around the furniture in the station house all the more interesting.

And I just felt the need to say it but not necessarily to put it in a seperate post: Louis doesn't do weddings, whatever my interest in Laura Nyro.

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Billie's Pregnant, Stop Being Such a Lez - John Stewart and Momma Stewart

I swear it's really not just my imagination, Billie does look downright chunky in Dr. Who. Pregnancy rumours may now commence. And yes, it only makes her more fetching (you knew that was coming, surely).

It occurs to me that I've never really written about the Daily Show with John Stewart, which I've been watching ever since it's become so religiously uploaded, and really since the election coverage. I find it easy watching first thing in the morning, not something I have to consider watching or not - so like I said, easy.

Also it's mercifully short, which other late night shows aren't terribly, which probably why I don't have an archive of Conan - also he's not as assiduously torrented. Regardless, Daily Show is endlessly funny, despite being a bit strained at time - they do take the easy route, but I can believe it when they say it's mostly about finding the funny. It's not unproblematic, but I think the key word, which is why I'm now repeating it again - show = easy.

I've been noticing this actress called Jane Lynch recently, who does rather good things for the shows that she's on. She's currently on L Word as Bette's (or is it Tina's - yes, Tina - hot pregnant one from Angel) divorce lawyer, which is going somewhere so obvious with the uber-assertive thing. But anyway she's really good in her roles, especially as the psychiatrist towards the end of 1st season 2.5 Men - it's all in her surprisingly leg length film/tv-ography as provided above.

I wonder at the L Word using Lesbian stereotypes, ie she's being such a lesbian, that's so lez etc. I suppose that's where comedy comes from, I'm just wondering if it isn't also meant to be politically progressive in that rather roundabout way queer things can be.

Did Billie get divorced? So it's either pregnancy (the fun kind) or it's the aftermath of too much ice-cream and sympathy? More as I find more dish to filth. Apparently they split up about a year ago - I'm sure I must have known, and just forgotten or something. Ah well.

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Deadwood Season 2 Premiere

So in the second season the whores have to look that much more glamorous? No more persistent grubbiness? The formality of the letters is quite refreshing, contrasting well with the otherwise squalid nature of the reality that confronts them. Similarly with Alma Garrett. Maybe I have to get used to it again, but the vernacular is still pretty indecipherable, though the swearing has mitigated somewhat.

They seem more contrained that they used to, perhaps success has cursed them with the need to also be successful, and certain compromises necessitate from that. The handling of the telephone poles was okay, though I would have expected it to be better than it was. Doesn't seem quite as good so far as the previous that I remember, but no doubt it'll pick up as things progress.

I wonder if it's just natural that the prettier whores are the ones that are featured. The house and the description of the house is rather nice, and the sexual affair is quite gratifying, though the attempt at wryness doesn't quite wash. The women, other than the amping, remain rather appealing. But not the best episode; waiting for better.

It wasn't as depressing as I thought it might be.

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March 9, 2005

Amy Acker and David Mamet

Promising casting, despite Scott Foley, for a new pilot developed by David Mamet. The show's called The Unit, it'll be about a special forces unit - I hope Amy's not just one of the family members. Apparently Mamet's writing the pilot, which should be good. He's working with some guy from the Shield, which I've never really watched, but never found terribly impressive.

I watched the episodes Mamet directed, and the ones with Rebecca Pidgen; again, it's difficult to transcend the series - hopefully it's better when he's the one starting it all off. It wasn't till recently that I found out that he had written for TV earlier, for Hill Street Blues (well, one episode) - though he did start out in theatre like I thought, but was confused about for a bit. His IMDB page is more informative in that respect. Rebecca Pidgen's quite comely. His films are really rather good, so here's hoping. I've always thought Amy Acker flitted about particularly well, so promise all round.

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Blind Justice Pilot - Revolves Around

Watching the series premiere of Blind Justice. I think it'd be a bit inevitable that I'd find it a bit disappointing that it doesn't start off the with same kind of arch wryness that Murder One was able to convey. That said, the tone is pretty accomplished, nothing to complain about. You'd never be able to tell that Rena Sofer was on a spectacularly failed sitcom previously, and she looks better than she did when she was lighted so harshly as sitcoms do. And yes, the dog is sort of cute.

Maybe I was wrong - because the dog, he can't drive. And obviously he would be assigned to Hot Partner Lady. Looks better on the show. The aural visualisation is pretty impressive, very gamelike. I think I really like the partner.

All in all very promising, I think I like it more than others do. It's not doing anything fantastic in terms of inventiveness or innovation, but the quality of the work stands out - it's a good pilot, most pilots aren't this good. I do get the feeling they're really more pushing forward than holding back, setting things up for a short story arc to finish the season. The best thing about it though, is that it seems to be something where it can very quickly move beyond the premise and not get weighed down by it, like say CSI, or Numb3rs. The premise is incidental to the show, not what it revolves around. And the female lead really looks like she's going to be able to step up. I get the sense that I tend not to look at, or tend not to see or pay that much attention to, the blind guy - it's a strange realisation. It's like the show revolves around something/someone that's not there.

Get the torrent while it lasts.

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Chica Vampire Piper Mugsy Ward

Is it Vampire Sperm? So yes, not a bad Gilmore Girls at all this week. Someone decided they were funny again - oh and Lorelei is particularly fetching in the new dress, and her yelling at Emily is always a crowd-pleaser - though you always wish she could swear and kick.

I still can't seem to get myself to watch Deadwood, I think it's just the anticipation of all the drama that's putting me off. Tried 24 just now, but couldn't do it - it's now on the radio. Much buzz about the leaked Dr. Who, I wonder if it's worth watching, pudgy Billie and all. Not that I think she's in any way unattractive pudgy, but it's just not typical. Though really it could just be that I'm not used to her already normally quite wide face-shape.

I know she's Mugsy no. 2 on 24 right now, but having seen her on Boomtown makes me want to look at Lana Parrilla with new eyes on the show. I'm now a bit lost without an immediate show to goto, I'm thinking the Megan Ward episodes of Sports Night, but I'm wondering whether that's entirely healthy.

I suspect she might have been coming off pregnancy in those episodes, but obviously I have no insight beyond speculation. I'm pretty sure downloading Dark Skies would be at least something of a mistake. But apparently I'm going to do it anyway. I must have forgotten that Sans Un Trace's Bob Saget was in that too.

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An Old Flame With a New Wick

It probably says something that Teri Hatcher was so much better in 2.5 men than she was on DP (I'm now referring to it in the past tense, and not mentioning the name in case I summon it and it eats me). And she looks so dolled up - they must have particular template for slutty over there - she's very much like Prudence, who was otherwise on the Help. I wonder if she's any good on Hope and Faith. Oh, and if anyone ever gets a hold of Run of the House, I'd be ever so grateful. I suppose there is something presumptuous about titles that refer to content - like the Wire and 2.5 Men, and subtitles himself, but it's sort of fun anyway. And it helps when you're *that* good. In high school, the word was 'hello'. It was a circus.

And there it is - Miaow-fe-chuh: My Doctor has a Cow Puppet.

I got a random person with a comment today, how gratifying. It was for the thing on Google.

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March 8, 2005

Sometimes God does good work too

The 'I understand' episode is a must: If They Do Go Either Way, They're Usually Fake. I suppose this the season I should recommend to people, it'll give me an excuse to burn the DVD again without the auxiliary CD of things I forgot (again, sorry Winston). I must also remember to later annotate the miaow-fe-chuh episode. Also note that the airing sequence juggles things around (not too much, it's not Fox), but the TVTome episode list, as always, will set you right. Sometimes God does good work too. 'How do I suck?' 'Like a fox'.

I'd probably blow off rehearsal and start chugging from the blender. It's like having my own robot army. The songs in the industrial revolution pageant episode are hilarious - Twenty-Five Little Pre-pubers Without a Snoot-ful

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Women Women and Men Women - Loopier than the Cereal

I've just noticed that it's only the women women who are the straight men in the the show - the manly women - ie those like Charlie, are the ones who get to engage in comedy and be foils; the most striking examples being Bertha and the Mother. The rest of the women are stooges, the ones who conform to the stereotype of needy/hateful women with little self-respect or a struggle of it. Melanie Lynsky I would think exists rather outside the simple duality - put simply, because she's nuttier than a fruitcake. I'll have to think more about this, but it seems pretty accurate.

Casual Sex is one thing, but this is just lazy.

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It's Maple Maple Maaa-ple-licious.

I would have thought I'd written this before, but I think I keep getting muddled between what I write and my conversations. Like inscriptions in the air, crackles and clicks. I rather like the depiction of Jake and his relationship towards advertising - I suppose you could call it wry, but also diffusing in a sensible way. That and the songs are funny. Much contrasted with say the deadly earnestness of Sarah Polley's denunciation on My Life Without Me. And so it's like getting back on. That or like a stave.

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My aversion to watching films is getting a bit pathological. allaboardgloria@aol.com Well aren't you a good sport.

I'm wondering what buttons to tack at the bottom of the individual pages, but I'm starting to lean towards none. But with no ring tones, what *will* I do. Last thing you want is to wind up with a hump. At least when the formatting fucks up in Opera with the LiveMessage frame, it's easy to break out. Ok, I take it back - someone in Norway just bought a ring tone!! How sad is my pathetic excitement.

I tell you one thing, I am *not* paying for dinner. Great - you broke him. Yes, we get it, Pavlov's Bar.

I have the sudden urge to webcam. I'm also wondering if certain sex sites are linking to me, since I keep getting referrals off them. Someone signed me up? They hacked into my super-sexy webcam? Can't quite get an inkling of what that's about, so I've decided to ignore it - I'm sure all I get are horny disappointed people. I get the feeling though, that somehow my stats are being spammed - god knows how - as my old bog is full of referrers from poker sites.

Holland Taylor does the tartness just right.

Abrupt skip to a few seconds of Dr Who, where you realise Billie has learnt that being rich-married means you don't have to be aspiringly svelte any more.

Krista Allen is pretty okay in 2.5 Men - manages to be pretty straight/funny. Very commited - and the slitty eye thing was good.

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The World's Smallest Violin - The Gates of Hell

First season 2.5 Men. A Rubenesque 19 year old girl? I have to admit, it's best the first time around, but the writing is still great and snappy. Makes me want to have a beer at 10 in the morning, but other than that. Why would I want to go to their kingdom? Oh and thank god for Holland Taylor, Blythe Danner was absolutely, horrendously, terrible. Melanie Lynsky just has that aura of savage intensity. Happiest place on earth - my snow-white ass.

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March 6, 2005


Yay, Lesli Linka Glatter episode. This isn't her first widow episode. And of course this would be when Velvet would come back. Idris Elba was on - accompanying the other Wire guy. I'm now wondering if their 'loft space' isn't the Angel set, and hence the homage. But another episode that seems to prove you can't transcend the series.

Sonja's sister got pwn3d.

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Cop Coach

Ortiz acting very much like faith, the same set of face - interesting, maybe the same cop coach or something. Was more open and appealing as a paramedic. Second season boomtown is pretty different - they decided to make it just another cop show - ditching a lot of the narrative interlace, which, in hindsight, makes it much poorer show. Miss the lovely reporter. Is that always the resort? Amp up the action? Vanessa Williams and her soft focus. They must really have lost the will to live in the last episode - such twaddle - and Virginia Madsen unfortunately was rather too convincing at half-baked washed-up actress.

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March 5, 2005

Mariah's New Album - Inlay Picture - Mugsy

Found this on Mariah Daily.


Oh, and mugsy's back on Alias, for all of one shot. Wonder if she'll be back.

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Grey's Anatomy - Katherine Heigl

The lovely Katherine Heigl is gonna be in this new series that's coming out soon, supposedly premiering on ABC on March 27. Read more about it on TVTome, the ABC site, and Katherine Heigl Online - where you can find all things Katherine Heigl. The image below is provided courtesy of them, you can find more in their gallery for Grey's press kit.


If you notice, the tags they wear all say SGH, but, well, probably for Seattle General Hospital. Mmmm... Katherine Heigl... in a labcoat... Is anyone else wondering why her name in this series is so similar to the one in Roswell? From Isabel Evans to Isobel Stevens. Inventive.

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March 4, 2005

That One Thing

Megan Ward. The desire to grasp, to hold, to *create* certainty. How is that kind of testing not morally bankrupt? It boggles me that I haven't written more extensively about this, especially in relation to the Doll's House, and how horrendous I found the insinuation of the test - of the finality of it and the edge of revelation and tipping it seemed to encompass within it. Of all the things I remember about the play, that is the one thing that resonates to me, without question - how the momentous is at best fetishistic.

I'm suddenly thinking about the scene in Royal Tenenbaums, where the tennis player loses it on court.

So 3 down.

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March 3, 2005

"When You In It, You In It"

Kelli Williams was on Scrubs. She's perty. Playing yet another Jordan really. Nice to know Desperate Housewives boy managed to makes sure he was free when real work came his way. Haffley was alway supposed to be a more fun character though. I can't stop looking at him like a ham anymore now.

Have I already mentioned how well Scrubs does its montage sequences?

It's interesting that they've done the same turn around false narrative about self-deception twice, and both using Brendan Frasier. I think they do it spectacularly - about the construction of reality. Suck it Turk. Oh, but I really should also mention the JD Elliot episode that splices the future into the day - also really good stuff. The first season episodes were both directed by Lawrence Trilling, who also did the Back to the Future Episode of Felicity (and hence the casting links), and while the first Brendan Frasier episode was by Bill Lawrence, the second one wasn't.

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Got Krista Allen?

Something must have stuck in watching Unscripted - and by the way, what I said about Peep Show applies to that as well, only less funny - that I'm now rooting for Krista Allen having gotten, well, another pilot. It's not like Unscripted wasn't going to launch careers yes/no?

What's more interesting is that she was in 2.5 Men, as Olivia during an episodes with one of my favorite titles. Did You Check With the Captain of the Flying Monkeys? Hopefully 2.5 Men can keep from sucking for what's left for a season and never let the first half of this season ever happen again.

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And so of course

Lana Parilla being very fetching in a baseball getup. Lam is not exclusively a Vietnamese name now is it - the silly buggers.

What's up with the pissing down outside?

And so of course Boomtown would stumble on the whorey chestnut of people acting out their private traumas as self-righteousness. You wonder if the american experience, as it's so popularly displayed, precludes the idea of conviction. They can embrace religion but belief is too big a leap? It really must be incredibly insulting to presume that people act and react so solely out of damage and definitive definition, that the broad choke of existence must lack any slat of self-awareness - "what is this really about".

Neil McDonough is so awful it's not true. Kelly Rowan at least gets to do better drama than she does on the OQ.

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Screen - Personal Jesus

What an assfaced Scrubs christmas episode. Just to relive my surprise, the host of Fear Factor used to be Joe Garelli of NewsRadio. No wonder they weren't worried about putting him in Las Vegas. Really extending his on-screen personality though.

Also, I've figured out that if I switch PCAnywhere to file transfer mode, it won't try and display the video, so cpu usage on the host won't spike - clever me. I'm really not particularly able to watch anything other than Scrubs at the moment, foundering in first season. The hour-longs just don't seem to be doing anything for me - other than the big guns. Need to find more series to download - sex and the city floated by for a second, but really really no. Seeing so many Felicity cameos on Scrubs makes me also say no to that. Suggestions anyone?

Oh yeah, and I decided to get Garden State. Oh, and I never knew Sarah Chalke replaced Becky on Rosanne.

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March 2, 2005

Ball, Get It?

Okay, so other than the extras, why would you buy this in September, when you could get this all now. HRHDTV is really, really nice. It should make DVD quality curl up and ball. Huh, babies are *funny*.

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Distraught Chasing House - Terse Bughumming

Hey, it's Tracy Middendorf on House, I wonder if she's going to be distraught. I mean I'm sure people are sick of her doing that, she's only done it in Angel, Alias, Medical Investigation, so this time I'm sure it'll be different and she'll be happy and skippy and do pretty things.

She's very clearly graduated to doing mom roles though. Something about her feels very Spooks. I'm sure her presence is pretty significant, as well since if I'm not wrong this would have been the finale of the 13 episode order - though Detox had the feel of a bookend episode.

I won't go on too much about Fox messing with running schedules, since from the way they pick them, they can clearly tell which are the better episodes, but you'd have though if they were going to be so naughty they'd have tried to be naughty more pre-emptively.

I'm sure if it was my Vicodin, I'd talk to it so lovingly. Hey daddy. So yes, give characters big story lines in chunks, so the audience doesn't have to flit too much. Is it really that transparent a strategy? Apparently words can hurt. In many ways a template episode, charted progression, but if nothing else the better actors seems to do well - Chase drama is really fun. Fits in with the topping off episo-pothesis. Calcutta General. House's not so secret fetish is drama? Would explain the soap. How could one not like how RSL's turned out as comic straight guy? Foils. Philips machine appears to be gone.

Well, not *so* distraught, just concern really. Close, but no wafer. Kick during naptime. I just like knowing stuff. Did they bring him on *just* so he could ape an aussie soap?

Gilmore Girls: Blah. Logan is so mugsy. No Paris. Humbug.

All of this begs the question. Who reads this crap? Homelesschange.com. Apparently House isn't the only one that insists on character consistency - or perhaps just getting rid of the actor.

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Heather Graham's Back on Scrubs!!!

Scrubs is so much more convincing now, with a deeper sense of sincerity, a more eloquent unfolding of feeling - the montage of JD and Kylie was pretty fantastic I thought, which is unexpected for me.They've really worked out the form well, and been unashamed to stick to it. Obviously they know this, but they're probably more like a conventional sitcom than anyone would think. I'm still liking what I wrote about the broadcast of music and TV, and I'm reminded of it again.

Heather Graham's lovely, and seems endlessly willing to get her kit off, which is always appreciated. That and she can be hilarious just by standing there and reacting. She looks luscious in a very "I'm pregnant" fashion, but that might just be me. Though the way she looked really did remind of Mary Louise Parker in 5th season West Wing.

The episode being directed by Zach Braf now makes me think perhaps I could watch his film. Though there really is so much room for the writing to go tits up. Janitor is pretty good as well in the episode, and I like the whole thing with Blonde Doctor. The whole Fugitive thing was pretty funny back then.

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Aspiration. The footage of Christa Miller's wedding is incredibly moving. Easily one of the most moving sections I've seen on Scrubs. And I suppose all the move ambivalent for the fact that it occurs in the context of Cox's divorce. It is very very loving footage of her I must say.

Early Scrubs feels a bit anomalous, when either they hadn't quite found their way yet, or they were being made to do things a particular way, or they had yet to be made. It isn't till about 5 episodes in that it starts to feel like it would come to feel. Back then they probably felt they had to deal with the big stuff, which is a pity really.

It suddenly occurs to me, I never annotated that I thought Secretary was the most convincingly romantic film I had ever seen when I saw it - whenever that was.

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Do you think Invisible Hands get RSI?

I'm looking at my old bog and it really looks incredibly awful to me now. New one is *much* prettier. I've pretty much inundated the old one with ads, just because that's what it should be good for now. There are links to this place, and a link to the subtitles post, so as long as they're not blind, hopefully they'll move over.

I've put ads in the banner here, only because the space kept staring back at me, so it had to be done. It was a bitch of process, but at least now I know more about CSS - really very good fun. If I say so myself, at least my ads are conscientiously laid out. All the spaces aren't showing ads all the time, which is mystifying, but I assume it has to do with the need for more crawling etc.

I'm wondering when I'm going to stop obsessively clicking through the site - most of the ad serving is me being *really crazy*. I'm also quite taken with the whole thing of my personalised ad-serving Opera. I don't think I'm too cheeky to put this site in the exclusion list for my custom proxo - that's the way it is on my setup, and anyway it cuts out the "ads by google" bits.

Silly OC shop declined, which is probably all for the best. I keep telling myself to get rid of the ring tone ads, but I suppose I should just give it all time. I keep seeing articles recently on how huge the market for ring tones is. A bit mortified at the idea su-lin might have actually though I was serious about asking her to buy ring tones.

Been very conscientious about exploring the ads on RealWorld, if only because they're now the only real repository for TV, and I think this whole experience has been an empathising one, much like seeing 24 woman on Boomtown.

I realise I'm being endlessly repetitive, but I suppose that's what happens when you're doing that much writing in such a short period of time. I'm probably going to change back to 2 days on the main page.

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March 1, 2005

And Melora Walters

Really, worst premise pounding intro sequence *ever*. Pretty amped up, I'm wondering if Melora will make up for it. Desperate Housewives boy is particularly piss-poor. And the dialog can be pretty horrible. Yeah, lots of torture going on in Indonesia, eh? Apparently they've also just cracked the super-duper codes for the snap-lingo that is *jpeg* files. Nice hearing Melora being a bit squeeky. Yeah, training camps in Malaysia. How stupid are these people? Stupid enough to get cancelled apparently. Flophouse.

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Doing a Line - Girls Rock

I think charming women smacking people around always seems to work for me, always seems to make me want to keep watching. So getting the rest of what's left of Line of Fire, might as well. I'd gotten it because of Angel woman, Eve - Sarah Thompson. Not a huge role so far, but she recurs for a number of episodes, so. Leslie Bibb is okay, a bit straight ahead. Julie Ann Emery as southern belle mommy seems to have caught my attention most though - always fun when your loose cannon is a woman. They seem to want to pit the good women vs. the evil crime men, I wonder where it goes. Very striking gathering of the crime goons, sausage fest like you'd never seen. How progressive public service can be.

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Freaktown Bites - Tin-Foil Hat

Boomtown's sweet. And blazing guns jumping from the roof seems to play that much better with me on television, if only because of the incongruity of the ordinary and the aspiration of the eventful, of the heroic. How big a deal can it be if after that you're just going to have to do it again, or not do it again. Good television I think transforms and is transformed by music, by its appeal to the sentiments with which it shares its airwaves. Perhaps the transmissions fill our heads, which is why things become so familiar. Tin-Foil Hat anyone? I've probably said this before, but having to write titles was a good innovation if ever.

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February 28, 2005

They Purposely Named it 'Lap Dance' Didn't They? - My Full Meaning

Mia Kirshner really is rather lovely, and does certain things pretty well, but really, you have to wonder if she chooses the simpery pretentious roles or they choose her. It's probably not a surprise I'd probably like her best as she was in 24, but that's a bit wrong. But Sarah Bernhard's probably very right in complaining about how annoying she is - I think she was on Graham Norton at the time.

But I guess this season answers my question about lesbian camp then. Sarah Bernhard seems to just have been given a silly role. This is probably the first writing montage sequence that hasn't had be hurling. Wouldn't everyone want to be as pretty and vulnerable as Mia Kirshner?

Laurel Holloman still looks good acting pregnant. So this must be what Michael Holden wass doing while Battlestar was on hiatus. This is me having resolved to wait till the end of an episode before I post. I can't believe that they are doing a rotating table perspective shot - self-stabbing ensues. But it's not bad drama by any means. Oh well, at least Lap Dance is an apt enough title.

Damn, looks like I'm going to have to keep watching this season. Very sweet.

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Same(ish) - Peering through the ambulance window

I'm now wondering if the Abby kidnap episode of ER isn't based on something, because the same(ish) storyline is occuring in Boomtown.

They must have wanted paramedic woman on 24 because they knew she could do the duress thing. She's *so* much less annoying on Boomtown though - she isn't the mugsiest one on the show right now, but now that mugsy's gone, she's definitely climbing the charts.

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Parabolic has more than one meaning

One thing I'll say about Boomtown, at least it isn't shy about the scale to which it aspires. It's really not as awful as it was trailed. Again, it probably appeals to me because it's parabolic. I'm wondering at my ambivalence towards the plain-spoken people in the series, just as I wonder at my ambivalence towards the hushed individuals. But the reporter is stunningly pretty I think, and Neil whatever is more palatable in small doses. Jason Gedrick I rather appreciate - he really carries his careworn look with a very conscientious gravitas. The 24 girl does her best to be appealing.

I'd link to the DVD, but they don't include the season 2 episodes. Hence you will be pointed here. If you want more Jason Gedrick, you know where to go.

I think it's the evocation of landscape from the pilot that's stuck with me, and again the parables that Fearless seems to be so much a party to.

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I actually have all of these, though I bought the Cold Feet individually. So yes, Spooks Season 1 and Season 2, then Cold Feet the Complete Series - all 5 seasons. The Murder One here is the entire Series, seasons 1 and 2. At the moment, only Season 1 is available in the US.

cover cover cover cover

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February 27, 2005

Borg Queen, Mom, Weasel - Sabrina Lloyd's so Lovely

Susanna Thompson (Karen Sammler) from Once and Again is on (of all things) Medical Investigation!! She pulls off the whole politicking boss thing rather well - more borg queen than Eli's mom, but really rather worth watching, in a series that is only barely so. Particularly rewarding is the chemistry with Eva (Anna Belknap), doing the whole "we both understand PR" bit.

I'm not quite sure why Sabrina Lloyd was so fetching this episode, but I suspect it's the very flattering clothes and nice fitting jackets. Still looks great in a vest and gun. Note for continuity freaks, this was the 3rd in production terms even though it's airing 6th.

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Amy Adams in a Fat Suit

I'm watching early Wetboy, because I saw Amy Adams guested - so yes, fat suit. This should be fun, and not a little wet. You realise that this will lead to me getting even more wetness. Doesn't look like the series has changed that much.

I'm just thinking that they must have a generic bathroom set, because she looks like she's in what's suddenly looking like the Can't Hardly Wait bathroom.

This is *so* some eating disorder parable - they must have taken this whole teenage issues thing seriously back then. She seems to do pretty well in the role though, they must have brought her in to plump up (whee) the acting talent on the show while finding their legs. But yes, very freak of the week. She must have really not been playing age appropriate though - which is probably all the better considering the subject matter. Very after-school special, and pretty heavy handed with the analogous-ness meant to evoke that naughty extremity.

I wonder if she got this from being on Buffy - they must have had some confidence to give her such a prominent role. I'm now also wondering why she was on Conan so early on, perhaps to promote Drop Dead Gorgeous - which I'll have to watch again to remember which one she was. She wouldn't have been promoting Psycho Beach Party would she? But yes that would explain linkage with Buffy though.

Oh yes, the Mummy called - it wants its mouth gaping effect back. I get the feeling it's really the better actresses that do the best in their psycho roles. The series really is so predicated on people/teenagers, being *really crazy*. Oh yes, and cue shattered glass reflecting shattered self, followed by flaming conflagration a-la Atlakvida.

Apparently the guy who directed her in this, also directed an episode of Dr. Vegas - if I'm not wrong one in which she's very prominent - interesting.

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February 26, 2005

Eager but could be better - pachinko

Under pressure. I suppose they do manage to make Elliot seem rather charmingly sexy. I need to stop using the word rather. It's just that if you start watching Scrubs from 3rd season, you're thinking to yourself if blonde doctor was just dumpy for 2 seasons before she became barbie. I'm pretty fond of Bambi though. Bite me. What was it again? Little pony trying to stand up for the first time style? Something like that.

And again, the series seems to does wonders for making music appeal to sentiment. That would be the hence of the Counting Crows thing. Sarah Lancaster was more appealing in that one episode that any of the Dr. Vegas. And Heather Locklear wasn't too bad, reasonably funny.

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Groupies, Heather Locklear, Amy Adams

I'm sure I've mentioned before that an inordinate number of people who appear on the Bachelor/Bachelorette just *happen* to be in pharmaceutical sales, and also happen to be, I think the term is, smokin' hotties. Tina Fabulous for example.

This brought on, by the way, by Heather Locklear's appearance on Scrubs as a rep. Charming.

Smoochy smoochy - the groupies sleep with the roadies to get to Mick, as Hugh Laurie might opine.

Me and *sexy* titles.

Nurse Practitioner reminds me of Dr. Vegas, and the lovely Amy Adams. I'm even happy the rest of the episodes never aired, because the had already squeezed her out. Which by the way is the name of an interwebspite. It's nice to see her in an expanded role, even though I really like her in 20 Hours in America.

Scrubs makes me miss Counting Crows.

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February 25, 2005

The Geeks, the Stoners, The Plastics - Scrub Me

Fries with that shake. New shower curtain. I think the Gilmore Girls thing was a reference to some teen movie - I've now discovered it's a reference to Mean Girls, because of the "Plastics" but it's also a staple of teen dramas, introducing the the various subcultures in the High School. I know it happens in Ten Things I Hate About You, but I'm sure there's a more illustrious predecessor

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Muahahaha, Me-sa Evil....

Kristin Kreuk really gets into camping it up. And it really says something that she's *so* much more likable as a psycho bitch witch from the past. But yes, she really seems to get into the whole evil thing, which probably indicates how bored she otherwise likely is.

*Ewww* *Wet*.

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Yes, I know it's Parminder Nagra

Neela's doing the best voiceover I remember hearing, nicely modulated, persistent look of being lost throughout - very impressive. Ron from West Wing doing ER is good as well. But really, Neela is being spectacular in the episode. These are the real actors, the ones who don't look like they're doing much, or not doing anything special, but it can be breathtaking the deftness of it. As with so many things, the magic, they always seem to say, is to make it look easy.

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Finally Defrag, Gay Marissa

After moving my eMule temp files from the temp disk, it seems that they were what's stopping the drive from defragmenting - the bastards. Gay Marissa is probably the best thing about the OC this season.

I'm sorry, but how many rss related ads is google going to serve on my site? I encourage you to at least click on all the klipfolio ones. I personally endorse them - though if you click on them, they probably have to pay for it. The good part is the money comes to me. Me me me. Muahaha. Louis has gone ad-crazy apparently.

"I'm sure it's just a phase" - effective fade out on Kirsten. "It was for me". Alienating and severe. How could this episode actually be an okay one? Oh my god. Most fetching Marissa in loose shift ever in recent memory.

Lost in suspension.

But it would seem that the underclocking is doing good - I can only assume that I ran out of luck with the CPU, since the ram's supposed to be bending in the pollen.

For a film reference I must say that at least they can't be faulted for not building it up and working it. Though I think the roof was the better climax.

Merci Y'all is still cracking me up.

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Blonde Doctor

For whatever reason, I find Joey that much better than Friends. And yes, Christina Ricci is in this episode, so yay. She's pretty good, very lovely with the big eyes, being lively, spritely and springy, acting cute. The eye narrowing is particularly good. And well, Alex is quite comely, and probably one of the better actresses doing comedy.

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Christina Ricci, Elsie Snuffin, like throwing a stick

Christina Ricci really is rather fetching, and Triumph is always hilarious. I dug in and decided to delete whatever Desperate Housewives I had - I will no longer be an enabler. Jack and Bobby just isn't any fun without Missy, and the whole war crimes thing was just annoying. Elsie Snuffin appeared though, which was fun - just a completely unrewarding role. I've already said West Wing is fantastic, but it bears repeating - I get the feeling it's one of the few genuinely grown up shows on TV. I wonder if I'll ever get around to watching Unscripted.

Good thing about having my notebook next to my bed now is that I can ignore even more television. I'm now going to delete Cambridge Spies. Or not. This is why I'm drowning in discs.

I now remember why I started downloading it to begin with, because Anna-Louise Plowman is in it, who is endlessly fetching. It makes me actually want to consider downloading Stargate SG-1. I still think My Life in Film is pretty worthy, if only for that first episode with her in it. She's married to the guy who was in Perfect Strangers.

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February 24, 2005


Alex Graves really seems to do pretty good West Wing episodes. Rather innovative use of the characters features and space. And he makes Mary McCormack look hot. I think it's because of Toby that I want a beard. The party I thought was particularly good. I'm going to look forward to watching this season again. Toby is really really good, despite the gush on his face at the convention.

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February 23, 2005

House probably deserves a longer entry, but let this be a lesson to you

I mean, I'm not saying that it was a great episode, but compared to the puddles that have pooled around it, it wasn't bad. There's something to be said for a show that can consistenty pull off really good teasers, and Laurelei "not having any" really rather counts. This perhaps makes me mourn for first season OQ - again.

Paris really can do no wrong. And I'm personally quite happy to have Doyle on the show, he's actually been the catalyst for quite a bit of the fun on the show. The only downside is that there is far less Rory-Paris action than there used to be. Can't decide if Abby and Neela are better.

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You make an upside down V with your hands.

I don't actually want to write anything, and I'm pretty tired of trying to sound interesting. So yes, bogging fatigue is starting to set in. That, or this is the lull that happening because I've just finished watching the stuff that was already downloaded when I woke up at 3, and I'm waiting for the rest to happen.

House was good, I'm really still quite liking the whole thing with House and Cameron, it's sort of sweet. I'm wondering if anything will impress me like the first bunch of episodes did. I'll get back to you when I get around to watching it in production order. I'm just hoping that the sophmore crap-out doesn't afflict it like it did the OQ.

I've got a number of pending posts which I think I'll just quickly whip up while I'm waiting. Oh, and Broadvoice really does suck - I'm having problems with incoming calls - but I'll say more when I'm pissed off that they don't reply to support e-mails.

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February 22, 2005

Watching the Prize

Perhaps it has more resonance because it's probably that much better than the later seasons. They're also DVD rips, and widescreen. Oh my T'Pol's haircut was funny. Unfortunately the rips of the pilot don't seem to be quite proper, but whatever - I just want to watch it now, so. Oh, and I really much prefer the older theme song. The characters are really rather sweet.

Huh, I didn't realise the rips are off Channel 4, not DVD like I said.

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It just popped into my head, that probably most of Spooks isn't necessarily that good - that when it's not written by Howard Brenton, it's about the quality of middling Joss Whedon work - just doing things. That said, the Howard Brenton stuff is a particular kind of flawless.

Louis writing a TV guide of the current season? Problem is I tend to respond best when I'm watching them all in a row (as witnessed here). But of the new series I think really only House stands out.

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Mal, Bad, in the Latin

I've always found the teaser for the Firefly pilot, Serenity, incredibly moving, and endlessly evocative. The clincher though, is Mal walking back in to the cargo hold, "yeah, we win".

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Back Word


So the L Word decided to go big? More camp than it used to be, I must say. Director for the first episode doesn't seem too bad though. Huh, no wonder I like him, he directed episodes of Deadwood. I won't hold Six Feet Under against him. Laurel Holloman looks good pregnant. I wonder if they're just unashamed about it, or it was a requirement of the network, that they make the episodes be horny.

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February 21, 2005

Desperate Housewives and the Sucking of Ass

It's late, and I should be asleep, but it occurs to me that I need to make something abundantly clear. Desperate Housewives is not, by any bizarre contortion, something that is worth watching.

I had watched the unaired pilot, and while I liked Brenda Strong on Sports Night, Sheryl Lee was so much more resonant in her role. Felicity Huffman I have great admiration for, you only need look at this. But seriously, how much more ass could be sucked by the series?

Now I'm going to stop there, and not allow silly questions like why to mar the fact that even thinking about it makes me want to tickle something.

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Okay with the Dancing already.

Scrubs actually does interesting things with narrative.

I do rather appreciate them using 8 days a week.

I keep forgetting things I want to think and then. And it's not even about what I'm doing, it's just moments of inside pushing out.

I should draw money before I go to get the tickets tomorrow, and remember to write things down.

Not so much, for you, with the talking.

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February 20, 2005

So he really is Irish

Tara Reid does rather well in Scrubs. How could she have been so much better in the previous season than she was recently? She looked better too.

But Scrubs is also doing quite a bit better with me - I think Janitor is great and Cox is especially fantastic. He's got a weird name, but his voice talent is unbelievable.

Oh, and it's funny.

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I Don't Know Much

According to Scrubs, I'm not the only one that follows people round the apartment endlessly - in a way that could be taken as being incredibly annoying.

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Well, ok, it seems Scrubs season 3 isn't quite as bad as the first couple of episodes promised. And the one playing Jordan (Christa Miller Lawrence) is so lovely she's making me even consider watching the Drew Carey show.

This post also, for better or worse, inaugurates my Television category, especially since now that I've been having this form of blogging diarrhoea for awhile, I've taken to pausing television I like - to write about it.

My food diary is going to have to wait till I next eat.

But yes, I've thus been using Firefox like a bogging application - I think it's quite fitting.

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