December 22, 2005

Comedy of Socks

I have pens, and as I told Winston (who I'm indebted to about the pens), I have socks to last me through nuclear winter. I also have Oral-B toothpaste, Simple, the shower gel I like and shoehorns. I should have bought clips - I'll probably angle to get them from the place at Shaw Towers tomorrow. Need to go to B.S Moey.

Apace I tell you.

Props to Golden-Haired Sammy.

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December 21, 2005

Play Now

I suppose I'm just ignoring the student issue now. It'll be amusing if my peers suddenly bother. ie the ones that don't already. It's surprising to me that all these things are coming back so instinctively. I still haven't sent off the postcards, and I think tomorrow should be my Queensway day. I should also remember about the shower gel and simple.

I suppose it's dawning on me that RSS is for people with a lot of time on their hands (actually, some time ago). But it's nice to have rediscovered VTV and EZTV feeds. If you just search for VTV RSS, you're going to find what you're looking for. And now I can even use the UKNova feed to parse if I really wanted to. Burn baby burn.

I wonder if this is why I actually have some semblance of a play now.

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Legendary. And You're Too Late

While I'm sitting here thinking about my sexual comedy, I can't get Omaha out of my head - somewhere in middle america. It's a pity that that album is such an acme of mawkish. And that is signals such a particularness. So no, apparently I don't write any differently after months away.

Did you turn the lights off?
When, just now?
So I should go and turn it off now?
(Goes off, light switch sounds)
So do you want to go out?
Yes or no?
So where?
Can we
What about?
Have you?
Yes. So should I get ready?
Up to you.

I really do like that episode of Scrubs. (which that dialog had absolutely nothing to do with, except in the most allusive of ways, and proximity)

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December 20, 2005

Fiction Collective Draft

It's probably past time that I put up a more recent draft. The stated intention being that this will be more or less what is to be sent out. Gah.

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October 2, 2005

The Poor Ship

The Economist has redesigned their site. Spanky. Content now actually fills the page. I'll sort of miss the old way of laying things out, but probably not too much. Very much along the lines of how Reuters has it's site - probably they decided they didn't need quite so much red.

I watched Serenity. And I bought tires. I'm still waiting to spank the people, but they need to make a bloody appointment. I should freely admit that Opera defaults to working - but big picture, yeah?

At some point I'll get around to posting what is almost complete - but I'm now wondering if I don't need to add on another chapter - "what? a man make a tailor?... ... are you mad old fellow?" - or something like that.

If only Joss didn't choose to be so insistent on his landmarks. The poor ship.

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July 15, 2005

Gone Fishin'

I'm sure there's been a gaping hole in the place where my messenger icons usually are, but well, there are reasons for so many things. I'm in various minds of a party, but can't think of the bother. I'll probably try not to move things till after I'm gone.

The Singnet 10Mbps plan will be a boon for any number of people. Personally, I think the 25 plan is a waste of money, since they both have the same 1Mbps upload speed - and try as I might, maxing out downstream at that level is always a struggle.

I desperately should write more about the Inside and post the very happy charming picture of Rachel Nichol, but the as much as cancelled nature of it gets me down a bit. For my money, probably a better leading lady than Sarah Michelle was - and on a better show. The feeling is that these episodes got pushed up to end the series.

I should write a book.

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July 4, 2005

Holding Back The Tides

Some people got it, some people don't. Basically I'm tired of tweaking the number of days on my front page. I'm desperately wondering if MT 3.2 will mean that it can be set according to posts rather than days.

I've been getting a bunch, well a couple, of e-mails that have warranted really very long replies. I don't know if I'm just bleary from the just waking up, and I wonder if they'll go anywhere. Presumptuous to be sure, but not unwarranted by any means. And getting slapped down is different when it's face to face. If there was any doubt that I am a product, though not an uncritical one, of the periodical I read, let that be proof sufficient.

I've been sort of perplexed, though not exactly displeased with the fact that there's plenty now that even I can't remember the context of, and would require quite a bit of digging to dis/re-cover. To that end, I can't bring myself to write, or write too much, yet at least, about the much hoo-ha-ing right now, which you can't help but wonder isn't just self-defeating. The film of the thing, despite the pedigree of (some) of its scriptors, is just blank on so many levels that it just doesn't quite bother me like it should. But the profound chest-thumping arrogance of it I think is ironic. This from people who would so readily eschew ideas of Charity and didactic disbelief, being so flung victims of it.

But Kelly Macdonald is really very lovely, and Bill Nighy is fun but misused in so many ways.

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July 3, 2005

newfound catalysed regularity

As with so many times I sit and still, the urge is to come and to blank and to fill. I think my newfound catalysed regularity has now led to me being much less out and out unhappy, but rather maintains me at a rather even keel of alleviated ambivalence.

I suppose it just was a bit spooky watching Howard Stern interview Phil Hartman, especially bringing on the wife that would later kill them both. Suzanne Vega, however, was delightful.

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June 28, 2005

My Cousin Alex (Might Have) Designed the MRI Machines in House

Apparently my Aunt has started a little e-mail campaign to get extended family members to vote for my cousin Alex (who I've not seen in years), who helped design this display. It's all part of this Design Awards thing, where they're having a people's choice award - having actually already given out all the awards that are worth a damn (my cousin's got a gold award). My cousin's team's contribution is the Ambient Experience for Healthcare - the idea of which is actually quite wonderful.

What it is (from what I understand) is an effort to make the experience of an MRI machine less intimidating. As anyone who's watched any medical drama (House in particular), MRIs can be very stressful - leading to a great deal of claustrophobia and stress at the very loud noises and enclosed spaces that accompany it. Ambient environments would then have a genuine medical application, from what I understand, since people who are more relaxed will tend to move less - and the less movement there is, the more accurate the scan will be. Which is good too for the patient, not having to go through the experience again to get a proper scan.

But yes, I always point out (rather silly-ly) that it's a Philips MRI machine in House (well, most of House season 1 anyway). That's the wages. So while it's probably unlikely that my cousin had that much to do with the machine itself (or not, whatever), the display here seems like a worthy enough thing to vote for. Certainly better than Apple Fanboy-ware (who would have thought, eh?) - the Smack-Mini and the iPod-Snuff-Film.

Despite the fact that I really quite like both the idea and the implementation, I can't begin to describe what must the immense amount of vote rigging that must be going on for their display to currently be in the lead - to a comical extent. Once you've voted (for him of course), you'll see that they are currently leading at 57% of the vote in what is really a very crowded field. And I mean I have no particular compunctions on the rigging of votes in this case - if it can be rigged, whose fault is that; just as long as the fuckers from Apple don't get it.

Notice though, that in the Environments category, my cousin's team got Gold to Team America: World Police's Silver.

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June 24, 2005

I should have been married to Mariah at 12

I can't remember quite what exactly sparked it off in my head, but I suddenly felt the need to listen to a particular Jessica Simpson song. Of course I know it because, unlike the rest of you, I wasn't some silly Newlyweds-come-lately. Of course Louis always seemed to have a particular fascination with the whole female teen pop thing that for so long obsessed so many - epitomised so much by Britney and Christina. So being who I am, I decided to explore the lunatic fringe of blonde female pop singers of the period - and hence, Billie, Hoku, Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore, M2M, even perhaps that spooky one that did unforgivable sinner.

So yes, I wanted to listen to this song off of Irresistible, but not the one that channeled whoever I thought it channeled at the time (I think it was Michael Jackson), Hot Like Fire, or one of those. I wanted to listen to What's It Gonna Be - which sticks to me because I associate it so readily with Mariah's own unforgettable summer anthem, Always Be My Baby. I sometimes think to myself, and I can't remember if it was Tupac who said it, but someone (ODB?) said that having been in prison really made you understand what you were missing when Mariah came on the radio, and that those who poohed it just in some way didn't quite get it.

But yes, Jessica Simpson's song wasn't the first of that kind, and obviously there was a reason for that, because she was, in Tommy Mottola's mind, the next Mariah, so she was given all the same shapers and mouldings that Mariah was. And she was still married during Fantasy. So previously there had been I Think I'm In Love, which I found out later samples Jack and Diane, a John Mellencamp song that is widely known and popular.

John Mellencamp I bought an album off of the strength of the one single he put out, which sadly was a cover, and which I approached because of the association that song had with Me'Shell NdegéOcello - who I had seen If That's Your Boyfriend off of. Wild Night. And that video, the former, had featured a rather hot blonde woman slipping rather fetchingly into a pair of jeans in her undies at the beginning of the video before she went of to be a cab driver, as you do. The latter had been poor babied by Madonna, who just told her to get on with it and she did.

I should have been married to Mariah at 12.

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June 13, 2005

even if you tried

Some times I'm not sure what comes over me. It's not like I'm as angry as I used to be, maybe just a couple of weeks ago. But if I'm not angry so much any more, where does all this nonsense come from? Righteous indignation? I can hear Nirvana playing in the background.

Well, whatever the case I find that cutting anger out of the equation doesn't seem to get rid of spite, or unpleasantness, or self-righteousness; much less fear and shame and mortification. I try not to edit things out, since the retention is important, if only to me, as a record of shame and weakness and grovelling crawling back.

Is it really the unresolved? But what to do when you think how things would not be different even if you tried?

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Pictures of "Artistic Value"

1033.jpginsufferable, sprinkling random references to sex and the city, uses the lingo of blah blah, very much like the fry and laurie sketch.

random sexual encounters I'm sure are fun fun fun, and I think the phrase is "I still would though".

at least writing about prostitution when you can write worth a damn is at least engaging; as opposed to semi-literate, middle-brow, pseudo-intellectual twaddle - not quite as good as pornography.

and I *still* think people should keep it in their pants (to the right) and mind their own fucking business and not be so (hokkien is just so apt sometimes) fucking kay-poh.

Where's the liberal party when you need it? Freedom of enterprise and freedom of the individual, sounds like a good idea huh?

But yes, you can take your "artistic value" and shove it up your ass.

And you can barely see nipple.

Courtesy of Ashley Blue, and unidentified member. I'm hoping Google will forgive what is merely a didactic tool. (Aren't I a funny one?)

I'm suddenly enjoying having to pad out the text, so that the picture doesn't cross ugly-ly over the line seperator at the bottom of the post - I just think making the picture smaller would detract from its effect and intention.

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June 5, 2005

That Band that Sucks Ass, (or to paraphrase) a Wailing Bag of Wank

It is not in the what of the doing, but rather the who. Things are wrong not necessarily because what is being done is wrong, in some qualitative way – to dissect it that way is to do artistry (or lack of) disservice – more often than not it is simply the ineptitude of the one doing the thing. And so it would be nice to say that so and so has done this thing badly because he did this, and you don’t do this, that’s not the way things (or this) works. And then someone else does it that way (or this), and the working ensues. People of suasion, of power and mastery, of tinkling and till it is, people of ability and talent, apparently, can do as they please. And so perhaps the Beatles could recite the phonebook and sell a million records, but you wouldn’t wonder if they’s also launch a thousand ships in the process.

The best part of the review though, and the one thing they particularly got right, is this: "Coldplay, the most insufferable band of the decade".

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June 2, 2005

The Aesthetics of Gesture

And so perhaps it is no surprise that moving sentimentality should accompany such thinly veiled jingoism and preservation for fear of the elided and rude third estate - the staving off of progress and the grubbiness of economics. But you wonder if that sentimental feeling in and of itself is unable to move beyond that context, that lexicon of dismissal and feeling. And the talk of Beauty and Desire and Right and Normalcy. I suppose didactic isn't the worst epithet it would choose for itself, but still. But if feeling is the fascist impulse.

And so is a lack of subject in itself sufficient to disperse the focus of nostalgia? A peripheral grazing of movement and sentiment, perhaps.

Cute Mouse though.

A very wrenching kind of socialisation, and all such rude conversion and getting sprayed.

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May 29, 2005

We're not dealing with Billy Idol

Some things are heart-breaking beyond understanding. As little sympathy as I have with a workers or labour movement, the treatment of individuals is not strained.

I think I experience a deep sense of frustration that democratic principles can so easily and apparently so naturally or necessarily become conflated with a dismissal of economic motive - how economic freedom could so easily be de-coupled from personal freedoms. "Materialism" and the desire for wealth and personal prosperity only in the most skewed of imaginations, would not be the natural coincident to the desire for personal liberty. To me there is no argument that perestroika should come before glasnost - it appears that for whatever reason, that is the natural desire of movement.

There is no doubt that there is a kind rabid intensity at work, and that it is engendered by the mirror it faces, but it seems at times a dishonesty of self - on both sides.

But the representative thing itself seems to be to be an effective thing - and for all its manipulation and the pose of its gestures, there's nothing that suggests to me that it is not worthy in some way.

A policy of personal openness needs to be accompanied by a belief in economic openness, in economic freedom - to cede that, and not to criticise others for not being more free than they already are, betrays conscience. If anything, economic freedoms need to be extended rather than curtailed by the engagement of public sentiment. You would hope that public sentiment as much understands the will towards economic freedom, and not to address that is to cling to a nothing of a thing. The rights and prosperity of those who toil depend on things that spite will infect. If they are looking only at a thing, that that thing has to be where you are. It is in their economic interests to be more free.

There are many reasons for avoidance. Other than this, there is often not the grand thing of shame, but the shrunk of embarassment.

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May 28, 2005

Quite Spunky

I wonder why so often now, when I'm faced with meeting people again, the prospect sends me into such a funk. Though yes, I suppose it's not entirely new. It's as if I'm about to long haul fly again. The planning and test drilling always seems pleasant and it seems quite contrary when contrary, but this side up is quite spunky.

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May 25, 2005

Guess What

The readiness is all.

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May 21, 2005

Their little drama - out of the island

Yeah, I basically can't quite stand my last post being on top, because it's absolutely horrendous writing - hence new post. Normally I do okay when I'm sleeping odd hours and never quite feel rested, but that must have been strange. Most of the time I just get disjointed rather than rubbish. And I felt awfully about having to spank the word into the title.

It's absolutely wonderful that Z-Nix is still getting in the Maxell discs - the quality is excellent, though I'm sure it could be cheaper. Considering how much they cost, I really should get a Benq drive, but the Lite-On's still fine, and the myth of scanning is always convincing. Anyway the bigger issue is with the inability of the spin to catch up, which is annoying in so many ways.

Is it hard to make arrangements with yourself?

I'm quite enjoying Celebrity Love Island, not least because of Abi Titmuss and Liz from Atomic Kitten. Their little drama is entertaining if a little flickery.

Movable Type really needs to take a couple of pages from WordPress, esp things like ticking multiple categories etc. But then I've still not migrated, and neither likely to, so.

I'm still feeling too competitive about Opera Blogs, but ah well. I think I'll try my best to keep at least a post or 2 on the latest page, that seems fair. More dark comedy regarding my phone, and much annoyance with forms.

Starhub has been acting up a bit recently, basically with the bandwidth

out of the island.

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May 13, 2005

Party For Peishan

It's her birthday tomorrow (14th, this Saturday), so yes Partay. Well, party in the sense of she'll be over and people will come bask in her glory. Or something.

Anyone know what kind of cake she likes? (shh)

Everyone is welcome - and I do mean everyone - do come.

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May 12, 2005

Very Much Like Aslan

Again with the confluence - but it is the events, rather than my them of the piecing. You'll know when you see me. And the really very very funny bits in Concrete Cow about Lion/Witch/Wardrobe - "Aslan's just going to piss you off". Oh and the reasonably promising trailer for the new Narnia movie. It makes me want to read the ones that I remember more resonantly - Dawn Treader and (Su-lin will soon inform me) the one with the iconic presence of "Under Me", or something to that effect. But I think the Dawn Treader contributes in no small extent to my affection for Golding. And I shall find the opportunity to at least try reading Starter For Ten. One of my very first spell-checked posts, how lovely. Though it's annoying in the sense that it doesn't let you manually edit straight away, and there is more than one step towards putting it all back; so I tend to just check and when it shows nothing wrong, to close it. And it finds all manner of silly things wrong, which is wrong of them and silly. And I really must do a follow up on my writing about embracing chaos - the title is handily supplied: Chaos, Control. Chaos, Control. You Like? You Like? It's probably a kind of wrong that bulimia summarises for me such a assertive sense of the will towards control. There probably really is something wrong with me going Sorkin crazy again, but at least now I'm going to fun things like doing a Mary Louise-Parker splash. And dreams about things, and my grandfather, and his death and his funeral. Very much like Aslan.

I normally like to space paragraph things, but when it's composed the way it is. And apparently Opera has decided to abdicate all responsibility. And I think I'm just a bit worn out from Optool. You really do need to restart after you first launch after updating. Klipfolio 3 will be a treat. Perhaps I should cover their striptease before the money-shot.

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May 6, 2005

Cloud Nine

Sometimes I don't know why I bother. It might look fun to bash about and complain, but it really is a bit nerve-racking, and you never really know what people are going to do or how they'll react. Is it a mistaken sense of belief? The moment seems important enough, that something should be done, things should be mentioned, but when met with general indifference and the collective shoulder shrugging of the people you thought would care, it's always a bit sobering, and probably humbling in the best(?) way possible.

It's a very cheery way of singing about the wreck of the hesperus. I think I was having very trembly shaky dreams about Kelly Clarkson and a moment like this. Hi, I'm the frequent crackpot.

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May 4, 2005

Welcome The Fruits of Victory. (Yes, I'm Saying You're a Fruit)

I had been typing another version of this post, but Opera crashed, which pissed me off, but I'll give it another go. It crashed doing the horrendous task of opening the forum's PM page from Outlook, but whatever.

I don't just write about Opera. I started writing to be something of a diarist, in the most literary sense possible, and me being a writer, that's probably a good thing. Obviously I'll keep writing about Opera, but more indirectly, like posting on other boggler's posts etc. now that I've decided I've got nothing to prove.

I used to write most recently about Television, which I watch obsessively. I had most recently been watching Deadwood, which had been sabotaged on Bittorrent, so that it took forever, and then just finished watching Blind Justice, which is getting better and better. I think watching Murder One's pilot recently helps my patience with Steven Bochco.

I also write as much as I can about P2P, which invites the question how much do I want to get sued. I started putting advertising on my site so that the people who keep finding me on google while they're looking for subtitles for TV shows (who basically, are probably idiots) can help pay the bills. If you want to read this without the ads, I recommend Proxomitron.

I'm hoping that Opera take a close look at my suggestions for Opera Blogs, because I think it's in their best interest to let their evangelists (ie: us) do what we do best, and do it prominently.

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May 3, 2005

And so I woke up and was subscribed with the New Left Review.

It's probably a particular coincidence, me watching of all things Woody Allen while I'm being neurotic and obsessive. I'm tired of it, if I want to mention Opera a will, and someone can wake up, get a clue, and deal with it. I can only think they're on holiday now, so that my phone isn't coming any time soon, or they're conveniently forgetting. The rat bastards. It was rather nice though, the empty crushing satisfaction of tickling someone. You'd think with a pretty orange flower staring at me and the prospect of Madison Monroe, that my night would be looking up, but apparently now. Sort of like a misprint and the inequality of it all.

And so I woke up and was subscribed with the New Left Review.

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April 28, 2005

Wrap Up of Bits I Never Got Around to Finishing

I've been tending to note-take using the MT interface, and I just never get round to writing about any of these - no doubt due to my hectic schedule - itself due to the thing I can't name because if I do it'll get aggregated.

And What's Up With All These Euphemisms for HLA Anyway?

These must be the most literal bloody minded idiots who put together the series. I hope fuck that they novels were shit, because the series sure are. The bare caricature of construction.

To think that they might actually have in mind the notion of death generating stories. So just as all stories about native americans are tinged with the knowledge of their subjugation, all stories of lesbians in Victorian england end in tragedy and heartbreak.

the much fun that is alternate enterprise - so that's why Linda Park's on the show

L word is really so much better this season.

jesus has come to give us a lecture

big train, sales people hotties pharm reps

incredible zen that is smoking room

thompson hueffer

meeting person then leaving perspective, becoming theirs and so on - me then alyson, the the person that meets her etc.

killing off the only one worth watching on Jack and Bobby.

And why not, have a look at me testing out WordPress. I don't know when I'll move, but when I do, that's where I'm going.

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April 21, 2005

My Deep Regard for Mariah

There's a kind of wonderful intersection of personal narrative and creative action, whose ambivalence I think Mariah relishes. In caricature these are the puppet figures of our play, but the playing exhorts a different kind of enervation. That and I have a kind of squeal-y delight at the soft caress of her work.

Silly people keep saying such nonsense about the euphemism they assume is my regard for her aesthetic - if I wanted totty, that's what porn is for - though even then the romantic regard is far from absent. Though I suppose people are less than wrong in that I can't quite do better than characterise my attraction to her and my participation in her narrative as being "pretty gay".

I've always loved Mariah, with engulf that comes from having been young once, and thinking, and hoping. We Belong Together is absolutely flawless. Video is here. Though I'm sure if you looked you'd be able to find as nice a copy.

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April 18, 2005


We are not all alone in the world unhappy.

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April 11, 2005

Then, Drenched in Sweat, Awake - My Grandfather the Dead Pope

I just woke up abruptly, drenched in sweat. I had been dreaming that I had had a dream in which my grandfather was the pope. I had always had a kind of ambivalent relationship with my grandfather, I never really had the time of day to be honest. And this time it seemed that he wanted me to be happy and do the things I want and was bringing me and that other one around to eat and shop and buy things, I think now I knew or felt that I knew he knew he was dying, and yet I was ornery. The restaurant I can only remember now as an urge to leave, but later we were at the CD store, and he kept foisting things on me, like Black Sabbath's new album, which I demurred. I chose bunch, which I was going to wean further, when I was whisked to the cashier, where even as things were being rung up with a fearsome queue, I was saying I wanted to wean some more. At the end the wordless male cashier was just hovering and the female one said very loudly that "all items would have to be paid for eventually" in the most toity bitch voice possible. She would also proceed to mouth off about how my grandfather should be aware that his using his normally disused credit card would incur him Norwegian charges, like he was in nappies suckling. I sort of shouted at her about how she seems intent on getting her rocks off by being mean to grandfathers trying to buy a gift for their grandsons, and that shut her up. At which point it seemed to most coherent and asleep portion of the dream was over. I went back to the car and was saying rather boisterously that he should have a sign round his neck saying POPE. This followed by me inching the car down the winding staircase tunnel spiral, staring at how close the wall was on my right. Which segued into me being Lauren Graham/Lorelei, walking round round that spiral down, following the person or apparition of Susanna Hoffs, who told her to be normal and go back to her room. Then, drenched in sweat, awake. I've never really quite realised till now that my grandfather is dead, and that I saw his corpse, the skin loose and cold and mottled and grey and sagging back. He had been planning his birthday party so there were gifts, and old aunties considerate enough and versed enough to bring bundles of white tee shirts of huge sizes for the absent minded to wear. Very much a family gathering like that wedding. They angled the coffin a bit towards my grandmother, who had clung on till I was born, and smiled when she heard. They had sued for the plot they could get, diagonal to hers, for him, and the tilt was his yearning for her, which I never got to see. My mother says she was always made to feel welcome. I suppose he was a catholic, as my family was always meant to be, except for a newspaper article, and the rational proof of the lack of god to a young boy. And the shrugging acceptance of his parents, perhaps.

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March 30, 2005

Tree-Hugging Hippie Crap

Well, for starters, you don't live in a country where there is no meaningful sense of civil liberties. At least you have a democratically elected government that won an election that was vigorously contested. You are a Republic, you elect the people who make the laws, if you're not happy with the laws, then there's actually a chance that you can elect people who can change them, or persuade those people, or people who have influence upon them, to change their minds.

Personal disagreement does not abdicate your responsibility in upholding the rule of law, so you can apologise up your own ass. I can't be the only one to find people apologising for things they're enforcing but don't disagree with annoying, can I? In all likelihood, the people who are most likely to get the law changed are not going to be you. You have no vested self-interest in the thing itself. Spunk. There are however, people for whom this means money - it means money because fewer people are applying, fewer qualified applicants are bothering, and fewer outstanding graduates are entering the markets that require them.

It’s a problem for me that satire is effective through being distancing, but that it seems to be evinced by anything but. And also that to be effective, satire necessarily relieves itself of a certain level of sincerity, or inquiry, or intelligence.

The will towards democratic empowerment does not divorce you from the requirements of access - the baseline of which is validation. Flash, and Frames, are a bane upon the Interweb.

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March 26, 2005

Appears Very Deliberate

I can't quite bring myself to muster up to write anything worth anything about Extraordinary Machine (which I'm listening to again right now) and Psycho Beach Part (which I just finished watching). Fiona's growing on me, though I think I prefer her light touches, her aggressive stuff sounded more convincing in When The Pawn.

Psycho Beach Party I never quite realised isn't quite as trashy as I imagined it to be, apparently it's by a reasonably prominent queer/drag playwright, who's responsible for Die, Mommie Die - not that I know what that is. Amy Adams didn't get much of a role, which is unfortunate - I'm sure that Lauren Ambrose being red-headed like the drag self-image helped her in inhabiting the role. It's a pity the number lost to the pit that's 6 feet. I suspect that the episode I like so much of crazy Buffy owes something to this. It's interesting in any number of ways, not least in the narrative framing, which appears very deliberate.

I'm now satisfying my Go-Gos craving - very very much like early REM. I'm now remembering it was brought on by missing Rich Girls. UKNova is working out rather handsomely. I'm always digging myself holes with not burning things. I hope I'm not getting I Heart Huckabees for the umpteenth time.

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March 21, 2005

Mahjong Night - Thursday 24th, Day Before Good Friday

It's strange not having no future any more. It makes buying a mahjong set and table seem almost rational. But yes, Mahjong night is on Thursday - Su-lin requests dinner. If air-conditioning is required, as I assume it is, the pasta place or ramen place at Shaw Towers spring to mind - though with the former we might need to make reservations. I'm assuming expensive japanese food is too expensive. No air-con we can just get hawker stuff from the place just at the start of Liang Seah Street proper - the one I keep telling people gives me bad vibes.

Do people want to come with me to buy the stuff? It's always more comforting having moral support - I'm just worried that if I put it off for too long, it'll end up being closed on Thursday or something. Anyway, tell me if $60 is too much to spend on a set, and that same amount on a table. The date of the event puts my holy grail reference in rather sharp perspective I think. I no longer have no future, yay me.

And really, this requires both Delwyn and Dion, if not there won't be sufficient hardcore people to play. Eugene has said he would come, but that'll depend if he flakes like last time. Any and all are welcome - edel? clarissa? (is she even back yet?). I wonder though if Delwyn's day of jubilee has yet arrived from the UK, and how that will affect all this. I don't have great hopes for Under the Sea, but I can now play most of Frank Black's Headache.

I now wondering if I should get another gmail invite from someone so that I can get a shorter username - and one that's not misspelt.

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March 20, 2005

Not Quite as Bad as Dialectic

It appears that all this time I've been misspelling the word - it's supposed to be weltanschauung, rather than weltenschauung. I wish someone would have told me, not that it would have made a lot of difference. But I could have sworn that that was how it was spelt in the narrative texts I read - misprinting or me being silly? Oh well, not much I can do about the e-mail addresses I have with it. I was considering putting up a button with my gmail address, as seems to be the rage, but it's just free advertising isn't it, for a service that I really don't use - and whose pop service seems to be flaking on me. Bugger, it turns out that I'm just the leader in following instructions - it's not my fault they don't provide screenies for the advanced screen and make sure you turn on SSL - bastards. But yes, the misspelled word above is my gmail address. But apparently the buttons aren't gmail produced, you can find the generator here. I suppose it's useful in that you can use the smtp for fastmail :). I still think IMAP is a more useful protocol, especially if you have as many accounts as I do.

The Frank Black version of Hang on the Your Ego is incredibly apt for him.

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Let the Mahjong Commence!!

It's like finding the holy grail, only not holy, and with cupholders rather than a chalice. It's a place near to OG on the way to Sim Lim, and it sells a range of tiles properly, as well as a not entirely shabby looking table. Now the downside is that the nicer set of tiles costs $60, which I'd be willing to pay, as long as I knew someone was going to buy it off me at the end of the day when I leave (since I'm pretty much definitely leaving now). The table is $60 as well, which I don't mind, since I'd get a smaller bedside table in the deal. Chips for poker aren't that pretty, and $500 worth is about $7, so I'd get say 2 or 3 packs? Enough for about $15 worth of chips, with plenty of change.

But yes, drawers in the table for chips and extendable cupholders. The only thing holding me back is that the rim might be too high if I want to put my notebook on it. The felt looked pretty nice though. This is the Hong Kong supposedly good stuff, as opposed to the cheap ass China stuff. Get back to me on what you think, and as and when someone shows up to help me carry it to the cab on the way back - we're in business. I'd call people out today, but last minute appeals don't seem as effective as the once were.

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March 18, 2005

The Factual Thing Itself

And so when I tell a lie I feel the need to make that lie be real - to tell the lie to others who I don't need to tell the lie to, and be convinced of it as I persuade them of the fullness of the factual thing itself. I suppose that that would that mixture of extraordinary and unremarkably natural. Though really I've not had the chance, nor the inclination, nor the circumstances under which, to lie on that scale and need for say 5 years?

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Tempting Fate

I'd try to find and post the quote from Toby, but it's funnier when you watch it - Election Night, 4th season, directed by Lesli Linka Glatter. So I should be writing 2 speeches, one, yay computer, the other, I'm sorry for your loss. Apparently Eugene was asleep at home, so it wouldn't have been a good idea for me to have just gone over and tried calling him there. I'm bringing popiah, which is happily halal (there's a sticker on the wall), though there's one less than there was because I was hungry.

I'm currently reinstalling Neverwinter Nights, since I've discovered the new campaigns, I hope they don't suck. If only the DVD versions weren't all in Italian or spanish. The side glare of the panel is much better now that they changed the panel, and they'll get back to me about the colour issue. Not all that bad, them coming over, and prepared to do the swopsies on the spot - but still plenty of annoyance to get there. Tech repair people are so meek and unassuming, I wonder what that's about.

The Maxell discs I bought (well, eugene bought) are fantastic, especially with the Benq - exceptional in fact. I'm very tempted to replace the Lite-On, but then I wouldn't have pretty scans anymore. At least not on this box. I'm being stubborn about restarting but I really should, so my mouse gets turned back on and the monitors work properly again.

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March 14, 2005

And Love Her

I knew there was a reason I keep reading Su-lin's boggling. It's because she's intelligent and clever, and actually knows how to write - which is always nice. It's the kind of thing that it's nice to wake up to, to discover a tiny narrative of happiness or little vignette of a happy occasion, evoking perhaps the shared memory of the future while exercising the will towards nostalgia and the romantic desire for companions. I'm rather ashamed that I ever chastised Su-lin for not making her prose more interweb friendly by using short paragraphs as I do for the sake of plate-spinning attention. I think it has a lovely pith to it that reminds me (not in terms of pith necessarily) of the picnic in Brideshead. The perhaps unfortunate effect of the passage though is to render the character of the author as a vaguely marmish and scoldingly fond woman - one that is held in such regard by those that love her. And love her in an almost dismissive Sports Night manner. Just because this is what I'm doing right now I might as well confess that I've probably thought in the past, and likely think now, that Su-lin and I are probably not the best or most natural of friends, but happen to be people who despite that try very hard at working at it, for whatever reason, to attempt to make it work. The silly romanticism of Louis early in the morning. That requires the shame-laden indecision of a dismissive and vaguely comically rendered and protractedly convoluted retraction and disavowal. With that easy shame of shrugging of shoulders, 'I don't know'. I suppose I do subscribe to the notion of reading with the spine, but every so often, the sentimentality of the gripping of the chest is a rather fine way to judge and experience narrative. You can find the entry here.

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Pyramid Aliens Selling Time-Share

It's the two of us going for no discernable reason to a farmhouse, in response to a dubious ad to make money, except that there's a twist to why, which is that they are supposedly supposed to be hiding the fact that they are aliens. Actually now that I think of it it's as if they come onto our farm and proposition us as a family to start the production, careful to say things out of place, like bodies when it's supposed to be plants or something. We both sort of know that it's theatre because I'd heard about it before, from hearing about it online, that they pretend to be aliens to hook you in, but it's really just a pyramid scheme. It ends with me after a while having been at their place, and they've finally managed to steal my wallet which they almost seemed obliged to do, and there's my IC in it so I go back to at least try and get it back. Which I think is still a good ending. Obviously throughout there's an amibavalence as to whether they are really aliens or just actor salesmen or the the professional troupe the conspiracy hires - all kinds of incongruities as to how they can afford to run the scam on the scale for small pyramid selling etc. And the children. Just as you leave the house is when they have the hooded people in black carrying a black shrouded body and mistakenly leave it for you to pull back the veil, but we don't bother. Perhaps that's part of what occurs when I go back. Perhaps they're asking us to move to the country and get others to do the same - as if they were asking us to join the troupe. Stilted formality and slips of mentions of violence and harvesting. I could work in the bit from Big Train where he asks people to give him money and they do as long as he promises that it's not for a time-share. I'm sure I could work Pixley in somewhere.

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March 11, 2005

Strangers When We Meet - Whoever You Want Me To Be

I maintain, as I should, differentiation from the things that nominally enforce themselves as similar. That is not this, and my protestations are not anything other than the desire to point out that that I am better than all of you, that I know more, understand more, am more.

I'm starting to think that the reason Sally was moved was because it was originally planned as the end of the 12/13 episode initial run - something surely intrigues me beyond all understanding.

Alicia Coppola: On both Sports Night and 2.5 Men, not to mention Lisa Edelstein as Bobby Bernstein.

The extreme close-ups of Sports Night's DOP?

I'm in clover, for... That's what the end of more self-reflexive OC will do to you - I'm downloading the Jennifer Connelly/John Hughes thing it refers to as we speak.

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Laundry Day - It's an Allusion to a Bus

So again, my apartment smells like fabric softener, and I'm trolling about in my one pair of jeans that, honestly, are rather comfy - for jeans. Now if I could only stop waking up at 7 every morning. I forgot to put my towel in, and am wondering if I'm neurotic enough to change my sheets just so I can wash my towel. Of course you'd ask where my other towels are, to which my response would be - have you not *met* Louis? But if it ever happens, shower curtain, bedside table, new shoe rack, and uncontrollable weeping.

I just did the rather silly thing of checking how many episodes there would be in this season of 24. Wait for it. This also means that I can now test out my new firmware.

Apparently there's some computer fair thing on tomorrow at Suntec, and all are welcome to join me and Eugene - I must warn you though, that from my experience, these things are designed for one thing only - to clear old stock before new products are launched or price cuts announced. And I can build you one much cheaper and better - though I'm starting to think I really should charge.

Eugene seems to be wanting to help g/f to get new comp, and I'm just wondering whether it'd just be a better idea to go for a cheap socket 754 processor, and put some ass-indentations in Athlon 64. Though I'm wondering whether it's just not worth it if there's going to be no overclocking - the rated speeds are pretty low for the cheaper chips. And the whole SFF thing is making me wonder if it's a good idea. Well they can have a look at the crap being offered, then they can come crying back to clever Louis.

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March 10, 2005

Mahjong and Monitors, Suede and dEUS

I think I know what I'll be playing in the background the next time there's a bridge game at my place. And I know that I've not gone out for weeks and many many weeks, but that's because I'm focused on not thinking, is what I'm thinking. Maybe it would do me good, but I think at least at the moment, that would require too much moral support. Mahjong and monitors will have to wait.

The Suede videos I want because of the first disc, the early stuff before they got rid of the good guitarist, apparently the videos are to be mocked, I don't think I'd actually recognise them except for Animal Nitrate anyway. dEUS is more promising in that respect, and I don't think I've even ever seen the videos in question, except maybe the dancing one that came later. What I'd really love is to get that live set of them on MTV - I can't even remember the show now, it featured a bunch of great alternative bands of the period doing rather raw live shows - if someone could illuminate me.

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March 9, 2005


I have to admit, the livebookmarks feature in Firefox is pretty cool - it lets you bookmark the automatically detected RSS feed you've found and view the headlines in a bookmark folder. Opera should do that. In case you haven't noticed, Louis has been incredibly bitchcakes for at least a day or so - I've becomes obsessed with traffic - but I've resolved to calm down and deal with it. I think I've tweaked the sidebar quite enough so that I won't fiddle with it for at least a day or so.

My ad clicks seem to have disappeared, so that means it was my fiends being curious - or someone who's lost their poor interweb cherry to the hunger of adsense. At some point I'll stop talking about my obsession with things you do thing with like nipples - and write about something vaguely interesting - as is my wont.

The construction outside my door is progressing - there are now doors to the lift area, and there's a little balcony with a railing to fall off of while you figure out that the chute is there.

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March 8, 2005

Now he's just screwin' with me

Memories of family dinners, getting dressed up, going to tables with big restaurants, and running around up and hiding under tablecloths, playing with cousins and undoing whatever grooming went in to the past few hours. Watching Charlie dressing up Jake reminded me.

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March 7, 2005

I'm a Fool to do Your Dirty Work

I don't think I'll ever quite be able to communicate to people the extent to which the knowledge of shame overwhelms my remote negotiation with the world. And by that I mean I wake up, head stuffed with thoughts that have recurred so many times they are like the apparition of jousting that I remember from my most fevered spellings. I think the extent of it feeds into my digression, my evasion, my awkwardness - it makes me lose control over the directness of language - and you can well see demonstrated. It's no surprise that this should come at a time when other big thoughts play in me like a big mansion. There's a reason why I'm avoiding watching Deadwood, and why I'm so tempted to got Sports Night crazy again.

Oh and I'm taking back what I said about discussion and technology - after awhile, what this chattering needs to do is shut up. They're squeezing a bit too tight.

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Lone Quest for the Grail Wolf - 23

And so waking up and thinking of Lone Wolf. Perhaps there was something cosmic in moving from 1 to 350. I was dreaming that as Lone Wolf, I was telling my army that the only way to spread things round here was by decree and I was enjoining them not to more or less make porn in a particular place. Apparently though it was good for morale, it just wasn't quite right. I wonder if they ever considered making series with Kai Ladies - though that doesn't sound quite as cool as Kai Lords, to be sure. I wonder if it was subject to the same predjudices that JK Rowling described. Perhaps the first draft was Hermione. Am trying muster up to write about the pie place. Am now thinking about Grail Quest, and that one where you kept ending up at 23 or whatever. I should really try and get access to those. Lone Wold always seemed like a particularly visceral occasion of fantasy, more oozy and drippy to be sure. The blondeness of it is probably a bit disturbing now though. And yes, they never really showed you that much of a portrait of yourself - self-actuation then. Am starting to miss Boomtown. I never quite remembered to mention that is was And Jason Gedrick, which was pretty cool. I really need to shower.

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March 6, 2005

Gah, Trackback

Still can't quite figure the whole auto trackback thing - for some sites it does it automatically, but most of the times not? And editing causing pings? That's just annoying. How would I make it automatic for mine I think is the real problem. So, well, sorry about that, but 2 pings do not spam make yes/no?

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March 5, 2005

Create New Entry

Obviously I feel a bit self-conscious about posting so many pictures, but I figure it's like having a little holiday from the pressures of endless text. It seems a 450 pixel width thumbnail (loosely called) is the just right dimension so that things at least look okay on 800x600.

Eugene flaked, but so far at least Su-lin, Dion and Zhi-Xian are coming, which is probably about right - though if Delwyn were here it would more justify the platter proposition. Thus the first Curry Night. I'm thinking Muthu's Curry would be the next on the list.

I'm very tempted now to post that picture of Prudence, but I figure that I should do it when there are fewer pictures on the front page. It's a real pity that MI idiot is in so many ways mean to be such a central figure in Boomtown. Oh, another of the CFL lights blew - I think there might just be something wrong with that lamp.

The newer templates aren't too shabby IMO, though my custom MT one is still cleaner and nicer. Very spunky. Oh, and I'm in the midst of reworking my front pages to make them use the style sheets from MT 3 - it's just a matter of pasting content and deciding what I want to keep really. Eventually.

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All friends shall taste/ The wages of their virtue, and all foes/ The cup of their deservings.

Okay, let's just make this clear - I consider, and have from the beginning, considered myself as a diarist, and was concerned that this endeavour serve that purpose. If I hear another thing about the political significance of whiny partisans, I'm going to stab myself. The reason I don't have an "issue" bog or don't use it to boggle about something in particular like technology or boggling itself, is because that would be, to me, contrary to the purpose of this as I set it out. I'm not hearkening back to some pure idea of what boggling should be, I'm talking about my conception of it. It's about the person and the ideas, and the way that they intersect.

Sure there are many other uses - they collate information - collectively so; but content management systems have been doing that for a while now, esp things like Neowin, or even Slashdot for that matter. Actually one of the channels I do sort of approve of it for is as corporate communication with its customers. Yes, it's always nice to be able to interact with a human face rather than a corporate website, but that makes sense to me, to individualise the notion of the corporation - as long as it is sincere in its desire to communicate and allow discussion. A certain amount of chatter is always good.

But especially because these bogs are about humanising the thing by showing the people, it is imperative that long technical posts that reveal aspects and justifications of things that you work on be accompanied by personal posts - about the things around you and your thoughts and interests. It's not a thing about at thing, it's a thing about a person. The example I found here, it pointed to here. Then scroll up and read the post after.

Journalism blah.

Now people who do this as vanity work - I really do like that episode of Buffy with Michelle Trachtenberg writing into her diary (Real Me) - but mostly because it's a caricature of what that kind of writing is. At a certain age, that seems to transform into pretentious twaddle. Which is fine as long as you move on. But really, some of the face tilting towards the sun is insufferable in the extreme.


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March 4, 2005

That One Thing

Megan Ward. The desire to grasp, to hold, to *create* certainty. How is that kind of testing not morally bankrupt? It boggles me that I haven't written more extensively about this, especially in relation to the Doll's House, and how horrendous I found the insinuation of the test - of the finality of it and the edge of revelation and tipping it seemed to encompass within it. Of all the things I remember about the play, that is the one thing that resonates to me, without question - how the momentous is at best fetishistic.

I'm suddenly thinking about the scene in Royal Tenenbaums, where the tennis player loses it on court.

So 3 down.

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Who Reads This Crap?

This will be another of those posts that posits the question: who reads this crap? I've been browsing my site stats, and I apparently have up to 217 unique visitors for the first 3 days of this month. Now sure, I obsess and constantly load pages but that would all end up being from my one IP address.

Googlebot and other crawlers fine should generate quite a lot of traffic per IP - but again, all from one IP. Next would be the mufftorrent chatboxed I pretty much spammed (sorry bout that) - some are from my forum posts, no doubt thinking I'm anna paquin. What amazes me is that supposedly about 20% take the action of bookmarking or adding to favorites. Out of 217?

What makes more sense is that the majority end up here for all of 30s or less - these would be the ones who realise I'm not hawking subtitles for Jack and Bobby, Unscripted etc.

I would hope that at least the people who come looking for Broadvoice stuff find what they're looking for. Also I wonder how these stats deal with things like tabbed browsing - would that account the the amount of direct requests - ie with no referrer?

I'm now realising that my long titles aren't perfect for pinning on top, annoying. Well, looks like they didn't turn out too bad. Just in case you can't find pinned posts you saw before, the category (ta-da) is Previously Pinned.

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March 3, 2005

Shade of Winter

It's probably been haze season again recently, not that I even really remember what it used to be like, but yes, pretty erratic weather and being incredibly hot at times and sort of smoggy in the night and mornings. Not so I'd have really noticed, but some times, a bit not so missable. Went on a convenient quest for pocket tissue. Apparently Watsons has decided to diversify their range, segmenting their market if you will. Also their branding doesn't seem to be quite as important to them with those products. Oh, and rambutan trimming.

Ah, I see - their branding is now reserved for the upper end of their market.

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March 2, 2005

What Have You Been

Having nothing better to do - by that, obviously meaning that all this is very much writing around - I submitted my blog to a bunch of aggregation services that do Singapore blogs. I think it's funny too.

These seem to be pretty small communities, which will be nice in terms of readership. I'm just saying this to be disclosive to people who have come here to watch the audition. I don't actually read very much of other people's writing - if you don't like it, bite me. If you want to read this, yay for everyone, but there is no quid pro quo unless your superbly illuminating comments don't make me want to stab myself. Welcoming enough?

Who doesn't enjoy a healthy ambivalence?

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February 27, 2005

Her Boyfriend's a Dick, and He Brings a Gun to School

I just wanted the headline. There have been periods when that line has played over in my head repeatedly, for whatever reason. Reminds me of what I wrote about Elephant. There are a number of things you could search for on this site - pornography for instance, that would be a good one, and you might be amused by what you find. Of course the Tara Reid link is in the elephant post, also pornography related in the end, and not in the way that might be thought - obviously.

1 down 18 to go.

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February 26, 2005

Headline Challenge

Hey, if any of you can figure out the absolute obliquetry that are some of my headlines, I'll give you a prize. I'm just looking at my front page now and I've found a couple. Really I wonder whether the fuck I'm going to remember what all this crap refers to whenever it is I actually bother to look at it again. These aren't that difficult I wouldn't think, I'm sure there are others that are worse. So a few to start with - I suppose commenting with the post itself would make the most sense.

Bitchfight is probably too easy.
Christina Ricci, Elsie Snuffin, like throwing a stick just requires a little close reading, and at least some attention to my past writing.
*ahem* Project Gutenberg requires specific knowledge, but a bit of trawling might be required.

There really will be prizes. Meals at the least. Nice ones.

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Hot White Cum

Liz Phair rocks. Really brings out the chick-rock in me. Which made me think of this post for the mention of Wei-chean.

The word rock always seems to remind me of the Pet Shop Boys lyric "cause I dance to disco and don't like rock". I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but Neil Tennant makes at least 2 mentions of a lover who ridicules because of not liking rock. Very much like Aaron Sorkin that way, or his writing staff, because I always suspect that it's the same guy (not Aaron) doing those episodes. That's probably one of my favorite post titles, probably because I didn't write it.

Opera's caching is so useful it's not even true - being able to reload form info from the cache is just unbelievable and totally inconcievable with any other browser.

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The Blonde One Looked Like Buffy

I know at least some people thought I was overcompensating by doing what I did and tacking what I did, but I think it was more about just being less constrained in what I felt I could do and how I should surround myself. It was fun, like smoking, but the sellers really know their market of idiots.

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February 25, 2005

*ahem* Project Gutenberg

One of the things about me is that things I find stupid I tend to just roll my eyes at and move on. Dismissal seems to be my super-hero power. In this case it cleverly keeps from allowing more people into a stuffy kneed cockmuncher's silly little reign. Why point people to things that are full of bastard covered bastards with a hard bastard centre? But then it's getting slashdotted as we speak, so this is me being Pyrrhic - which actually refers to something (I found out in checking it up before using it) - and wikipedia are doing wonders for me. Though Proxomitron has a large part to do with why I don't use another dictionary altogether. Add them to your search.ini. Ask me how.

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February 23, 2005

Instead of doing anything else

You think if I find a way to die from RSI, they'll name it after me?

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February 22, 2005

Gallows Pole

I think people should realise how strange it is that I'm displaying a grand total of 2 days worth of posts on my main index page, when not too long ago I had to set it to display 40 days. I'm trying to swing.

I'm also thinking to myself that I should go round sim lim some time, and have a look at monitors. I'm now tempted to establish a little workstation at my bedside, get a lower surface to mouse on, a keyboard I can put on my lap, or something along those lines. And perhaps eventually move my current monitor there, so I'm not stuck with 800x600. How devilish.

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I'm still trying to feel the idea out, not that I've not thought it many times, I'm just thinking how to put it. People who negate incessantly lack a certain imagination, lack a kind of empathy and understanding. I think I just illustrated my own point. I think what I'm trying to suggest is vaguely what I remember from the Chaucer laced introduction I got when I started in York, that humanity encompasses.

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February 21, 2005


So *that's* what port is. I'd like to find some, and get some nice cheese. Maybe for after curry.

I get the feeling I need to redo my quickpost link.

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Down by the Grapevine

It's nice, to just sit here and write, Laura Nyro playing in the blackground. It's nice that my speakers are now properly positioned in the room. I think I glory in my disdain for fastidiousness regarding wires. I really need to sleep timely tonight so I can wake up and buy the bus ticket. I hope I get more shirts I'll actually wear.

How handsome my site's become. The CSS fixing of the text sizes was particularly satisfying.

I wonder if I should go ahead to remove the dashes from the bottom of my blogger posts. I wonder whether export would do well moving images - I suppose you'd just put the files in the directory. The replace function would then be able to fix the absolute paths if necessary. Now that I know how, I'm nagged by the desire to export a backup. And the knowledge that phpBB still isn't upgraded. But apparently lots of people put off upgrading web apps - hence the pwning really. Oh, and there's so much crap on my desktop from tweaking.

I love my connection - it's worth a hug. But I'm done tweaking up speed to increase latency, much less to maximise downstream. Fixing it at 40 seems quite reasonable. When I have to adjust it for calls I wonder what I'll do, but probably just do the long way.

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Becks Dark

You think it still counts as getting sloshed in the middle of the day if you haven't slept all night?

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February 20, 2005

Would You Be My Heroine

It popped into my head, walking back, almost 5 in the morning, from the Indian Muslim place, the thought I'd had in my mind for a time a while back. That just like a character in Nella Larson's Passing can say that sex is a cruel joke, I felt that education, at least the education I was afforded, and the promise that was promised, was very much like a cruel joke.

I have a bad habit of taking back statements after I say them - I suppose it's my way of mitigating myself - a personality trait that makes me seem to disavow myself. To be sure statements are not meaning and discourse is not sincerity or feeling, and there is always that portion of existence that quite rightly could do what Jane Campion did in Holy Smoke (BE KIND), but roundness should not be forced like a brick. You really wonder if confrontation isn't.

But maybe a food diary would be less of a *downer* - I even annoy myself when I do that. It's really not about escaping or evading or circumscribing meaning, it's perhaps about conveying extents. Compromise would then be the dirty word.

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February 19, 2005

Open Thread

This is an open thread to test comments. Post away. Tell me how *pretty* my site is. This is just so I can have some entries that are open to comments - basically this will be few and far between (maybe). I'm trying to think what those entries would be, I suppose those like Curry Night below, where a reply would be nice. But then there's messenger and there's e-mail. Whatever.

You can comment anonymously, which means I have to approve each post (I've changed my mind about this, but I might turn this back on later). Otherwise, you need to have a typekey account, which would be useful in the future if you comment in Typepad, Movable Type and LiveJournal blogs. With typekey, I also get an e-mail whenever there's a new comment.

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Rip Angel

Jonny Zero might as well put up flyers saying "we help the helpless". They even have their own "Heroes for Hire" flyer. The goofy sidekick is pretty fun though, probably the best thing about the series, since I havent' seem much of the woman. Fox must really think people can't handle being introduced to too many characters in depth one episode after another, for them to so assiduously pack episodes about each character together.

It's not a bad episode as it goes - Peta Wilson (of La Femme Nikita) is pretty good in it, and doped up Jonny is funny.

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While Watching

I really like Sully going "crap". Faith is really so cool as a detective now, getting to dress up nicer and wearing her hair down, very fetching. And regular doctor woman and being so coy and struck with Neal McDonough; very lovely girlish fangirl moment. Wyclef Jean is absolutely *awful*.

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Pin, LCD for sale

It'd really be nice if you could pin particular posts, but whatever, Curry Night is below. I'm really going to contact Eugene's friend and get my bass fixed. Anyone interested in buying my 15" CMV LCD is welcome of make me an offer. I bought it for about $400, but now it retails for about $350 I think, if not less. I'd give it up for a sensible price, and there'd still be time left on the warranty.

I suppose categories are a bit useless. Unless you wanted to make a specialy branch, which never really panned out for me.

I'm getting more impressed with Broadvoice. From my extensive trial with Michel, it seems to have the better voice quality compare to Skype, at least going from phone to broadvoice. I'd have to actually be on the other end to know what it's like, but it's probably not quite as good. But I suppose that's what you get from using a higher quality codec. And I'm at least still able to run eMule at 10kb/s up while the call is going on.

Phoneconnector is still a bit sluggish in responding when I recieve certain calls, it can take up to 3 or 4 rings on X-Lite to make Phoneconnector respond. The problem being that until the phone starts ringing, I can't seem to just pick up and have the call be answered. Changing the setting to "none" for the ringing thing from USB doesn't seem to have changed much. I'd know more, but I haven't yet restarted, and probably don't intend to. I should really under clock my US comp, but that'd be tricky.

I wonder what Karen's been up to.

Have I mentioned how pretty my blog is? :) And I've tidied up the location of my Opera and Klip buttons on the right, the pyramid thing really wasn't doing it for me. If only Broadvoice would learn some subtlety in its button making.

I wonder if anyone would buy Broadvoice kit from me if I peddled it. I'm sure if I could catch the US university-going crowd, or even the UK ones, I'd make a killing. Parents would probably be the easiest marks there... There'd end up being quite a few US local phone numbers here. Like they say there are in India, I suppose. Pity there doesn't seem to be any noticeable VOIP provider in Singapore - it'd make the most sense for people going overseas to want to preserve a Singapore telephone number. Though for students behind fascist networks, that might be a problem. I suppose I could ask Leong if he's interested. I'm sure Pan-Asian VOIP solutions would do really rather well - as long as they were price competitive. I should have a look around again I suppose. Here'd be a place to start looking I suppose, but I don't remember them being terribly promising from what I saw.

Louis also went for more Strudel. Middling at best, really.

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Curry Night

I will now moot the idea of a Curry Night. There's this rather nice North Indian Curry place near Sim Lim that Winston showed me, and it's quite good. Also I think it has discounts if you use a DBS of POSB card - and I was going to apply for a membership that wouldn't require that anyway. The naan is plentiful, and the curry is surprisingly filling for the ostensible size of the serving containers.

And well, the fish-head place downstairs is now closed, and steamboat isn't really my bag. There's air conditioning at the curry place, and it'd be like Symrin again. My ever friendly e-mail link is on the right, but obviously the people I'm thinking of would just message me.

By the way the place is called:

Shish Mahal
180 Albert Street
#01-03 Albert Court Hotel and Mall
Singapore 189971
Phone : 68373480

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No Wonder Sabrina Lloyd

Lesli Linka Glatter directed this episode of Numb3rs, which might be promising. She really does tend to direct one of the virtual pilots for the series she works on. I do rather like her work, and it's promising so far, despite the series. She particularly seems to be drawn to using Sabrina Lloyd really well, and making her interesting, but then I suppose that's what they bring her in to do. There also is as I'm sure I've commented on before, a kind elegance and a lovely tattoo pace to her episodes, very fluid, very eloquent. Though I think the moral of her is that it's difficult to transcend the series itself. Surprising that she never worked on Sports Night, so really this would be the first time I know of that she would have directed Sabrina Lloyd.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is that if you're going to watch any episode of Numb3rs, I'd strongly suggest (without having finished watching the episode) that you start with this one. Oh, and Doogie Howser guest stars.

I suppose I should stop posting TV stuff like this under the Personal category, but I'd not look forward to having to recategorise my mountain of previous posts. And really, up till recently, the TV one have been rather fitting in Personal, which, I suppose, is the point.

Typing is lovely in making you realise you have to cut your nails.

But oh my the interweb hax0r stuff is incredibly horrible. Sabrina Lloyd looks really good in her FBI getup and doing cop raid stuff though.

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Louis was being nothing but accurate in thinking that opening that bottle of wine would mean he'd be drinking most of it. I'm not sure if it's just a Bordeaux thing, but the hangover from even that isn't bad by any means.

My blog's pretty :). The post editing page as well is really rather pleasing. Again the flit of wondering about comments, but the lack of them and the passing nature of them would really get me down. It really brings out the rather unattractive side of Louis, being that kind of needy.

But yes, I suspect that 2000 Bordeaux doesn't really agree with me, either that or my tastes have changed a bit. I'll see if the other bottle's any good. Still nicer than beer, I must say. I think if I had gotten the 6-pack of Corona that would have been a bit much. Stella, Becks, Guiness and Corona seems a broad enough spectrum to me. Should get a few more of the Becks Dark though.

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February 17, 2005


This is from a few days back, but it seems to me that most of the narratives I've seen that deal with kidnapped babies tend to deal, in some way or other, with the narrative of the Lindbergh Baby. Not to mention Donna's dirty secret.

The thing with Will Bailey and Donna is getting me a bit flabbed.

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Fictional State

Okay, so the West Wing is trying its best to tread as lightly as possible between "keepin it real" and ga-ga-land fantasy. It's okay, and it really does seem like such a small step to take.

I'm now officially wondering whether VOIP is worth it. The problem with BroadVoice and X-Lite is that it requires a hell of a lot of bandwidth, so I effectively have to shut down Azureus just to get decent clarity - though apparently it does end up being the best voice quality possible. The problem with Skype and Phoneconnector is that it's not as idiot proof, even though it does seem much more efficient and probably more forgiving of bandwidth sqeezing.

I might give Skype the chance of running without Azureus - but there's still the issue of the USB port fucking up.

But having now discovered that rates have gone up to 10c a minute to the US, all this just seems like teeth.

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February 15, 2005

Aztec, Two-Step, Turandot

Someone clever decided to post a list of overlaps between Sports Night and West Wing. I'm gonna e-mail them with ones I think they missed. Eventually.

Fighting about "going to the hot club"

In both series, relationships break up over the guy being too boring/serious, and the woman wanting too much to be exciting, and go out, be seen, go to the right club etc.

In Sports Night this is what breaks up Natalie and Jeremy in Dana Get Your Gun. On West Wing, this is the background story of Sam breaking up with his fiance Lisa Sherborne in 100,000 Airplanes.

This other one I need to tidy up:

With regards to fathers' adultery as discussed here there's also another theme that runs through boths episodes, that both episodes mention maritime, or celestial navigation (a theme repeated in the title of the WW episode "Celestial Navigation"). Both episodes refer to finding out about the father's adultery as changing everything, and this is compared to something as fundamental as maps changing, or in Jeremy's case, wanting to find out how something happened. This is echoed in Natalie breaking down to Isaac ("And the Crowd Goes Wild) about Jeremy wanting to get his stuff back, and giving the tape to the police, as violating a fundamental principle.

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And so Louis is not crazy, and Diane Warren did write a song for Chicago based on her overhearing a divorced couple (or some such). Look Away. I'm just wondering now who "Don't Turn Around" was originally written for - I suspect that it's Ace of Base, but that blows my mind, and Aswad?

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February 13, 2005


Getting more convinced that DVD rips aren't the same quality as HD rips. Finding Aphex Twin rather convincing. Ambient thing seems rather enjoyable, and quiet without being melancholy, which is a plus. Now starting to wonder if getting Boomtown was a mistake. More and often. Perhaps. Some things, however, are just too scribbly, and you get the feeling that you're just scratching.

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My Wedding Day

I suppose I could write about the vague watchability of Boomtown, mostly because of the parables it spins. Just tad. I've just said that I've been trying to watch funnier things recently, and that's pretty true. The noodle place people recognise me now. It's probably worse at night with no people and no activity. And if I shower now, I won't sleep for a while yet, which doesn't seem so attractive to me. But my Lacey Chabert's grown up into a babe hasn't she? Less distinctive features, but such come hither hair. Though really it just might have been the same strategy as Mary McCormack, being Mary Louise Parker. Bonnie Hunt just seems so rife with insecurity, an ooze of vulnerability.

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Totem: Drink my daddy's wine

Come behold Prudence

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February 11, 2005

Very Not Laura Nyro

It's just that she uses her sentiment like a bludgeon. Fair enough it's not Alanis, but still annoying. That and the gameshow music.

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Wedding Bell Blues

And so the mysticism of Laura Nyro. From what I can hear she seems to be the Carole King of something, her renditions just quiet, sincere, clenching, not the same kind of spunk you hear with the ones that hit. It's probably not more than inevitable that the picting of it should come about, Amy Sherman and Aaron Sorkin, like a ball. It's a kind of plaintive wondrousness to discover these tiny stitchings, when the fabric is blanket and wrapped to everyone else perhaps. And particularly that the scriptor would have been obscured herself by aforementioned spunk. It's a kind of tugging, a kind of happy happy tugging, glad. I suppose a mention of basket weaving would not be out of place in all this. Layers and reusing of old whiskey to retain consistency. Listening with your spine.

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February 10, 2005

Bang the Gong

Sophia Bush and Kristen Bell really look spookily like each other. If only it was called Hermione. Foghat rocks. Seoul Raiders was pretty awful. And like I told Winston, second day's a charm. Someone really needs to assure me that it's not the bloody drivers, and that the underclocking is making things better.

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February 9, 2005

Bite The Drama

Oh my. Marti Noxon must be as concerned with ratings as much as she is with comedy. There's only one word to describe how bad it is. Charmed.

The girl girl dynamic isn't even as interesting or arresting as Hex. The non-blonde one is even slightly better than the locus, but they're all too pretty and blank.

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February 8, 2005


How many times to they need to get shot? How much trauma do they have to go through? Someone must really have realised that the most fun you can have is people shooting each other up.

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February 6, 2005


Ok, wow. They really pulled out all the stops for these guys leaving the series. The Doc thing is absolutely breathtakingly distancing and powerful. Bang. Though really, all the people who are good looking enough to still have a career must have decided to leave.

But really, somewhere along the line someone must have realised that there's only so much you can do with fire, so now it's a cop show with paramedics.

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Call for Help

Well, apparently there are reasons why some people get to executive produce. Edward Allen Bernero is now interesting to me. The episode was really rather good, not exactly real-time, but done in extended long shots, nicely timed for the ads. Very detective fiction, and really rather lovelily put together. I suppose if I have to show anyone an episode of Third Watch, this would be it. I wonder if they ask very conscientiously for the actors to retain some fashion of how they speak, because the actors seem to talk a particular way, particularly pronounced with Davis and Monroe.

This really did seem to have a kind of lyricism about it, not surprisingly it felt very much like Before Sunset. What I'd take issue with is the symmetry of the dialogue, too neat, too closed off, too bookended and deliberately and contrivedly rambly - like the establishing and closing shots etc.

Yeah, apparently they just needed to get their stride back, took them till mid-season though.

Oh, and Mimi Leder's episodes of Jonny Zero (actually, most of that show so far) has been so absolutely disappointing. Especially for the fact that they're trying to be Angel, with Burly Guy in need of Redemption, Mouthy Sidekick, and Rescued Girl. The direction relied too much on very blarey music, and felt too much like an action film.

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5th season third watch is a bit poor. I'm going to say they do rather unearned things, and that they try to "dig deep" in to the concept - but just for perspective I used to say that about Aaron Sorkin's West Wing season premieres. It's nice though, following through on a big narrative, a very large tattoo.

I suppose I shouldn't feel funny about people feeling sorry for me - I feel sorry for me :P. I really shouldn't start writing when I'm going to be distracted.

But really, after you hear John Wells (or whoever) talking about how after a while you have to stir the pot, it makes the stirring a bit contrived. And you'd think that there should never be such a thing as a transitional season, though that's what West Wing 5 was, that's what this season feels like. Also the meshing is starting to get really contrived.

Maybe it's just the start of season blues, along with the new, and not terribly engaging, characters. Tia Texada was much more fun when she first came on, and Nia Long is just so yawn inducing it's not true. Also the police storylines can begin to feel like they dominate, probably because they have that much more scope in many ways.

Mary McCormack was really rather fun on Celebrity Poker Showdown. She, like Mary Louise Parker, have people to thank.

Oh, and Jennifer Paige may be coming out with a new album eventually, having moved to the south etc. Yahoo search is good in that they tend to return the official page first.

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It's spelt with an E

I get the feeling it would have been an interesting and probably fittingly dramatic feature project, but as a series it seems to stumble quite badly. Sabrina Llyod is still quite fetching, but...

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February 5, 2005


I've just discovered this lovely site devoted to the Yokas-Boscorelli relationship. Apparently these people refer to themselves as "shippers".

Yahoo Search isn't bad. It's currently replaced my default search from that other search that's getting backlashed as of now. Opera's editable search.ini is a god-send, as it the search.ini editor - both of which are easily searched for. I'm tired of opening movable type in IE, so I've taken to using Opera's notes to manually edit links.

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The Doors

So just to say, if people want to find solace from Chinese New Year, they're welcome to come over. Just remember that you will be required you to bring oranges to bai the stately and matriarchal Prudence. One in each paw. Plenty of prata and mee goreng.

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February 4, 2005

Castles of Sand

I like Faith being special. I suppose it's all a lot more entertaining that I gave it credit for, as long as you get into it. Carlos was pretty Peep Show, but he was undoubtly effective, and not just a little funny a lot of the time.

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February 3, 2005

SOTU Taunting

Those fingers were gloating, not the expression of anything other than spite and bile. Whether wagging or flipping. It's honestly almost obscene that they should feel the need to abuse symbols in this way.

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Gryphon House

The gadding tourists abound Beach Rd make me wish I was back in Boston.

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I just had a dream about the Britney Spears dating reality show. It seemed to be a continuation of something. I wasn't doing too well. My father was there somehow trying, on the train, to get his laptop online. I had an overly intellectual conversation with her and it seemed to go really badly, particularly when she didn't quite get me and she didn't know the word "visceral". Apparently Harvey Weinstein was the one producing the show. I also kept being castigated for not taking out my sheets in the morning, so much that I was fined for it later. I had left for some reason and come back to the midst, only find things had changed, and I had to catch up on my journal writing for her. After dozing I went to get paper from the room. In doing so I stumbled upon one of the guys making out with another girl, probably part of the show, an assistant of Britney's. I persisted, however in getting the paper, then told them to carry on. Later I realised that there had been a sock on the door and I had been too sleepy or something to notice. The guy got kicked off. Reminds me of barging into the greek guy's room with his hot girlfriend naked under the sheets, trying to get rizla. The bizarre shift was when we were suddenly in a kind of forum or tribunal questioning a killer, when the guy next to me said, I'm gonna kill him, kill you, then kill myself. I didn't quite hear him, so I asked him to repeat himself, and while he was doing that I wrestled the gun from his hands.

This probably goes up there with the -- as slayer dream.

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My apartment smells like fabric softener.

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Pretty flowers

And so perhaps Louis should do a kind of TV diary for each day, since that is what Louis does the most each day here.

Currently in freeze frame is the SI Swimsuit Model Search, the (probably) penultimate episode, and I find that they're making me root for Alicia - in a way that says to me this is the choice they want me to make, by stating that clear preference and portraying her narrative as the most compelling. And in such a way that doesn't make me think it's a fake-out. And looking at the shoots, I probably agree.

Project Runway isn't online, but the pictures on the website paint quite nicely the USPS thing that happened, and Austin making his model debut.

Just to mention though, that Louis has reorganised his room, so that the dining table is now right next to the bed, ready to be pulled out for mahjong etc. and the couch is now nearer the kitchen. Most important is that now the route to the toilet is no longer one that has to be traversed with such care.

State of the Union was a bit too showy for me, too much staged, which made the moving portions all the more alienating in retrospect. Immigration is something he seems genuinely to be standing up for, and he did a good job of articulating the need for Social Security reform. The vision of smaller government came out well. The layout of the Democratic response was a bit bizarre.

I'm considering whether to go for another 15" LCD, or should I already be thinking the prices of the 17s are good enough. I'm looking at the entry level 17" DVI from Viewsonic at $469 (all in Sing), or the 15 from Acer at about a hundred dollars less. It would seem to make sense to go for the 17, but first I have questions about how the desktop would span between resolutions, and really, if the S-Video will just clone, whether it's worth it at all to go ahead. Though I really should RMA the CMV one before it's too late. I'll probably just go and take a look at them and make a decision.

Just in passing, Last Train was a bit too reliant on it's OTT scoring, and was very radio watching. Third Watch season 3 similarly.

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February 1, 2005

Peep Show

Apparently someone's discovered that self-immolation is funny. All MS all the time. TV Tome, and Channel 4.

How fucked up is the American version going to be?

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January 30, 2005


Somehow it seems that the Economist is the one that is able to write about industry and commerce with that kind of excitement and unseemly desire. And yet they do so by telling stories, creating manifestation - the narrative of sucess. You succeed by having followed the tenets, you fail by having not, or by not being aware of the tenets then; when things change, change your mind. It's just typical that the aspirational tone of it, and the mode in which it is presented, would be the way to make it sound like they were writing about there being no help or pity.

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January 29, 2005

I Have Lava in my Smurf-Crease

It's always sad when a series you like gets cancelled. Thankfully rips are now pretty much readily available of Grounded For Life.

Just a note to people, could you bring me back my stuff? It's not that I really need it back, but I'm beginning to forget what I've lent out, and I should try and get it back.

These would include Sports Night, any more sets of keys, Robotech, my magnetic card for the main door, Jenna Haze, probably Dead Ringers? Well, basically if you have it bring it back, you know, whenever.

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January 24, 2005

Louis bought a TV!!

Louis bought a TV!!

Not bad for $130, 29 inch, Panasonic, about 5 years old, including them delivering it to me :D. 2 S-Video inputs, one for DVD, another for my comp - perfect. They said they'd deliver tomorrow night.

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January 17, 2005

Do Laundry

Remember Info.txt in mail. Copy over Outlook files, clean install Acer, install phoneconnector (software first), test skype, get beta of ABC, ask about new features, rip Murder One, rip K Street, laundry, go through mail, install kingston software, clean install klipfolio.

Bridge on Saturday. Buy beer. Buy CDRs. Ramones. Try file transfer with Winrar corp.

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January 12, 2005

No Heavy Lifting

Writing suddenly seems to have become incumbent on me drinking, which is always a good sign. I think I've decided that general culling is going be better than obsessive arranging, at least this time round. Stout tastes funny.

I got my reality distorted again. Widgets look nice, but thinking of Opera and Klipfolio, those all seem less and less impressive. And when he goes on about digital music it makes me want to hit things.

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January 10, 2005

You See, It's a Two Part Plan

First you show up. Then you see what happens.

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January 8, 2005


Watching it brings me to a number of conclusions. I feel the sudden urge to react strongly against Todd Haynes. His politics is more middle-brow than I'd think imaginable - the term "the robots are going to eat us" springs to mind - or my new favorite, a capitalist version of a tin foil hat. Boo hoo, commercial representation, blah blah, oh marxist me. Twat. A large portion of why the film might be thought of as compelling would be due to the music, which is rather lovely. It was pointed out to me one of Haynes' contradictions in the film, that fame and celebrity, more importantly media-ness, come under some kind of limp flailing, when there's this almost fetishistic interest in the persona of a figure that would be iconic for so many reasons. ie he is politically and socially conscious/sentient (barely), but he still loves the trappings of Karen Carpenter. But she does sound like Aimee Mann. And as far as I know, image, or the perpetuation of image, is supposed to have a lot less to do with it than familial control. I refer you to my second chapter. I'd provide a link to the site where you can get it as a direct download, but the rest of the site is annoying beyond words. If he's still going on in the same way, he's that particular kind of rabid. The rabid that eats itself.

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And so it seems a bit fun to just treat writing here (avoiding the B word) as a way of staving off desperation - the boring kind. Bunch of things that are slipping away, but whatever. Rachel Ray is on, and it is so much like porn, it's almost not funny.

I've always sort of liked making lists here, so DiscHub, another spindle of 50 Taiyo Yuden, the compact fluorecent bulbs, new thumbdrive, think about the new hitachi drive.

Writing here makes it clear that it's not a new medium, simply another interface - it doesn't seem to fundamentally change the experience. Links I suppose (the pictures could have been clipped in), but...

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December 20, 2004

Symrin and Martin Wainright

I almost wrote "it's strange the way things happen", but then decided that I'm not that awful a writer yet.

I had actually just recieved an e-mail from my hosting provider, telling me I had a vulnerability in my forum software (phpBB) that made them want to bale hay, but within minutes they've fixed it so ta-da.

What that led to though, was me actually going to my forum, something I haven't done for a bit, and find out people had actually posted on there. Now I suppose they posted while I was being lazy and holidaying in sunny Boston the last week, but no I probably wouldn't have known anyway.

The first is rather inconsequential, some girl/woman asking for free homework advice on the "meaning" of the flitcraft parable. Not that I'd mind talking to her about it, but she'd have to make a bit more of an effort - an e-mail about what she's got so far and a phone number/IM address would be sufficient. As will become more important later, my e-mail address, which I should make more prominent on my blog, can be found on the main page,

I also stumbled upon someone posting in my guest book, you can read it here. Now this is remarkable in and of itself, since he's the first person ever to do so ever. It also probably betrays his age/technical knowledge, which I'm not making note of to scoff or belittle, but it tells me any number of things. First that he might not have spent that much time on this, and being a news person I suppose that fits in with some idea I might have of them. Secondly that he's from the Guardian, and despite(?) what I might otherwise say about it, it is also another one of those that talks about blogs a lot, though since they give prizes for them, they can't be all that silly about it. But I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that google ranks me pretty high in a search for Symrin.

This is what he wrote, which when I read it struck me with a kind of unexpected surprise (sic); and the instance of it was suddenly rather moving.

"Hi there - I don't know if this is the way to send a message - excuse ignorance - but I chanced through Google on a reference to the Symrin takeaway in York in a message on your site from 'subtitles'. This described Naseem Majothi the powerhouse behind the takeaway - though not by name. I thought Subtitles might be interested to know that Naseem is indeed a marvellous person from a marvellous family. Her father Yusuf has just died and I went with my family to a very moving ceremony of tributes to him at Huntington school in York on Sunday - all sorts of people from his brothers to a police inspector and neighbours talking about him. My connection with the family is that my parents took them in when they were expelled from Uganda by Idi Amin in 1972 - with just 55 having had their thriving business taken from them without compensation. The spirit they showed in rebuilding their lives is truly admirable and U hope a source of hope and encouragement to others. They also make extremely good food - if Subtitles doesn't already know, they may be interested to hear that a proper restaurant next to the Symrin is under construction. Anyway, hope that's interesting. It's a small world thanks to the Net. All best Martin Wainwright (Northern editor, The Guardian)"

The occurance of events just seems all kinds of boggly. As Mal would say in reaction to a naked woman in a freezer-box: "huh." The blog entry he found was this one.

Well, Martin, my name is Louis Khor, I was a student at the University of York from 2000 to 2003. I started ordering Symrin because I'd heard great word of mouth about it from a friend I no longer talk to whose girlfriend at the time was a muslim and he'd joined the muslim society and heard about this place and told me (amongst others). Coming from Singapore we were all used to a much different tenor of "curry", I would assume south rather than north indian. But intitially the reputation was of big portions and the hottest curry we'd ever tasted anywhere. Initially my house mate would order and he would be know as Mr. Ong, but eventually when i started calling more, she would start to think he was me, Mr. Louis, and that's when he ceded ordering duties to me, because he suspected she was nicer to me. Knowing that Uni fees aren't what they are for foreign students, I'm convinced that if she had children, that I'd helped to put at least one of them through Uni, with the amount and freqency I ordered, or as it might turn out, they might think of naming a table in their new restaurant in my honor :).

She really was unfailingly friendly, though there were times when you could tell that she was no end of busy. After a while, I abdicated my choice of curry to her, since I had tried too many things there for me to trust my notion of novelty. She would sometimes include free drinks, and her free portions of sweet rice got me hooked on to that in turn.

On certain days, if I'm not wrong, it would be her father, the one mentioned above, who would deliver the curry. He was always similarly affable, and the recurrance of his deliveries was uneventful in as much as he wasn't a dolt and didn't get lost/late. It's unfortunate that the memory I have of him is not the most flattering one, the memory of young people thinking old people simply a bit barmy. He had once offered me and my kitchen of housemates the oppurtunity to buy the lovely chicken and spices and stuff that they bought wholesale, and we all smiled indulgently and sort of rolled our eyes. When I tried once ordering curry power, it never appeared, so...

As for her, I only met her, and saw her holding court, that once, and much of that recollection still seems pretty accurate. What I do remember is her being rather more forceful to her local staff, in the way only immigrant figures ordering about brits can be - reminds me of the chinese supermarket in leeds. Though now I think of it, her register did significantly alter even when she shifted from clients to her kitchen staff. She offered us free drinks and chastise me for getting the rather expensive Rani, and for later leaving the cans lying about. I'm so definitely going back there when next we go over to the UK. I hope the restaurant is up by then. Unfortunately I can't even seem to remember the number of the place, much less the address. I'm sure directory inquiries will have it somewhere.

I had to steel myself with a bottle of stout to write this. There's just been too much pre and post holiday trauma with money pissed away for me to be too eager to do too much. I hope my RMA goes well. I suppose there's really no need for martin to contact me again, and he's probably as elusive to contact as he found me to be, so whatever, but my e-mail address, as referenced above, can be found here.

Edit: Michel helpfully pointed this link out to me, the mention is right at the bottom (Opera's search function would be particularly useful). Here's the details of Symrin anyway for those looking for it:

4 Saxon Place, York YO3 7UE
Tel: 01904 426293

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October 20, 2004

The Invisible Hand

This is pretty close to what I'm going to submit to Universities. It's an introduction and 3 chapters. Download in pdf here. Oh yeah, and thanks for the unmitigated deluge of volunteers the last time, I really *felt* the love.

Edit: Theres a newer, nicer formatted and spell-check version you can get here. I can't remember, but I don't think there are any huge substantive changes, it just looks nicer.

Edit: By the way, this is *really* old draft - the latest one is here.

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October 7, 2004

I Can't Believe I'm Watching WetBoy

Ooh, look at me, I'm so wet, what could I do to become even more wet? Oh look, we're women, lets have drama drama drama. You love me, I know it.

Oh my god, the much much of *drama*.

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September 17, 2004

comma the

I'm watching the OC preview teaser thing now, and it makes me want to watch the first season again.

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Nightswimming, Deserves a quiet night.

Beer's nice. Nice cold beer. I think I've really come around on Becks; Bret Easton Ellis knows his shit - or is it Donna Tartt?

I'm increasingly fond of my new lamp, and am looking forward to the next one. Anyone going to IKEA is welcome to join me. I also need to go to Kino at Taka to replace a pen.

Entourage isn't too bad; again, fondness. As with the first season, Dead Like Me is picking up towards the end of the season. I also now have a nice pretty flower.

I started this post to write about something, which I now think I've forgotten - it might have been the lamp, but that doesn't seem quite right. My Audigy 2 NX is nice, except for the clicks - but I'll check that out some other time.

Michel, apparently, is another satisfied customer of the PX 100 - I was a bit too alarmist about warning him off the PX 200/250, since they're so-called noise cancelling - basically they're not as comfortable and the reviews say they don't sound as good.

I have the sudden urge to use my webcam, but I'm sure no one'd be particularly interested. It's probably because it's now perched nicely on my replaced monitor that is much better than the previous one.

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September 4, 2004

Ideas for CASE

1) Starhub and its addition of "free services" that will later have to be paid for - without advertising the fact anywhere except your bill.

2) The complete and utter inability to opt-out of M1 SPAM. I typically get it about once or twice a week.

3) ATIP labelling on Recordable Media packaging - education on benchmarks and media scans.

4) Console in Sim Lim to check prices - price transparency is essential for consumer confidence.

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September 1, 2004

Buy the Cow on Special Edition DVD

And so you wonder at there being a John Lennon episode of Freaks and Geeks, beyond the John Bonham one. And again the romance of doomed story cycles. And not milking it.

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August 28, 2004

Gay Marriage Now

This is dedicated to someone I asked for something from and never really gave her back what she asked for, and I'm a quite a bit apologetic, which is me for sorry.

I think I'd be pretty upset if I looked back on this period of my life and remembered how one of the last great civil-rights conflicts occured and I did nothing more than mew. I'm going to try stowing some of my mitigation and attempt to be as little ambivalent as possible.

My response for a while now, has been (like "bite - me, who's. yo. daddy.") there is nothing to discuss. I am someone who has a great issue with evangelism - but I've also recently reminded myself that hypocrisy is what springs to the minds of people who lack imagination. Not that this is evangelism, but well, the hypocrisy thing sounded good anyway. Which is my roundabout way of saying - there's nothing to discuss.

I remember an extended and rather torturous conversation with Karen about morals - basically, me say morals = bad. But some things are just Right (up till a minute a go, it was Wrong). So - some things are just Right; there is nothing to discuss.

Another time, I said rather in a forceful way that the economic argument is a great one, since it got around rather silly arguments otherwise. Perhaps I want to say that because I want to be too Post-so many things, or I'm just in a place where aspiration and ideals are crushingly not encouraged. Regardless, money is a good reason, and one that can't be argued against except by people who want to protest globalization.

In many ways, I'm in two minds about any number of things, paternalistic single party states being one of them. With that in mind, I say this: if you have a bully pulpit, use it. Use it not for paltry things, don't be mealy mouthed about genuinely good policies *perhaps* disenfranchising groups of people - but above all, use it for things that are Right. Things that are Right are just that, Right. Republics were formed at least in part to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority. If it's Right, it's Right.

I sometimes talk about the End of Satire - and I say it in the face of the entirely insensible. Do a search on this site for that phrase and you'll see how this links with free trade and the perception of self.

Some people (who are being repressed) say things to me like they don't need to get married, it's not something they're interested in, that all this is just unwanted attention making people backlash. I know this won't make me anybody's darling, and things will never be Right Right in my lifetime or the next - but it makes me angry and makes me want to do something about it whether they want it or not. I'm curmudgeonly in my own way and I speak like the I/eye of Empire, which translates in to all too earnestly; but like I said, things may never be Right. I wonder whether I really should be comforted by Derrida saying that the process of assimilating the Other is always necessarily a process.

I don't know if I've really changed my mind, but it's probably best that some things just remain Right, though somewhere I really believe some things are just Wrong. As for the lives people live, that's none of anybody's business - except the gossips like me. The act of Being is Being - but only when that Being is not shrouded, not hidden, not In or Out.

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All Your Base Are Belong To Us

People who know me should realise that I really appreciate combative conversations - I'm not trying to beat people or evangelise, but I appreciate conversations where actual opinions are expressed. I love nothing better than being convinced to like something that you sincerely recommend. But at the same time, I'm not about to mince words about what is paltry and otherwise what I want to be effusive about.

There is not need to be offended - I think someone I really appreciate is Chris - someone with whom there can be heated debate with, and then you go out and have dinner.

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I'm apologising for moving important posts down in the ranking, but I'm now watching the Bangles episode of Gilmore Girls - and like Paris who has just said it, I really like this band.

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The Invisible Hand

I need friendly volunteers to give me feedback on an unfinished draft of my novel - e-mail me if you're interested. In a moment of weakness I'm going to say that anyone can apply - though depending on who you are I might be very strict as to the kind/amount of feedback I want - if you don't want to be offended by this, you can, well, fuck off.

Total strangers can apply, but I can't promise I'll be incredibly enthusiastic - you have to sound friendly and not be stupid. There's an e-mail link on the mail page of if you don't already know how to get at me.

There's an introduction that I'm working on now, and two chapters that I've just tweaked, and a third chapter that's being finished and a fourth that's in teeny tiny pieces.

I'm suddenly very taken with the idea of Leigh (AllisonLeigh from the MyOpera forums) reading this, so on the astronomical off-chance that you are, e-mail me, since I've lost your address.

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August 26, 2004

If I Can't Smurf for My Porn, I'm Going to Take a Nap.

This is a load of crap.

And just as a curiousity, the title is derived from this.

Also see this.

You cannot stop me from doing something that is simply possible on the network - it is there, it is available, so it is fair game so long as I affect no one else in the process. If you can find a way to secure your network to stop me doing certain things, all power to you - well actually no, wait a minute, unless it's a serious security breach that will affect others, you can bite my shiny metal ass.

As long as the work gets done, what the hell business is it of yours what I do while I'm getting there? If I'm not doing my job properly, you can avail yourself to the channels in place to have me disciplined/fired. What I do doing company time, goofing off included, is none of your god-damn business, as long as at the end of the day the work is done.

I don't even claim that there's any positive work aspect to porn (hence people in some places having porn accounts signed up for them) - it's simply none of their business. What exactly is a misuse of "company" property anyway? You're given a tool, and you use it to accomplish a task - but unless you want to at least partially break the tool, and waste your own expenditure, whatever else that tool can be used for, it should be used for. If I want to shove a staple remover up my ass to get me off, why not? No harm is done to others.

If I use the company car to ferry grapes, that was otherwise scheduled to be used by some other freak, then okay - but it is the incident of misuse, not the principle. If there are limited resources, fine, you can say that when there is excess demand, that users curb behaviour that would otherwise infringe on the resources of others, that's sensible. If I use excess capacity on the network at night to play online games and download pr0n, warez, gamez, mp3z, whose resources am I taking away from? If there is talk of legal liability, it is the end user who might be the subject of a sanctimonious and contrary government directive, the network itself is dumb and innocent - or it should be.

The only issue is an (at best) idiotic moral one - or a matter of PR. So you find out that a government agency is rife with porn surfers, so what? Government has no right to monitor the actions of individuals, much less people under their employ, unless there is a significant suspicion of wrongdoing that is to the detriment of others. Legality and government action is not to act as a censorious moral unity - it is there to prevent harm to others, or to help those that require help: if they can't find help elsewhere.

Not that PR is a bad thing in the way morals are, at least PR is honest. People are not normally like this, but in our company/government, we uphold a higher standard of professionalism. So if you accidentally e-mail your client pictures of you eating messily or dressing like a tramp in a sex-game with your partner, the company might castigate you for the slatternly manner of your portrayed deportment or bearing - would you that it were otherwise?

Sometimes how you get there is none of your fucking business. If you cut corners and endanger others or profits by doing so, that's an issue, not when you simply do things in a way other people have an irrational dislike for.

So they discover this about your company - are you so taken with your corporate ethos and identity, by even your national/religious rectitude that you fail to recognise that individuals are people too? Can you no longer differentiate your image of professional ability, which you rightly demand from your emplyees, from their entitlement of rights and opinions and desires?

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August 24, 2004

Cool Filter thing :)

I've discovered a cool thing to do with e-mail filters in Fastmail. If you include a "secret word" in your subject line, or use as the recipient, it will bypass all filters - ie it will definately get through to me.

I now designate my secret word to be batchcakes - but replace the a with an i where it most counts. This refers only to my public address that I tend to send mails out to friends with by mistake instead of my personal address.

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August 23, 2004

Notice to People who email me

Hi, I've put filters on my public e-mail account - so don't include anything that might set off my rather crude filters that will reject your mail and not notify you of the rejection. This includes the sure sign of spam: ...

So be more certain about your mail.

Or you can be good and send mail to the personal address I give to people, not forms. Yes I, by mistake, send personal mail from my public address, but people just got confused with the whole business of my rather more tart and extended instructions in the form of a signature, so deal with it.

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Hypocrisy (the accusation of) is the last refuge of a lack of imagination.

Makes me wish I was a communist.

There are times when you really wonder whether Republicans don't deserve to be thought of as stupid.

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M1 Sends Spam

M1 sends SMS Spam. I'll say that again. M1 sends SMS Spam.

You *cannot* opt out.

They do not ask if they can send you spam.

It is unsolicited marketing and it is *Unethical*.

They claim that because I'm using a pay as you go mobile and hence it is "technologically impossible" to not send me spam.

It appears that it is an extra service not to be harrassed.

It is an extra service not to recieve spam from the people who are sending it. Where do I sign up?

I cannot be removed from their database. "Technologically impossible".

Their site also happens to be BROKEN.

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August 7, 2004

It's all about perversity

Isn't Zhang Yimou a clever clever man? It just shows that if you're intelligent enough, you actually can present melodramatic farce in your film to a fantastic end. You'd think only the middle-brow amongst us would walk out without feeling either pleased, sobbing, or smiling. Of course it helps if you still understand how to convincingly present spectacle. Though I'm convinced that Zhang Ziyi's appeal (sexual and otherwise) is in seeing her looking frustrated. But yes, if you want to see sexual charge, the film is also, in that regard, breathtaking.

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July 29, 2004

Poor Alan Tudyk

It's a pity that he should be associated with a jingoistic rally (allegory-style) round the exclusion of foreigners and immigrants. So *that's* what that kind of masturbatory chest-clasping does to people. It's almost stunningly symmetrical, how the declamations of predjudice serve as a moralistic sheen for a more fundamentally racist political agenda - it's almost like classic hollywood.

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July 16, 2004


I feel a bit (not quite exactly the same though) like Daisy right now.

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I think I rather like this, considering films suspiciously after their DVD release rather than when they're in the theatres - especially the ones I wouldn't otherwise touch. It allows you to actually see the film. (subtle reference to barn isn't it?)

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I'd feel silly putting the title of the film here

Who would have thought that Richard Curtis could write better, more convincing, more sincere, and much gentler swaying political commentary than people would credit Michael Moore with? In so many ways I should be offended by how polemical it might be thought of as - but if nothing else, at least he tries to be complicated despite the insistence towards referencing the puerile and sentimental.

How could those people have trailed the film so badly?

I suppose it's not the thing itself that impresses me - but predictably enough for my understanding of myself - it is the avoidance that seems so heartfelt. It's a film with a very fragile insistence that is brittle despite being soft, and whether they realise it or not, very very hard. I suppose it does what good comedy does, show and then do really good gloss. I'd have to watch it again, but I'd like to think it has that same undercurrent of desperation that comes with all declaration - with all marvelous fictions that gesture towards the impossible.

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June 28, 2004

What I'll do to Watch Michelle Trachtenberg

I don't think I've ever been offended by the first couple of frames of a show's theme - much less started an entry being supremely annoyed by it before the end of said theme. The words fuck and me come to mind. I feel like I should be Toby right now.

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June 27, 2004


Huh, I don't know where they've been all my life, but now I'm starting to understand what the Manic Street Preachers were. Game On doesn't lie.

Just got the pilot for Freaks and Geeks, and Linda Cardellini does really really well. Not to mention that it gives me a much better understanding of James Franco's appeal. Dawson's Creek really did a disservice to Busy Philips, and yay for geeky slayerette.

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June 23, 2004

Mad Skilz

Part of me really dislikes the image of myself that came to being when I started running. It's just too much an accomodation.

It's not quite the right shade of blue, but it's actually solid and not flimsy plastic, so it's a good seat - all are welcome to come and gaze in wonder at mad skilz.

I suppose consumer advocacy is more what I want to do, rather than simply commercial consultation.

And it's lovely to have a full 256 of upload to complement the 3000 downstream - I recommend it to anybody. 1500 is for chumps (yes, this means you).

And to think that the place is actually clean - not perhaps in spite, but independant like Hedda Gabbler.

I suspect I'll succumb to my spending instincts by the time I talk to Leong - dual-layer is too far away for me to wait like that, and anyway it should be affordable before I jump. And hopefully they don't run out of Ritek so soon.

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In the Zone

There really is a certain poetry about Anna Paquin - the wispy album cover kind. DJ boyfriend indeed. I suppose it wouldn't be me if I didn't complain how the development of Fly Away Home really lets down the really lyrical evocative beginning. I mean but she really is beyond being good for a child actor. There's something about this particular film that just allows her to be the focus, it's not the importance of the Piano, and it's not the shrift of X-Men - it can really be a film that has her in it. It's a certain kind of breathtaking.

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Everything Sucks, Denmark, and tapping

The impression of things being wrong isn't and shouldn't be cause for anything. In envisaging a more open society, I can't think of anything that annoys me more than the advent of rabidly adversarial sniping. I'd like to ask myself though, what I'm to do with the fact that people take advantage, and that calls to responsibility are probably more regressive than I'd give them credit for.

I can't believe that a single party is the product of the fact that there is only a single issue. Though to be sure, there probably is only one broad vision that is most congruent with momentum - and that should be a matter of education rather than the debate of the ignorant.

That said, political lineages are much less subject to scrutiny when there are aggressive and legitimate elections where someone else can actually win. Sonia Gandhi and genuine surprise are probably too much to ask for. Regardless, people are just more complicated than all that in person (hopefully) anyway.

And because ideologies should not be forced on anyone, money is the best reason - who wants to join my libertarian party?

Obviously the Economist just doesn't want to be anything other than clear about their opinion - but making it snarky just makes it seem all too personal - the principles they state are as like universally acknowledged truths, and they know how not to sound preachy. It is simple, when there is no Glasnost, you put the principles of Perestroika at risk despite the seems. Repeat after me - no shirt, no shoes, no dice - there are many roads to socialism.

You'd hope that when it's so flagrantly obvious that it looks like rubber that the rubber/not is not the issue. What should be the cause for national reflection is why the song and dance has to take place - the performance of legitimacy and the thing itself are not necessarily congruent. Mistaking that the hopscotching deftness is as good as, or is, the legitimacy, is the most damaging thing when there are no checks and balances.

When you can actually touch the surface to scratch it, then maybe you'll know when you're seeing the real thing. If it's right then it just is - all the flapping and tickling just makes the seems more seem. Similarly if it's wrong then it should be able to not happen, pretending otherwise is that other kind of momentum, and it's not always just farce.

But perhaps West Wing has taught me nothing? Perhaps posturing is par for the course? But you have a better chance of saying the right thing, emanating the right thing, when you are the real deal, yes/no?

Anyway, now I can feel justified in pointing you to the only place I really get news from about where I am. Take a wild guess.

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May 13, 2004

Where Are We Going

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April 27, 2004


I feel the need to explain to him, perhaps on the off chance that he sees this, or not, whatever.

What happens when you have no future is that you come, literally, to live in the past. You see, he, perhaps you, don't/can't understand this, certain fuckwit doesn't understand it, but it's true.

And your reaction, after a while, is to think to yourself, that this is not what you want to do, that there is nothing noble or transcendent about confronting that aspect of horror, of concieving of the world around you as an attic.

There are some people who simply do not want to talk to you (ie: me) and for all that, I think I'd rather have an empty attic.

You see, even though my third chapter is meant to lead up to a descent into hell, perhaps there's a reason it's not written yet.

That said, wouldn't you rather go back to Tekong?

Tell you what, let's go and watch Elephant together and then you'll understand better.

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Sometimes you just stand there, hip-deep in pie

I'm trying to stave off watching yet another episode of Sports Night, largely due to the fact that I can't stop, and one day there will be no more.

And also, I'm here to remind myself that I should write about how Sorkin's reliance on rock to express jubilation and exuberance - happy things - is a lot more convincing with sports than it is with politics. With politics it comes off as being - I want to say smug and exclusive - self-congratulatory, perhaps indulgent.

Part of me thinks the way he handles love is the way most people of a certain kind handle it, though obviously he does it with a breathtaking deftness in a way that is eloquent and moving. And there are times when I think those people are hideous.

Did anyone else notice that the Simpson's had a rather extended reference to the Economist? What's that about? It was in the one that just aired in the US, I think 15x18.

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April 26, 2004

Miss it, miss it, miss it

I'm missing being in the US right now. Largely because I've actually been watching most of the TV I download with the ads cut out, since people do that as a service, and also to reduce file size. I downloaded however, an episode of Conan, and while it's dated 22nd of April, it's an older show. Regardless, I'm watching a Zelnorm ad now and it's rather gratifying. What was also cool was watching Jewel do an ad for Loreal, and if I'm not wrong, having her music in the background.

Good times.

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Shoe Money Tonite

Sports Night is absolutely breathtaking. Sure there are episodes that aren't quite as pleasing or as lyrical, but there's an inescapable (I don't use this word often) verve about the show.

I don't like sports, I don't watch sports, which is why the tagline as quoted by IMDB is pretty cool: "It's about sports. The same way Charlie's Angels was about law enforcement."

There are also significant reasons why Aaron Sorkin should choose to work so often with Joshua Malina, and within a couple of episodes this comes into clear focus, he's absolutely brilliant. I must say though, that the women in the series are exceptional, who would have guessed Natalie used to be in a cheesy rip-off of Quantum Leap (Sliders). And as the title of this post suggests, Felicity Huffman is officially my new favorite actress, for a while at least.

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April 25, 2004

Sports Night, Dead Like Me

I want to write a glowing entry on Sports Night and Aaron Sorkin, but I really can't muster up the will to do much more than link you to the TV Tome page and the DVD that's on sale, and tell you that some friendly fellow is posting it on

Very much in the same way as people are doing for Dead Like Me. Now I'm not saying that DLM is the best series, but I do really like "A. Cook", and once Bryan Fuller got done with the considerably stiffer early episodes, and esp. once Laura Harris comes on, the series really picks up. But yes, penchant for the character of the slacker girl, and a recurrent theme of family.

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April 24, 2004

Like Me

I can't seem to sleep. So let's tell you what's going on. I got my debit Mastercard today, which is fun, making my life in this place complete (aside from the fuck-you glasses). Apparently you should remember to notice the words in bold on the instruction slip that tell you to use your ATM card to activate your debit card. Anyway now I won't have to carry my ATM card any more and I can stop carrying around my HSBC cards (they sent me another debit card, my issue no. is now 7...)

I've applied for a job writing about games for this place called GameAxis, which I think is a subsidiary of HardwareZone. Sounds like an ideal situation for me, but we'll see how it goes, Louis has learned how not to hold his breath. But honestly I don't think I can be bothered to try for SPH till after these guys blow me off...

I've worked my way up to doing 3 rounds round the convenient circuit near here, which takes me a nice round 30 mins. If I keep it up I really should get new shoes. I should also get more CDR, an 80 pin IDE cable, buy some M&S shirts, and perhaps more pairs of socks. Shorts I think I'm doing okay with so far.

And yes, Overnet is doing exceedingly well, with my downstream being consistently about 90-100, which is pretty amazing. And as tends to happen, it just got around to completing a whole bunch of things that had been languishing for a while, so my queue is starting to see 300...

And the ficus election episode of The Awful Truth has somewhat renewed my idea of Michael Moore. Not to mention that Louis Theroux meeting the Hamiltons was quite a bit of a hoot if I should say so myself.

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April 22, 2004

This Is The End

I suppose again that it doesn't matter how flawed Enterprise is, it doesn't matter how mediocre it is, there are just moments when it is simply sufficient. Part of me thinks of it as the uglier twin of Firefly, since they debuted at the same time. I mean I didn't have to watch beyond the teaser to just sense that this could turn out to be a good one - perhaps more moving that I'd give it credit for, maybe less.

And it's not that it evokes particular memories, it's more likely that it triggers some subconscious response that recalls without recalling. You can read one of my previous entries on Enterprise here.

I'd like to think that my cryptic titles would be at some point an interesting study or at least a point of consideration.

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April 15, 2004

Tim Minear

Tim Minear is a clever, clever man. Part of me is just convinced that he out-Joss-es Joss Whedon. He's the reason Out of Gas is the high water mark of Firefly, and why I've just watched the second episode (actually 11th) of Wonderfalls again with a certain kind of wry, loving relish. For all Joss' talk about space and imbuing, Tim Minear is the one whose handling of it is most deft, most "organic".

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April 14, 2004


And so it's done. I now have socks and shorts, so that the world may tremble. I've also bought film fest tickets, after staving off inquiries by su-lin as to whether I had actually bought them yesterday as I had said I would. For better or worse, some of the seats are couples' seats, but I'm sure we can handle that.

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April 12, 2004


Uh, so what's that?

The fuck you table.

The what?

The fuck you table.


Fuck you.

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And. So.

And so I went to get my new table leg and to have my chair fixed, and was happier.

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April 11, 2004


It's sort of happy making, and quite calming, rearranging the stuff in the room. My secret plan, which might actually come to fruition tomorrow, involves rug for the floor and probably table for me to work at. Ask, and IKEA will provide.

Oh, and I now have tumblers, ones where you can actually pour a whole can of coke (diet vanilla) into.

I'm probably better off not using the external keyboard in all this, my right arm is feeling marginally more comfortable this way. But thankfully the table I'm looking at will actually be able to have adjustable height, so that I can lower everything to the appropriate level.

It's nice having Angel Season 4 pour into my lap, and "Spin the Bottle" is a rather very good episode, restores some of my faith that Joss does certain things fantastically.

Must remember I should buy film fest tickets some time soon, though probably won't get the chance tomorrow.

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April 8, 2004

No Man's Woman

It's not an anxiety by any means, but it is something I wonder about, that my physiology has really changed after. It's just a sense of your body being different, not to mention the short term memory loss.

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So you see, when you're making fun of it in the way you make fun of mechanical (or electronic) reproductions, it is a private thing, away from the intrusion of society. So you're making fun about your own, non-present, anxieties. When people who live in a place where we have the end of satire talk about it, it becomes what kettles of fish become.

So no, how would that be personal?

I've entirely forgotten that it was the Alias pilot when we have Jack Bristow telling the guy from Shindig that it really is like asking your neighbours whether you can have a loud party.

Mean spirited.

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April 6, 2004

In, the, darkest place...

This was a couple of days ago, but just to say, Borders Singapore makes fuck-off stupid plastic bags.

Went to buy tickets for Hellboy, remarkably few pre-sales, though I suspect that Winston and I will be sitting just in front of the Hellboy Fanboy Collective who got the entire row behind us. I'm hoping this means that I did not, in fact, get seats too far to the rear of the cinema. And that dead centre on the seating chart really is dead centre in the cinema.

Overnet has been behaving itself remarkably well since I changed ports, I suspect the cable company's trying to limit usage of the default ed2k port. And I'm no longer getting the same annoying firewall messages.

I actually should be listening to "Painted from Memory" now.

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April 4, 2004

Spartan Backflip

It's just so typical that the reason why they didn't cut Irreversible is more reprehensible than if they had cut it.

Spartan is good, but did they have to use a hacksaw? I can only imagine what they would do if jesus was spelled as fuck in aramaic. But to a certain extent, I would say that Spartan does for the political thriller what the Wire did for crime drama. It was good. I'll get the DVD, pity I won't want to watch it in the cinemas here again.

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Jonathan Rosenbaum

So I'm not the only one to think of pornography.

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April 2, 2004

I h8 txtng

I'm sorry, but just the idea of Peishan and her nice spanky new Bible thumping, snuff film watching fuck-buddy was just too tempting to pass up. I apologise. I should have had more faith. And by that I mean Eliza Dushku.

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Joan of Arcadia can BITE ME

Being funny makes up for a multitude of sins, which, if you've watched Firefly enough times, you understand. Wonderfalls is pretty funny. Lesbian porn :).

I am now officially a bit baffled by why Fox fucked with the series run order. It was a great episode, if only for "destroy her". There really was nothing to be gained by putting those episodes first other than to pump up the concept, which to be honest is exactly what they didn't want to do if they put this as the follow up to the pilot.

It's about the family. Not about the shop.

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I can't remember if Kristeva is the one that talks about this, but there is the assertion that the process of pornography is to create metonomy - to reduce the thing itself to one of it's functions or appendages. Hence, they talk about how in sexual pornography, the woman is reduced to the vagina, or in "Not I", where the woman is reduced to a virtual vagina.

So an aspect is substituted for the thing itself. Affective piety is offensive.

I'd like to say (in this case) that I don't watch pornography, but that's patently untrue in at least one (if not more) definitions (colloquial or otherwise) of the word, even though I think the statement itself is pretty accurate. I'd like to say that well, I watch porn, but I don't watch snuff films - which is true, but not quite accurate.

Hitler-Cartman is endlessly amusing.

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Christian Rock (I'm Careless, I Believe)

I'm altogether too happy about the fact that I now have claritine - or actually, a form of generic loratadine. Tufty.

Oh, and that christian rock episode of south park is funny beyond words.

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April 1, 2004

Let's Protest Globalisation

I haven't laughed this hard in hours.

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Storyteller West Wing Sty-lee

So... West Wing concept episodes... It's probably easier to criticise because it wasn't quite fantastic, but the gesture again is that of "we've had 4 seasons of Sorkin, and that can never be reclaimed, so lets go get dialectical on everyone's asses".

Perhaps it's because I've been watching Chris Marker documentaries (which I was trying to tell Cari about) but I had high hopes for the episode at the beginning. The immediate reaction at the end was of "not too bad", and yet 5 mins after, now, here, things are rather more like puddles of piss (ie fluid). The way the episode resolved, not even polemically, stating accusations and then putting the bow around at the end, demeaned the enterprise.

This is the reason we stopped watching the west wing after the first season, because it became insufferable at a certain point for the soft core of it's politics and the ejaculation of it's glow. What's more, the collusion of the diegetic documentary maker was all the more cloying for the looping sensationalism. Granted I came back to the earlier episodes later and couldn't find it, but I find it now, and something tells me it's different.

The digital look was fun, the press staff was fun, the use of sets was fun.

You get the feeling that the meandering of the earlier seasons served the broader aesthetic purpose, that resolution is constantly deferred, that like the trope of nation building, there is always constantly more work to be done. Now when things wrap up like candy wrappers, the twisting at the ends leaves your fingers sticky like cookies when you eat me.

It's all the more infuriating that the documentary is meant to have gestated till after the end of everything, the end of the second term. I'd never wish any series cancellation, but I wonder if I'm missing something.

I want a muffin.

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Disaster Relief

I'm sorry I ever doubted how moving the West Wing could be despite everything. It's a pity that I didn't get to see the budget storyline before the later episodes. Everything really just makes Mary Louise Parker's lusciousness all the more central, all the more pregnant.

And I thought Overnet was starting to seem overrated.

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Let's Vote for the Smart One - Bush.

Now this is what I mean and this is why I get pissed off. I don't like John Kerry enough to forgive him his demagoguery. Howard Dean is doing the right thing by his party, but he is the victim of his own sincerity.

People of integrity should be able to stand up and say what is right even when it isn't popular, and even when Lou Dobbs and the Trade Police are vershnickt. Kerry isn't stupid, Kerry is educated, and he should be standing up for smart not for ball tickling. Who would have thought that anyone would get to accuse Bush of being on the smart side of the fence?

It does make sense to send jobs overseas. I'll reference the economist to you again so you get that it is my newspaper of choice. The amount of jobs lost overseas are a tiny fraction of the workforce. There isn't enough of it to make up too significant a proportion of cyclical unemployment. Jobs are lost and gained as bad companies die out and new companies are formed. Good companies are good because they make money, would you have it otherwise?

People's jobs are more secure when the company they work for remains focused on being economically viable, which means it needs to make profit. If that means sending jobs overseas, they should be applauded with both hands. Going on a witchhunt against people who are doing exactly what they should is irrational - tell the leopard not to have spots.

More jobs overseas means what? More, and richer, people to sell your goods to. Expensive goods that only you can produce. Expensive goods that require highly paid staff to produce. And in the mean time, have you noticed that it now requires less people to do what you used to do before? A jobless recovery where production increases means a leap in productivity, which means you're getting better at what you do, which means in the future you can create even more than before - prosperity that is.

It's like Old Norse notions of honour, only this time, instead of reductive recycling of finite commodity (which seems increasingly unlikely), you have an ever expanding cycle of wealth and renewal.

And people wonder why I dismiss the Passion as affective fallacy.

People who criticise Bush on spending money on Iraq are the very isolationists that claim Bush to be so. You help yourself by helping others - if anyone should know that giving to others does not mean taking away from your own, it should be the Democrats.

Non-paltry comments can go to the forum - though for once I wonder if I shouldn't enable comments to the post. If you're not a fuckwit I'll reference you by editing this post.

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March 31, 2004

Life in the Special Hell

Obviously I'm going to burn in that very special level of hell for this, but it's done, and I'm sorry it happened.

I can already feel like my mind is contracting and I feel dirty, not to mention paltry.

It's just the fact that the conversation takes place, that the rating should be lowered because "it's a good film" which makes me just want to point out that what government anywhere should be allowed to legislate value? Applying arbitrary notions like lines in the sand apparently isn't enough. The suppression of thought leads to impoversishment and inefficiency - the disruption of market forces, as some might say.

I wonder what the rating would be if Jesus was sodomising Mary, both of them.

Hi, I'm Louis, and I read (past-tense) today's Life.

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March 30, 2004

Wonderfalls, Into My Arms

Is there any doubt that despite the extreme close-ups, that Wonderfalls is Tim Minear's show? I'm sure no one likes that they messed with the airing sequence, but to be fair, those were pretty good episodes, and also good episodes to start with. I still get a bit disoriented when I watch Firefly and Shindig comes so early.

But yes, I must find the time and way to organise a Firefly screening party of some sort or other some time. I should also finish my third chapter.

It was quite fun the way that L word used Nick Cave, though I just remember when I first heard the song, that I wanted the interventionist god to be direct her away, out of some kind of spite or pique.

William Sadler wasn't inaccurate then in describing his character, the Bush thing was hilarious. Almost makes me want to watch the Roswell boxed set I bought.

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It's not just that I terrorise, it is also that I am beset by anxieties. Things annoy people, people annoy people, certain things with certain people annoy people.

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March 29, 2004

Blow Wind Blow

Is it any surprise to anyone that Howard Dean should be so heartbreaking to me right now? His comment is here, and he was replying to this.

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Happiness is a Warm Gun

And so good starts are just too much pressure. It's very satisfying not having to be polite. Simmering tension humbug boo hoo.

I, I, I. Am a man more sinned against than sinning.

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March 28, 2004


Much fetching from the Servisair lounge at Manchester.

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March 27, 2004


And so it was that three years of his life, by passings and mishandlings, and the carelessness of listening and the slap-thwap of whispers, became transmogrified into not things.

S- had a habit of wailing on CP, oh wail, oh wail. And so when it came to money, everyone just sort of nudged about the fact that it wasn't just in money that higher ground was gained, which is what friendship is all about.

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Dark Pony Death

Who would have guessed that all (as far as I know) of George's stuff is being re-released. I'm suddenly really missing the Travelling Wilbury's albums. The boxed set is this, all his Dark Horse albums, even though I already have a couple of the discs already.

Unfortunately I'll end up waiting for a bit to get it, unless it's available for cheap in Singapore (not a chance), probably waiting for another more comprehensive collection to come out, or at least a complementary one. I already have the albums that aren't dark horse anyway I think.

Note to self: blogs are not meant to be pretentious(?).

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Is a Sandalwood box just too much to ask?

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March 26, 2004


Heard the eternal footman, bought himself a bike to race

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March 25, 2004


And so I would sit in front of the window and stare out longingly at the curtain. All the idle lying on duck shit. It's nice to cuddle sun-block.

Return Argos stuff. Buy Bikram Yoga. Buy Shooting the Past. Nuts for dad. Trains on Sunday leave at 5.10 and 6.10, arriving at 7.19 and 8.24.

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March 22, 2004

Paul Smith

It seems ShareReactor has been the target of some governments sting, so it's offline and the owner is facing criminal charges. But well, there's still Shareconnector,,,, and others who might never reach the scale of SR, but that's what suprnova is for. The wheel's always turning, but it only matters to the people on the rim.

So yes, Paul Smith shoes. 2 pairs of them no less. Lightning struck hell freezing over.

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March 17, 2004


Easy racism (against mainland chinese for instance, or boat people) on the part of someone from a racial minority is fantastic, especially in the way it discomfits those in the majority who experience it with a kind of shock at the non-fraternal illiberality of it all. Of course it happens easiest from those who come originally from a place where they are anything but the minority.

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And so Joss Whedon really inhabits that kind of mediocrity, the kind that Karen seems intent on bringing out in me. It is perhaps how much not I want to be intervened in that makes me so unprepared to be inadequate and unconsidered. Go fill your anxieties like a well - exactly like a well. Other people probably realise that suicide is a solution. And one that is fed.

Gone, but I don't know wh....

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March 16, 2004


Need to remember to keep notebook charged so have to go to smokey area. Have a look at Karen's prospective lamp. Need to download all the crap required for creative, just in case, though the driver's what's most important. Must bring CD and DVD to test playback. Must check that they've credited my account as and when they do. Check the train timings for friday. Remember to buy watch and liquitabs. Collect pin no. Go crazy and buy a powered usb hub.

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Oh and of course there had been a ridiculousness about soliciting friendship, or the feeling of it, remotely, and by proxy, which he admitted later; but you get lonely after you leave and you wish the ones who could make it otherwise weren't either. But cradle snatching happens, and well, that's something.

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"Is it time for the descent into hell yet?"

"Oh we love those, ."

"You remember that last one, with the buttons and the fringe?"

"Oh no, was it...? Oh yes, yes... no."

"Excuse me, are you writing stairway to heaven in there?"

And so it was an overly bright day in Manchester and K and D2 were in The Filmworks, after it was a multiplex but before it was sticky. K felt it was very much like a the painting of the open door, both in the hanging and the brushing, and especially with the unintentional red lights, and that smell that smelled like pre-haunting emulsion. That was the day when they'd both discovered why you always have a pair of sunglasses on overly bright days in Manchester.

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March 14, 2004

For Andrew (Come get Firefly)

First off, let's send you to, it's the website for a public interest broadcaster in the US that has loads of content on the elections so far and in particular, content on Dean. His remarks at the Gridiron Luncheon are a good place to start. And well you could have a look at

I'll say it here. I don't think John Kerry will win it. And if he does, I really don't think he'll be the kind of president envisaged by those who support him. Put simply, he doesn't have the brass. "He's better than the other guy" is not good enough.

But enough about that. You can find a nice simple bittorrent client here. More info, and an introduction and useful FAQ can be found on the original bittorrent page.

Once that's installed, you should go to (yes it's misspelled) and go crazy. The link for Firefly, though, is here.

The problem, though, is that you're behind a router, and without you reading a router manual (they're actually really short and clear though) this is what you should do. You have a Netgear router. I'm not sure of the exact model no. but I suspect it's this, the manual for it is here. Anyway, you need to know about port forwarding, so you should read this to figure out what to do. The ports required are supposedly 6881-6999, but you can read more about it at the rather more informative d-link page, they're another company that make networking equipment, but the info is similar. Oh, and you find out your IP (which is where the ports will be forwarded to ie your computer) by looking at this.

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March 12, 2004

I Can't Help You Baby

You wonder when "they'll like us when we win" stops being enough. If there was one thing that made Dean stand out it was that he was willing to say that he's willing to make the right decision, whether it's popular or not. I'm not saying his rationale for revisiting trade agreements wouldn't have been fallacious, or that they wouldn't be fueled by the same affective fallacy that afflicts so called "liberals", but at least the gesture was there. Kerry can still bite me.

Now it just seems that jobs has become such an Issue that only the Republicans can sound the right note. And as for Lou Dobbs, you wonder whether there was some point when the media said to itself that a part of their service to the public should not be to feed its anxieties under the pretext of assuaging them, but rather be a tool for public education.

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The End of Satire

For a government that is founded on it's ability to educate it's electorate, it's unwillingness to promote what is right and things that are irrepressible, is simply irresponsible - a lacking of will and information.

You claim that people aren't going to like it and yet you concieve of yourself as being able to guide people into thinking the right way. You can stick your neck out and say unreservedly that free trade is the way to go (as they admirably should) and yet this truth is just too difficult for people to swallow even when it has no effect on them or their perception of their pocket books.

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I wonder if I would ever explain to Mary the feelings I have of antagonism towards people who previously had authority over me. Or if I could explain, as I could to Cari, that I (like her) live in morbid fear of bumping into people I might know on the street.

So yes, I've always gotten bad vibes from certain people, and others well probably don't have the time or inclination to be that friendly. Not that I don't understand this, I never really want to see any of my recruits' ever again, as might be rather explosively been shown when that guy turned up in Su-lin's room. But translation man.

I think I will try to make the first step and try to e-mail Matt.

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Economist Roundup

As you'd think, the Economist probably does a lot better at making the case that trade and capitalism have to be accelerated, not retarded, to make the world a better, and less poor, place.

That, and why Americans really shouldn't be so obsessed with the movement of jobs. And basically that they're better off now than they ever were. (The first link requires subscription)

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Lost in Space

Just right now, Aimee Mann is making me want to cry.

It's all about drugs, it's all about shame.

There's just an emptiness of feeling in the inability to make connections and the inability to think and have thought. It might a bit be about superiority and pity but it's also a great feeling to have access to that well of feeling and that grasp of intellect and thought. You wonder if righteous anger might not be seperated from it.

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March 11, 2004


I'm just here, not really wanting to look at my scribbles, wondering if I should go to Borders. I'll be off to have dinner in a minute probably, likely to be burger king. Don't feel like browsing DVD's or CD's, feeling a bit tired, wishing I wouldn't end up smelling.

It's pretty goddamn cold today, about 4 degrees. I'll probably eat, then go back to Karen's, hang out till I got to Delwyn bearing eggs and hopefully a working copy of DVD-Region-Free.

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March 10, 2004


And I don't feel like playing Ultima 9. Is this really a genuine sense of not wanting to be immersed to come up and want againt to be swept away? Only this time the Oceans have stopped and the waves are too embarassed to crash anywhere except Karen's room.

I'm seeing Ve-Yin tonight, hopefully for a nice fulfilling dinner. It'll be a bit strange no doubt, I hope he figures to come upstairs to look for me, though I'll take a stab at staying downstairs for a bit.

And so aside from thinking I should get the Echo Indigo, I wonder if I should just sit in front and try like it matters. Lost lost lost. For better or worse, I think I'm going off to go and write to Cari.

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Panic and Grit

Just feeling a sudden desperation to write, despite being on Karen's computer and her ancient keyboard. It's not like shuttlecocks, it really is like being stuck, breathless and dazed, unable to move.

And thinking about the past isn't all that happens when you have no future, the present just seems to loom. As with all panic attacks, things go away, but it's just a feeling of wanting to sleep perpetually, and of worry and sinking.

The Corner is a bit disappointing. I suppose if I was expecting the Wire, this isn't it. I just hope the rest of it is better. But the landscape is similar though, and not in buildings of people so much, but in language and lingo. I've only really seen 2 actors who would eventually go on the Wire, but here it just seems they're all not quite where they should/would be.

I suppose though, that this really is much more of a journalistic work than The Wire is - it's just that the breadth and subtlety of The Wire is so much more appealing, and so much less Gritty.

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March 6, 2004

Echo West

For some reason, the wireless link has shaped up in the past couple of hours, so that I might actually have a ghost of a chance at watching Angel soon. Of course I could just wait 3 weeks, but it's the principle of it.

It's getting a bit annoying sitting here, but that's being sort of paliated(?) by my looking for sound solutions for my lovely new laptop. So far the Echo Indigo seems the most promising - PCMCIA, so no dangling about. Thing is that it's about 130 US, and it would probably cover up my wifi switch, which might be a bit annoying.

Also I wonder if I would really need to try to get along with WinDVD 4 to get the most out of it - I'm finding since DVD Region-Free that I really like WMP as playback software in favour of PowerDVD.

I can't be bothered to write another entry, and I'm sure these cafe driven ramblings please no one but my fingers, but I just watched the West Wing where Toby tries to save social security; and it's still good. But obviously that's what really precipitated me wanting to spend 130 dollars.

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Mmm... Soup...

And so Caffe Nero is all that bad. It's not so smoky today, the music is a more sedate weekend version of the usual frenetics.

I've tried the food and it isn't horrible. The pasta is okay, not something I'd recommend even as microwaved food goes. The soup wasn't all bad though, and is palatable.

It'd be nice if they had a toilet round here.

I wonder if I would have been better off having Eggs Benedict at City Screen, but then it's not Eggs Michael, and City Screen ain't the Original Pancake House.

Doesn't everyone love spotty wifi connections :P.

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March 5, 2004


It really is just too noisy and far too smoky to write comfortably at Caffe Nero. I wonder when they're going to start recognising me and bugging me about not ordering drinks. I suppose I could buy overpriced water, but it all just makes me want to go to the toilet.

I suppose Cari won't be able to find a fourth for mahjong, so if they want to play anything it'll have to be Tai Di.

Oh, and clever man at this electronics shop near the Shambles managed to get me the requisite cable I'd want to plug in in the UK without an adaptor. Apparently those small plastic things aren't allowed here. I suppose the fact that it leads to me sticking pens into sockets doesn't cross their mind. But yes, adaptor cable is good.

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Isn't it just predictable that the table next to the power point should be the one with the spotty wireless coverage? The Bastards.

But at least now I'm getting my money's worth from my access plan. Fat chance of me buying much coffee from this place though. I get the feeling wifi is not a priority for most of the latte sipping crowd here.

So yes I'm back in York in the most surreal way possible. Luckily Karen's friend just got back from Mecca, and "know's a guy".

Got confirmation that I'll be going to see Cari on Monday. House of Sand and Fog is still showing here, so some time next week maybe. I'll probably try to move to Delwyn's after dinner or something.

Amazingly, torrents are doing fine, and Angel is on it's way.

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February 29, 2004

West Wing Season 5

And so the West Wing has decided to go Bigger. It's now Topical and it deals with Issues. I feel a bit guilty saying that with Sorkin and Schlamme gone it's now gotten more middlebrow, but that's at least partly the truth. There is a sharpness, a snappiness, a deftness and a more subtle understanding of subtext, that has been changed into something else.

To be sure the new episodes are stunning, whether it's just the HDTV rips or not I can't be sure. Mary Louise Parker has never looked more luscious - and perhaps the largest iconographic change has been the entry of the window and entrance into the Residence. It's a more personal, more "character driven", and they've made it very clear that this is not last season's West Wing.

The aesthetic shift is a purposeful one, and they're trying to be bold and being unapologetic as they would have to be. And as much as I enjoyed a number of the episodes, I can't help but feel that they're making better TV at the expense of artistic deft and lyrical subtlety. But that doesn't quite exactly characterise it so accurately as I would like - it's okay, it's different, and there are episodes that really benefit from being taken away from the flow of a greater arc, existing as if in suspension; for all the insistence in that episode on the real world, the very circumvention.

Season 4 was a good season, and I'm starting to get a new appreciation for Sorkin doing a Season Premiere.

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February 25, 2004

The Sitch

Okay, so this is what the plan is going to be - if at all possible, I'm going to stay with Delwyn when I arrive on he 3rd - and stay with him over the weekend. On Monday I'll likely be going to Scotland to visit Cari, and will stay there till Tuesday (hopefully).

At that point, when I come back, I'll go to Karen's place and stay there till the 18th when Hiaw Khim comes, she might arrive on the 19th I'm not sure, and after maybe straddling a day or two with people we'll end up back at Delwyn's room while he's away.

If Delwyn is really too busy, I'm hoping I can do a rotation between Dion/Emen an Delwyn. I know you're all busy, but maybe you could squeeze me in for a night or two when you don't have something immediately pending?

I'll need someone to lend me a sleeping bag, and please don't get ideas of letting me sleep on the bed, I feel bad enough; though I might take a nap or two while you're at class etc.

I promise I will be as inobtrusive as possible. I've discovered that CaffeNero in town has a wireless hotspot and that will be my best bet to remain connected while I'm in York. Hopefully they support torrenting. Otherwise I'll be ankle deep in TV marathons, I'll be watching the Wire, Roswell Season 1, The O.C. if I feel like it. I hope as well to bring lovely samplers of lovely series over, an Angel, a Spooks, the Firefly pilot etc. Oh, and Nip Tuck if that turns out well.

So hopefully I'll be interested in getting exercise most days and going into town to get my fix, and try my best not to spend too much time in your rooms. I'll be trying to write as well.

The only imposition I can imagine is that I'll be on the phone at odd hours, but I'll either take it out into the hall if possible or find a nice calling card plan and an obliging pay phone. I still have my Dog/Bone card, so that should work out.

I could go to other hot spots, The Cloud is supposed to be more widespread, but they focus on pubs, and it really won't be good for me to spend the whole day in a pub. No indeed.

Or I could just end up too stoned for words and sleep all the time.

So unless I hear otherwise, I'll be landing at Delwyn's doorstep, wherever that is, on the 3rd, sometime after noon. Yay me.

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The O.C.

There is probably nothing quite like having an entire series/season of a TV show at your disposal to just marathon your way through. I'd probably credit Season 1 and 2 Buffy that really set me on to this, that time when I was staying in Coventry one time over the holidays. Close on the heels of that was the Pacey loves Joey storyline on Dawson's Creek. I suppose Soprano's season 1 would count, back in Singapore...

But yes, The O.C. is doing well on that list, along with Cold Feet, Ultra-Violet, Spooks, Once and Again, West Wing, 24 (Season 1), Twin Peaks etc.

And I mention no caveats with The O.C., it's not good for it's genre, it's just good. It's engaging and it's really funny in a way that Angel can only achieve (fantastically though) with muppets...

The Wire though, is climbing the charts - I've just ordered Season 1 of Roswell, and I'm hoping Nip/Tuck isn't just a signal of my desperation.

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February 19, 2004

Shoutz Out

I've been putting off writing this entry for a while now. It just feels strange coming out of the system and being left stranded. You know there's nothing to be embarassed about but it still feels weird telling all this to people.

I'm (obviously) not being sparklingly academic at UChicago, that ship sailed long ago. I'm now having problems coming into the US under Visa Waiver because I'm not able to prove I live somewhere else. Hence my going back to Singapore.

I've been applying to Creative Writing courses in the US of course, but Northwestern has already said no - though I will be reapplying, since they have rolling admissions. I'm also now applying to Boston, which looks more promising, but I'm not holding my breath. I'm sure I'll be plying Richard and Mary for recommendations for a while yet.

That wasn't as volumnous as I thought it would be to explain. I'm sending a bunch of people who I have to e-mail this post link so I don't have to keep repeating myself. I'm going around to find out who can put me up while I'm in the UK from 3rd March to 28th March.

I would say though, that my parents have been remarkably supportive about me being a bum :P.

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January 28, 2004

The Rest

Doesn't anyone else just think John Kerry is a boring pathetic prune? Why is it that I don't trust Clark, much less John Edwards? There is just that suspicion of insincerity and avoidance that you get in the eyes of most of these candidates, Dean being the exception. Look at them at moments of private publicity and you see the shadow leavening their hidden guilt and shame. They all have their politician smiles. The conflict in Dean seems so much more of a felt one, of where speaking the truth goes beyond the pale.

The theme of this, as it was in Twin Peaks, has to be reversal - where the civil war of self, and the imposition on self flap.

Dean is a orator of conviction and moves me. He is a man of humour and intellect. John Kerry couldn't excite Louis Theroux. You'd wish someone who talked the talk so convincingly and resonates that feeling so palpably would do better, as he will.

Why do I feel that all the rest are just running?

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January 26, 2004

Let's Photograph a Barn

Aside from a general feeling of unease, discomfort and overall worry, I can't say I'm particularly happy. I haven't written at all since. It would be a kind favour if everything went smoothly and things didn't get butternut shaped so quickly or so adversely.

Perhaps I'm looking for my own reversal of the Civil War.

Howard Dean was not angry, he was not displaying any particular loss of control except the melancholy exuberance you get from that twinging of defeat. He just strikes me as someone who speaks his mind and is so envelopingly sincere. Wesley Clark probably wouldn't be the worst candidate, but he doesn't give me that sense - that sense of unequivocal belief in the will to be conscientious and work to the fulfillment of belief.

I just watched a bunch of people who wouldn't - I'd rather think couldn't - see the barn. Anger had no part in it.

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January 4, 2004


I suppose a couple of significant things have occured for me in the last 24hrs or so. Well perhaps not Important, but striking nonetheless.

I was up till 7 in the morning watching Michael Moore's 'Roger and Me' - and while I might have just been in one of my overly sentimental moods as I can tend to be that late at night, I found it incredibly moving. And despite a broader picture of economics calling out to the rational part of my mind, the depiction of devastation and in a real sense the personal and human tragedy that attends to it - the unwillingness of parties to make even the smallest show of claiming responsibility, of recognising the human cost of their decisions, makes me want to make a bonfire out of issues of the Economist. The casual dismissal of human degradation that the film depicts is appalling to the extent that my self-consciousness about my own outrage at it becomes almost laughable.

I've also been watching the Democratic debates that are now leading up to the Iowa caucus. And while only Lieberman can present anything approaching an intelligent way of selling free trade, Dean is a stunningly charismatic orator. You really get a sense of how he has such self assurance in the integrity of his pragmatic beliefs, especially when he talks about health care, and when he talks about the will towards honesty.

Of equal import is that I sat through the majority of a marathon session of Real World Las Vegas. Brynn is rather comely - most of the rest are really rather funny, or perhaps just dumb and boring. Frank is impressive in his own way, in the way he handles people and the way he comments on himself and others.

Also there has just been "Faking It Changed My Life", and a lovely revisiting of some of the favorite people from that first series, the chef, the cellist, the jockey, the bouncer. The chef wants to become a writer and I can't help but feel warm feelings towards his self-effacing manner and his will towards aspiration - ambivalent beckett quotes notwithstanding.

And here is the load of tripe article of the day, such a lot of utter fear/guilt mongering that makes you want to slap people. The CDFreaks article links to the original gall.

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December 29, 2003


I *hate* freedom.

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December 20, 2003

Public Dialogue

It's nice to be putting words together again, particularly pleasing that it is in a public dialogue.

In case you don't get it, new Opera Beta = Louis goes back to posting on the MyOpera forums :D.

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December 16, 2003

Firefly and Klipfolio

It irks me that more people don't use Klipfolio, and that there's not more activity on the forum, so here's a plug for you - Klipfolio is absolutely lovely. It lets you view at a glance all the newest headlines from your favorite sites, as well as showing you the weather and a bunch of other useful things. And you can find my very own klip for this blog here. I suppose the lack of forum participation is also a function of ease of use and lack of problems, other than my pet bug.

Anyone who wants me to ship the Firefly DVD to them from here in the states just drop me a line. It is the one thing that I promise not to gripe about people asking me for. Details we can work out, but more people must buy and watch Firefly - if it were running for president it would get my unambiguous endorsement. Email link's on the main site, on the right.

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December 12, 2003

What's Happening To Me

Mike managed to fix my chair arms; it doesn't wobble anymore. I hope my Palm OS upgrade arrives today or I'm gonna have a cow. My keyboard is too nice for that. Why have I been finding the Economist so very racially problematic recently? That despite a rather good article on punctuation.

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December 5, 2003

Steel Tariffs

Why are people praising Bush for doing something when what he really did was raise steel tariffs when it was politically expedient for him to do so, and then now lower them when it's expedient to do that? Two words, flip-flop.

It's so much like an episode of Yes, Minister, it's not even funny. If anything, he's simply backing down from a decision he knew he'd eventually have to back down from anyway. What's even more frustrating is that the Democrats, instead of saying that, are saying the easy thing and coddling the steel workers.

They should find a bridge and throw money off it, like they're doing with agriculture, like the EU is doing with the CAP. Wrong wrong wrong.

Can no one else see that Bush is tickling the Midwest by basically having done nothing? Talk about zero-sum. Spin spin spin.

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November 30, 2003

Everyone should buy Sleeper

But then that's what I said about Jeff Buckley, and see where that got me. It's not that I found out about him through MTV Europe, 120 minutes, and later in more regular rotation - I simply miss the sepia-tinted me.

You know it's hard on your mother and me. Of course it's that much more charming when Louise Wener sings it.

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November 28, 2003

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Ding Dong the witch is dead.

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What's Next?

Why is it, that on certain days, things just go that slightly bit wrong and you feel as if things will never go right - when you feel your writing's crummy and you're saying things that are so banal and trite. Your raid array appears to be offline from overclocking, and you've watched the season finale of season 2 of West Wing again, and it's made you upset in that despondent resigned kind of unhappy.

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November 26, 2003

Not Ready Steady Cook

If I'm not careful, I'm going to spend 2 weeks in Shanghai having a West Wing marathon of Season 2.

I really like the Ainsley episodes - makes me want to go find some good Gilbert and Sullivan.

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November 19, 2003

Bonnie and Clyde

I'm flying to Shanghai on Saturday morning (early).

Oh, and just to give notice to people of York (who give a damn), I'll be there from the 3rd of March to the 26th, and am shamelessly asking for volunteers to put me up.

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November 14, 2003

I'm Being Repressed

I'm starting to realise why satire can by its nature be so emphatic and uncompromising - why it needs to paint extremity as extremity. The gesture itself asks for a register that confronts the ridiculous with that measure of outrage (The Right Honourable Rape) that appears so unmitigated, unchecked, irresponsible, unfair and like a man making a tailor.

And also it's never quite as funny otherwise - ambivalence I suppose is the answer and the companion. That and somehow it just doesn't feel right, as if somehow the prose has taken on a life of its own and refuses to be molded in that way.

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November 13, 2003

The Women of Qumar

I ask for some indulgence in spite of the fact that my next sentence might well start with "...but the economist says". But well, it does, here and here, which is my belated reaction to the very paltry treatment of the issue by people who should know better. Belated because I'm seeing these episodes of the West Wing on Bravo reruns.

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November 12, 2003

Star Trek: Enterprise

I perhaps never quite realised why I remain so loyal in watching Enterprise each week even though it can be so achingly mediocre. Last year when I was stuck in my room lonely and unhappy, it was a kind of solace to have practically an entire season of it to watch on VCD downloaded off kazaa.

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November 7, 2003

Tara Reid

I'm just saying, that inevitably, if you want to make an artistic point through representation of things as they occur, you have to understand that this representation, which you invest and presume will act as some kind of "cautionary" (I know, I know, a dirty word) or revelatory unveiling *of barbarism* - that it necessarily becomes subject to aestheticisation, not least by the social discourse around it.

Which is why you can find portions of Body Shots online with metadata that works directly contrary to intention.

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Fluff, get it?

Is it really that difficult for people to be more personable? Or do I just bring out terseness in people? I mean I make an effort to be funny in my e-mails, I kept it short, I didn't waffle - is it too much to ask that they attempt to sound more encouraging/direct?

If I have to think more about the Inquirer application I'm going to hoist myself by my balls.

...gets me to the church on time...

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November 4, 2003

If the Inquirer hires me I'm going to soil myself

If there ever was a headline that gave the story away... maybe I can webcast it.

There are obviously a whole bunch of things that I now wish I had included in my e-mail to Mageek (whoops, sorry - grand-high-poobah-boss-man), I suppose the most important of those omissions is that I'm just aware of how important context and implication are to providing a piece of writing with perspective and analytical depth - that how online publishing has to gear itself for the onset of aggregation and things like RSS - how important that the headline should pull you in and the content not disappoint to maintain that rapport with the audience. And that I do actually know how to write a non-breathless sentence.

Writing for the Economist now pales in my imagination - the INQ is where it's at.

Oh, and for those of you who've actually lost control of your mouse and seen my "resume site" you'll understand why I refused to send that load of tripe to them.

Hopefully now my pathetic attempts at hardware reviews will never see the light of day.

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October 25, 2003


The Breeder's Title TK was a great birthday record I think.

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October 23, 2003

Oh Microsoft, let me count the ways.

It must have been me reading a Longhorn blog, and all the Microsoft ra-ra-ness that being plagued by open-sourcers can engender, but I'm really not all that invested in MS per se. I have enough faith that my prose conveys my ambivalence, but I suppose at times that ambivalence becomes a bit too indeterminate and confusing even to myself.

Honestly though, a lot of the stuff that got bandied about was pretty heavy going, and some of it was pretty rough - I have nothing but sympathy for anyone on the recieving end of it, whether or not at the end of the day I think they brought it on themselves.

It's nice to have some thing/s that make me want to write again, the exertion does me good I think.

I think what Michel's mention of my entry in his blog did was really crystalise in my mind that I couldn't give a toss in a sense about the topic itself - I glanced at Cringely's article (I'd seen it earlier anyway) and just shrugged - that aspect of it really doesn't interest me. In a larger sense I'm just intrigued by the (in many senses) ideological conflict that engenders this level of rhetoric; but also I'd be happy to use Linux if only I didn't have to go through being a newbie again and a bunch of other things.

In terms of what I have at stake in all this, I hate to think of it this way but I am (only) an end user - obviously part of me thinks this makes me king anyway. I suppose I should blame ATI for the fact that their drivers suck ass and whenever I boot up I seem to have to change my refresh rate, and all the other software developers for fucking things up - but in a sense on MS' part, they really just can't use that as an excuse.

I really wish I knew what was up with Overnet.

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Mahatir is the least of the world's worries

I don't know that I would have bothered to comment about this, but after the Economist decided to write tripe, I suppose I can't help it.

Mahatir is a racist and delusional. I'm sorry but did we not know this? He's no better than Lee Kuan Yew in this respect (if not others) - he's a doddering old man who decides he knows everything and wants to mouth off now that he's not long/no longer in office. He over-sees a country that has institutionalised racism inscribed in it's laws - which, if nothing else, is at least honest, unlike elsewhere, where dominion is completely ellided.

Here is someone who is willing to use an adversarial people as an example of how his own people have so abjectly failed. That said, there is not (and definitely not here) any benign construction of the "other" - saying people control the world by proxy, however good it sounds or how much of a (rather funny) joke it is, does not negate the fact that it is predicated on a real sense of dislike, distrust, hatred.

But if Mahatir were not known to have distributed copies of the "International Jew" before, would this not be someone calling for the end of violence, the call for a return of pride to a group of people? Whether or not either side is more sinned against than sinning is now too internecine a knot to untangle - but if aspiration could become the pursuit of intellect, of technology, of advancement and discovery, would that not be grand?

If it were not for the fact that I cannot entirely dismiss the Economist's assertion that this is, regardless, a form of casus belli, it does not expunge the problem that Israel has a lot less to worry about than the muslim world put together from a conflict between the two. It might be a joke to some that the Jews rule the world, but it would be a very poor joke to say that Muslims do the same. And muslims don't get away with having governments who institutionalise terrorism.

I will now take one step too far and take issue with the fact that this one comment has generated more column inches than it should have because it's pushed the Jewish button. Just like Trent Lott, there are legitimate reasons why this should cause alarm and reaction. And yet why am I sick and tired of hearing about black oppression and the holocaust? Because people have said it better, and it's being said at the expense of other things - just so it can indulge a particular paltry liberal core of sympathy and outrage.

Izzit cuz I is bleck?

And if I were complaining about my own oppression rather than those of others, I'd bother to be more exacting, more selective, and less depreciative of my capital accumulation of whine.

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October 11, 2003

Whoopty Doo

I've strung bits together into what looks vaguely promising, hopefully Cari will find it funny (if she's not terribly pleased :P).

I've decided that going over to the UK will be just the thing, probably just before easter. I'll have to find someone to put me up when the time comes, mayhaps Ve-Yin, but you never know. Visiting Cari will be fun, wonder if Claire might be around. I should really mail Claire, wonder if I should mail Anthony. Should really mail Ve-Yin and Andrew. Oh, and commiserate with Delwyn about his accomodation.

I've discovered the joys of Halo, something I'm sure Eugene's familiar with (another person to mail). It's not too bad, but I get the feeling my having turned off any and all anti-aliasing is just the thing. Unless I'm feeling particularly ready to become one of those people, I don't think I'll be paying 300 bucks for a graphics card anytime soon. But yes, some modicum of fun.

Oh, another reason to mail Ve-Yin is to tell him about my lovely discovery of Misfit's of Science. Bittorrent, and are lovely lovely lovely - they're also the source of said Halo... :D.

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Here She Comes Again

It does vaguely concern me that writing here has not been much of an attraction of late, but I suppose it's not surprising. I'm not kidding though, that Hunky Dory is an absolutely fantastic Bowie album, just such frenetic energy and yet so shaped and hovering between control and exuberance.

There is a certain paltry surrender to the supernatural. Those who imagine that their computers have personalities and moods ? that is the supernatural of the blithely flacid ignorant, not the supernatural of the will, of defiance.

I wonder at points whether I am actually telling a story at all, whether I am simply stating my opinions as people can find so objectionable, and yes there is a certain cack-handedness about ill-performed obliqueness, when it becomes *so* much of a conceit ? as bad as the pointedness and directness of political intent. Sometimes I wonder whether it is ambivalence that I aspire to but rather just a struggle to get things right amidst all the geometric complexity.

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Hi, My Computer's Named Annie, and...

I really don't intend to be mean to anybody (though to people who really *don't* read this), but for fuck's sake, if you insist on ascribing mystical forces and a personality to your computer, you can fucking well go out and dance naked in the rain instead of coming crying to me when things go wrong. Whose god-damned fault?

I take it very personally when people I know are fuckwits about computers, and I'm a complete snob about it, but I find very good reason to be when people refuse to become informed about something that's so important to them. We should ALL and I say ALL, become fascists and have extension ladders. If you don't want to empower yourself there's very little I can do to help you - using computers requires you to maintain a reasonably steep learning curve, and you ignore it at your peril.

I make it a point to admit my broad range of ignorance, but learn what I need to in good time, and people cannot always expect "computer people" to know everything or want to know everything. I know about what I'm interested in, in what I use, if you want to use something else you can for god's sake find out what RTFM means (Read The Fucking Manual).

I don't do this for a living.

Isn't Bowie wonderful?

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October 5, 2003

Alizee and Overnet

Well, ahem, yes, Michel talking about Alizee? All becomes clear now. It's getting quite compulsive downloading her videos and performances. Very much like a paedophile's dream Kylie. But then she just looks young I suppose - she's 19?

And just to set things straight about Overnet, it's all my fault, and Overnet is fantastic - mess around with the connections and learn how to use port forwarding and the world is wonderful again.

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The Great Masters of Trash (Dorothy Sayers)

Su-Lin might be interested in this :)

'It's an interesting thing,' said Spruce, 'but very few of the great masters of trash aimed low to start with. Most of them wrote sonnet sequences in youth. Look at Hall Caine - the protege of Rosetti - and the young Hugh Walpole emulating Henry James. Dorothy Sayers wrote religious verse. Practically no one ever sets out to write trash. Those that do don't get very far.'

From Evelyn Waugh's Sword of Honour Trilogy (pp. 673-674).

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October 2, 2003

I Take It All Back

Actually, now that I think about it, the article I just posted on the X-Men is actually the epitome of all the things I really dislike about a certain kind of criticism, that I tend to conflate as Marxist.

Not that the article is not perceptive and well, the accusations it makes are actually quite fitting. It's just that there's a general tone about it that is rife with that dramatic turn for revelation and the relish and strut of political discovery. However much I am swayed by the accuracy of the accusations it makes, and obviously I feel them to be necessary, even essential, to any reading of the text, yet the problem lies in that this kind of writing is just so very simply not very good literary analysis. Beyond that, it is also just not very fair or descriptive - to the extent that it becomes a kind of naive imposition on the text, and lacks any real engagement with the complexity that accompanies any text deemed worthy of comment.

Just as examples that spring to mind, what of the aesthetics of spectacle involved? The endless close reading that can take place in examining the narratorial and textual elements of the form the text takes - the framing of the action, the "how" of the story being told in a series of panels, the issues of focalisation and perspective that are involved. Not to mention the sexual fetishism inherent in the depiction of bodies, the textual and verbal ticks that pervade the series, somehow independant of the change-over of writers. And I suppose I could make some snarky comment about ignoring how funny things are but that would be somewhat unfair.

Not that I am not guilty of doing similar things - and to be honest it is very effective as a kind of rhetorical trump, to undermine the politics of a text - and yet I find that it's really the easy, and lazy way out, an effective way of dismissing texts rather than examining them.

Accusation, if nothing else, detracts from the more fruitful examination (if you want to retain the same ideological slant as accusation allows) of the mechanics, the emotional appeal if you will, of how and why these texts are then still so attractive and persuasive. If you wish to move beyond idle politics, then you come to the point where these caveats become a baseline, a point of departure from which you examine the million other things that are of so much more interest. I appreciate that he's writing in response to something, working against the flow of something, but it's just how predictable he has to make it that is rather disappointing.

Of course it's politically compromised. Deal with it.

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Naughty X-Men

Without mentioning that I've been spending most of the past week catching up on the edonkey-available Uncanny X-Men, I found this rather sensible, if somewhat annoying (though reasonably well written) article on why X-Men was not concieved as the kind of trope for racial tolerance it's accepted to be today. Vive la Marx.

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September 30, 2003


"or, if you please, just to get the sight out of their heads."

I feel stuck.

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September 27, 2003

Yes Su-lin, Like a Fish

Oh, and I bought Nigella Bites on DVD. Mmmm...

It occurs to Louis that Nigella reminds me of Su-lin, in the most flattering way possible :). But yes, gastronomic porn.

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September 21, 2003

When The Facts Change, I Change My Mind

Seems like a sensible thing to say, clever Keynes. I read the Economist too much: the article that quotes it is here.

I quite like this interview with Adrian Lamo. I'm not sure whether I like that "Faith Manages" (which I initally thought was quite lovely) is from Babylon 5; though obviously there has to be some kind of connection between romance and belief.

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September 7, 2003

Jackie's Strength

Bouvier, till her wedding day,
Shot's rang out, the police came,
Momma led me out, to the front lawn,
and prayed for Jackie's Strength...

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August 27, 2003

Emergency Mahjong

30th of August is when I must play mahjong. Clarissa and Delwyn will be there. Emen, what the fuck do you have on that you're so god-damn busy. Anything less than getting laid is not good enough. It's not like I didn't ask early enough.

So would Su-lin like to play mahjong? (I promise we'll actually play as much bridge as Su-lin's little heart desires, which I'd be rather intent on myself anyway)

Anyone? Peishan too busy? God damn it what's more important than me coming back and mahjong? (please restrain yourselves from answering that)

I know my sister-in-law reads this, though I suppose marital bliss is excuse enough?

I'll promise to be no end of charming (read: sullen and tired) and I'll bring lovely duty free wine...

Screw you guys... home.

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August 24, 2003

Ha ha

I'm just thinking of the time when I exclaimed about Jiang (Q) who told me he was going to watch Chicago in Sinapore, to which I did qudruple takes and kept exclaiming how wonderful that was. It was only later that I realised he was referring to Chicago the musical which had been on forever whilst I was thinking of Chicago the band.

On another note, I have a punchline without a joke, which goes "...which really puts the whore in Sephora".

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August 23, 2003

Naughty Su-lin

Su-lin is just so agreeably funny at times. I mean, personally, this is the kind of writing that I think Su-lin excels at, basically being Su-lin on the page - pithy, sharp, very very sly; very like a china-shop wanting to be a bull.

Now if only Su-lin would master the art of short paragraphs, which makes online reading so much more pleasureable... :P - and honestly, which I think would really play to her strength of very syncopated prose - punchy with a sense of rhythm and pace.

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August 22, 2003


Following my little anti-MP3 diatribe, I'd just like to give a heads up to people that I'll be giving away my MP3-CD collection because I can't stand them anymore and will be bringing my CD collection with me like a lamb, or like Mary, whichever way you see it.

At the moment, the way I see it, Winston and Peishan should get first dibs, then Clarissa/Delwyn - I don't suppose Su-lin particularly wants anything. If Dion were interested he'd have to work through Delwyn in some way. The services of a burning machine *might* be on hand, as well as a ridiculous amount of CD-R's to people who are at Mahjong parties, or who come over to my place after I build the new comps.

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The Michelle Branch CD is a mixture of getting things okay and being annoying. As with most autorun flash stuff, it takes over your PC without asking when you insert the disc (autoplay is actually useful which is why I don't turn it off by default). It also has all it's content as macromedia embedded .swf files which, unlike the previous penchant for .mov files, I can't view in full-screen.

So I bought at 19 inch monitor running at 1280x1024 for fuck? (yes I do realise resolution doesn't actually matter in full screen mode, but I assume it does somewhat in midget size)

On the up side, the trend in these things has been to make them much easier to exit than before, which means that the content is actually easy to access, meaning you're actually going to bother to view it more than once, since it's not as annoying as it once was.

Still no initial menu for playing the CD instead of going straight to the extras. Viewing the extras is not the only reason you put a CD into your PC. Fuckwits.

The Neil Young album I bought was slightly more elegant, putting the extras on a DVD - and in this case, it seems (I haven't seen the extras yet) that the content is actually an integral part of the musical experience. Oh the wonders of economic circumstances creating new forms of art :D.

Of course I'm in many minds about the rather pathetic fillip that most offer in terms of special extras to get people to pony up for the CD rather than downloading. But then I've just recently been evangelising my annoyance at the inadequacy of compressed audio formats - CD quality is really just so much sharper and fuller.

The album's wonderful, Young just sounds so much more crunchy with Crazy Horse. And I'm quite impressed with the HDCD format in which the CD's released, though I suppose I shouldn't have been pissing myself/been surprised by the discovery that the format is now owned/propogated by the Vole :).

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August 20, 2003


Well yes, it does seem that Louis just tends to be tetchy when he's blogging, but it's probably just the nature of the exercise and the will in not wanting to be entertaining on demand.

There's to be a lunch buffet thing on the afternoon of my brother's wedding dinner, which might be a good excuse to get people together to play cards, feed them and avoid my relatives. Honestly the first people who come up to me and tell me I should lose weight are gonna get a hand to talk to. I would have said I'd tell them to go fuck themselves, but there are things relatives just don't understand.

I'm just thinking of the rather curt way in which I rebuffed Ve-Yin's attempt some time back to draw out my romantic aspirations by talking about computers. If you don't get it, whose fault is that?

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August 19, 2003

"Do you want anything from the States?"

(Please note: close personal friends are somewhat exempt from all this, but only just.)

Oh, and just to say to people in general, if you have "friends" who live overseas, esp in the states who you want to bring stuff back for you? - don't be an idiot. Shopping for things, even online, isn't the most fun of things, esp when you have to be considerate about things you don't want to be.

The excuse that "things are cheaper there" is not a good one. If you can get it where you are, I'll charge you courier fees for bringing it back. "Shipping is so expensive" - not as expensive as my time for stuff I don't really want to do. If you want a keychain I can buy from somewhere I go to everyday (ie nowhere) then fine - things that require me to think while packing my suitcase create enormous amounts of animosity (think MP3-CD players).

Oh, and if I wasn't unemployed, I wouldn't be home all day to wait for UPS deliveries - which means I might have to end up going to the delivery depots to pick up stuff. I'm bringing back heatsinks from here because I really don't want to have to deal with shitty brand ones in Singapore which I know nothing about. And cases are just too big.

The US is insular and myopic - shipping overseas is not something it does easily; for goodness sake, they don't even bother to make alot of their stuff autosensing, so the fact that the rest of the world uses different voltages (but do offer autosensing stuff) doesn't seem to bother them. NTSC is not the only video format available to the world. Deal with it. Rock and Roll.

Oh, and 2 words: Region Encoding. Thank god for Lite-On and the pirate realm that is Asia (and the smurfing interweb).

And on a personal note, I really don't go very many places when I'm here, I spend most of my time at home. Going out is an event, and an event that I want to keep genial and happy, not frustrated and tetchy.

(and oh) For the sake of momentum I've allowed my fears to grow larger than life.

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What had promised to be a sweltering day has actually turned out rather temperate, no doubt partly because it's not so humid, and because I've not left the house :D.

Feelings of dissoluteness and lack of employment (in one sense only, not the other) are starting to creep in, though reading the Sword of Honour Trilogy (I've actually finished the second book) is quite a lark.

If Su-lin's reading this, could she recommend a Dorothy Sayers book to me? Basically a good one to start off with, something rollicking and fun perhaps.

Hate the sinner, but love the sin.

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August 15, 2003


This is rather moving.

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Economist on Blogs

Huh, it appears the Economist has decided to do a fluff piece on blogs and say nothing particularly insightful (and get things very much wrong - eg: Blogger was selling Blogger Pro long before Google). I suppose the whole thing about the corporatising of blogs is something interesting, but then we know this already.

Like most mainstream newspapers the Economist tends to fall into the trap (less often than most though obviously) of writing about things that simply exhibit how little they really know about what's really going on.

Just because it's news to the doddering old and the intellectually stunted, doesn't excuse you talking nonsense about something you obviously have very little investment in, and something that you're obviously not too clear about. Worse when they decide that they should put aside anything they've ever been taught about tone and come off as completely uninformed and cack-handed.

What's especially disappointing is that for a newspaper that so often makes it its mission to push boundaries in how people think about things - to persuade and illuminate - as well as to provide startling and insightful observations about the unusual sides of overworn arguments, it can so often resort to this kind of sensationalised wolf-crying.

Regurgitating the opinions that could be found by any idiot in the know, much less by Slashdot responses reduces your newspaper from the bearer and illuminator of knowledge, to the rather pathetically journalistic function of nutella - all you do is spread.

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August 12, 2003


You'd think blogging out of boredom is a sign of something, or that it's not the most productive - and yet, as I'm coming to realise, I'm not really to keen anymore to report what's happening around me. And probably my most idle posts are the ones that contain the most reflection, the most considered commentary, which is probably the better part of this blog.

I feel a frustration, and above all a kind of trepidation at writing - I find myself avoiding it, despite thinking to myself that that's what I'd like to do. But then the shuttlecocks here is nothing new, it's not that different (though it is different) from writing academic work.

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August 10, 2003

Throwing Muses

What can I say about the Throwing Muses but I never quite understood how demeaned the term religious experience had become until I experienced this kind of trembling.

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August 8, 2003


It's amazing the amount of good celluloid I've been seeing recently (Wrong Turn exempt of course). I just got the DVD of CQ, by Roman Coppola, and it's pretty good. It's making me want to buy Danger: Diabolik.

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August 7, 2003

Intellectual Midget on Film Theory

Because I like being dismissive without extended explaination of my pique, I'll just post three links to articles in the L.A Times, the first of which talks much nonsense about critical theory in general, narrative theory by association, and film theory in particular. Obviously no one who knows me will have to guess who's the top of my intellectual midget list now.

(Please note: because the L.A. Times wants you to register with their site to read this crap, I've sacrificed a disposable e-mail account to give you a username and password, so you don't have to. User: latimesprintscrap pw: absolutecrap)

Lights, Camera, Action. Marxism, Semiotics, Narratology.

Some idiot who doesn't seem to quite get how much of a marxist stereotype he's making of himself.

Take it from a cinema studies grad: Film theory's not for everyone, but there are riches within the jargon

A response to the above idiot, which I've not read, but which probably isn't great.

Film Theory: Elitist Nonsense or a Critical Life Lesson?

Letters of reply, the first by Branigan, a sampling of whose work I've actually read, and who is shown to be a rather witty intelligent man, not least by his response.

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August 2, 2003

RJC GP Teacher Movie Clip Dowload

This is so god-damn funny (amongst other things) I can't be bothered to comment too much on it, but just to say, download it (after you've registered on my forums of course) and laugh your ass off.

On a more serious note, let me say this: Rodney King.

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July 22, 2003

Potter Malarkey

I should perhaps follow up just a teeny bit on the whole Byatt/Potter thing. I'm quite appreciative of Su-lin's rather startling analysis of it here. As I've remarked recently, I seem to be quite sympathetic to people who are invested to the point that their writing constantly and inevitably returns to their master narrative. For the Economist, this is economic theory, free trade, competition; for Waugh this seems to be nostalgia, the past, Catholicism, the sense of loss and time passing. For Su-lin it's Fitzie :).

Just to clarify though, from Su-lin's entry (gently, so as not to offend), I don't feel "scoff" is quite the right way of describing my position on Byatt and Potter. True is the fact that I'm not commited to either and find myself largely agnostic in the midst of that particular quarrel.

Possession is not my favoritest of books, but there are portions that I find no end of intriguing (not just Val, which I find the most moving), especially the bits that the Potter article seem to illuminate. Largely because my Oral Assessment group ignored this when I brought it up, and as the Potter article elaborates, Byatt exhibits at least some form of knowledge/sympathy with Marxist rhetoric (if only by its pointed absence, as in Possession).

Particularly so with her incessant evocation of nostalgia and the expression of an irretrievable halcyon past - mixed with her scepticism/dismissal of the urban, the new, the economic. All a particular brand of rather unproductive Marxist thinking if you ask me - and which is particularly ironic coming from Byatt, expressed as it is in a hopelessly C/conservative register.

But while I obviously find the expression of this in Possession the most interesting portion of the book (noticeably also because it occupies a very marginal presence, away from the rather tedious letters and poetry) - and I find her bible thumping in the article simply distasteful - she does actually write with aplomb and with the skill and presence that attends a scholar and a woman of letters. The idiot might as well go and write for the Guardian.

Regarding Harry Potter. If I hear myself say, yet again, that I'd read the Narnia Chronicles over again rather than Harry Potter, I'd probably be forced to keelhaul myself. Similarly with the whole Val thing in Possession.

My objection to Harry Potter is simply an aesthetic one, that I find the level at which it is reified by the superlative praise/evangelism that it recieves rather distasteful - quite aside from the content of the books themselves, the perusal of which is rather precluded by my distaste.

As Choon Ping once said to me regarding Moulin Rouge (and I suspect Su-lin said to me regarding Potter), I'm 'one of *those* people'. Though unfortunately having actually seen Moulin Rouge, I can at least with some authority say that I'd rather cut my heart out with a spoon than watch it again. Pretentious motherfucker (not Choon Ping, who is no end of clever despite questionable taste - I mean Luhrman). Harry Potter I can just dismiss like I dismiss Coldplay, as something which is so obviously not quite up to what it is purveyed to be. Though it doesn't help that Coldplay sucks ass.

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I'm not in much shape to write terribly much, but I might as well. Have a newfound respect for Nigella, since, if her recipes are anything to judge by (Bloody Mary by the Pitcher to be exact), she's not one that's shy of her alchohol. I must say that was a fuck load of vodka to put into not that much more tomato juice.

Needless to say, now that my lovely Bordeaux glasses have arrived, tomorrow will be passed in a similar state of merriment, with what promises to be a rather handsome bottle of 2000 Bordeaux (young at the moment, but I'm testing before I plunge into buying a case to store).

Getting hammered of course requires doing rather passive activities, which in this case means watching Spooks, which, as the second season episode I watched promised, is pretty damn good. And Matthew MacFadyen (who was so wonderful in Poliakoff's Perfect Strangers) is absolutely the man.

If this morning was anything to go by, my mornings might well be take up in maintaining my contacts with Singaporeans through IM. Clarissa was nice enough to endure Louis and his incessent prodding/goading/grovelling. And whatever Clarissa's having, she must be smoking up a storm: her parting shot to me was that she thought Don't Stop (Funkin' for Jamaica) was rather good. It's a Mariah song. Moment of weakness I'm sure :D.

With my Mp3 cds around me again, I find myself rediscovering dusty things, just as I have been so eager to do with the buying of the Pixies etc. Morning Glory has really lost none of it's charm or verve, making their subsequent offerings all the more inexplicable. Diana Krall's 'All For You', which is now playing, is as always, sublime. None of her other albums really approach the tone and register that this one achieves, as far as I know. Maybe it's just Nat King Cole.

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July 19, 2003

And I thought Byatt was full of tripe

And I thought Byatt was full of tripe. I found what edel mentioned as the rebuttal to her article at (not hyperlinked because they're probably as bad as the god-damn fucking Guardian) which is probably the most pathetic load of nonsense I've read since that article on Buffy from whereever. If you insist on seeing what drivel gets published by intellectual midgets you can have a look at this. It's almost worth the Salon daypass just to experience horror of that magnitude. Fuckwits.

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(Reactions to) Other Peoples' Blogs

Edel's blog has an article by A.S Byatt on Harry Potter. Being me, and not having read Harry Potter (not even when I'm high/tight) and pretty much disliking Possession (despite fantastic bits on Val) I'd just like to say, about that article - tripe. Tripe tripe tripe.

And about Su-lin's entry about RJ people collecting for charity? I sympatise, and I find her vignette quite effective, but I just remember being strong-armed into doing such nonsense and resenting it for years to come. And students forming lines to collect for charity (and I really mean no offence to dear Su-lin) makes me want to bludgeon them with a spoon. A spoon I tell you. Emotional blackmail is never pretty, and I refuse to feel guilty about emotional blackmail.

What I do feel probably altogether too self-congratulatory about is what I did just before I discovered that they no longer forced recruits to donate to the Community Chest, for fear of alienating them in the future, when they have more than $200 a month. The community chest guy told me that my company had an unusually high voluntary donation rate, which he attributed to my appealing to them, telling them of what I'd done as a recruit - clever people they are, using GIRO cuts out the negative utility from continually giving, ie not having to see students with cans.

I shall recommend TypePad to people when it comes out, Blogger has such consistent issues with its archives (at least on its free service), and is so much less feature rich (comments etc.). Though for the non-mental-midgets, hosted Movable Type is probably the way to go.

Just realised that I can actually host a whole bunch of e-mail addresses at the domain if I so chose. I really like the word biffing. Clever Waugh.

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Wilde, Spinal Tap and Liz

Speaking of Wilde, I probably regard him in a sense the way I regard Spinal Tap; as cultural artifacts who provide a frame of reference that has become divorced from the thing itself that had previously generated those reference points - and hence are things that are interesting to experience on those terms. Except that Spinal Tap is funny. And not quite so annoying.

Oh and just to say of people who give Liz Phair grief about working with Matrix, it's very much akin to Emen telling me I didn't have to move out last year from House H. So there.

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Ari Fleischer

Ari Fleischer, like, I suspect, people in government can tend to be, appears to be fundamentally dishonest. He was on Letterman a couple of days ago, and I've just watched it on my comp becasue I'd taped it. There has been no significant proof of chemical or biological weapons found. The fundamental reason they went to war, and why I supported the move to war, was the issue of defiance, not the issue of guilt. Which obviously I think the Economist makes clear here.

Deliberately misleading people is not a difficult thing to admit culpability for; obviously it's easier to just say certain things - when you're not sure how accurate information is - because you want it to be said. The alternative would require some measure of moral courage (to use a flagrantly army term), to not say things in earnest that you simply want to be true.

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July 16, 2003

My Stuff Came

It seems I probably had the books I wanted to quote from when I was in York, or at least The Maltese Falcon. My stuff just arrived, together with my RAM. Haven't found The Rules of Attraction yet, but I'm sure it's somewhere, just hope it isn't Singapore.

The section I'm using from The Maltese Falcon is longer than I thought, and I'll finish typing the lot in later. I considered putting it on a seperate page, but it's important enough to put on the main site page - though when I fine Rules of Attraction, that quote will probably go first.

I must say that the Pixies rock big time, and my 4.1 speakers are quite a godsend in that respect. I actually downloaded Hotel Paper off Kazaa just to the the mp3s, since the Ogg files weren't using the 2 rear speakers. Then again it could just have been Winamp 2.

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July 15, 2003

SMTP, Site Plans, 'In A Lonely Place'

Hmm... checking out using my fallingbeam account for SMTP so again I don't have to be dependant on an ISP for sending mail. Finding out that actually the features of the hosting plan mail is quite cool, they actually allow both pop and imap, so if and when I ever migrate new addresses, they'll probably be fallingbeam addresses.

I know my site's been a bit neglected of late, except perhaps for the blog, but as I'm now in Chicago and ordering a sinful amount of computer hardware (RAM and 2 SATA drives for my RAID setup) I should be paying more attention to it. And also I no longer have the excuse of the books not being around for the front page quotes on my site. And all the assessment rubbish should be going too. Really need the RAID setup, since the IBM drive seems less than capable of dealing with the demands of video editing.

Found out that it's probably better to record Once and Again on analog cable rather than digital, less jerkiness. Oh and I'm taping Red Cap since it's not on DVD. I really wonder when I'll get around to watching all the crap I bought.

Oh and I've been using K++, not noticing too much difference from Kazaalite, been busy downloading the absolutely hot Liz Phair (thanks Tag and Rename) and getting the unaired episodes of Firefly. November seems a long way away to wait for the DVD.

Editing video is a bit tedious, but I suppose the policy is that I don't record to keep stuff unless it's not available to buy (yet at least) hence the taping of Once and Again season 2.

Gave Su-lin a little tutorial on using Kazaa. Su-lin seems to get it better than Peishan, though both had to be handholded - Su-lin just seems more intuitive about it. I get the feeling Su-lin takes issue with me railing against York, but then, as 'In a Lonely Place' suggests, there is every reason for being not 'normal'.

I'm still quite swayed by the idea that the film uncovers the futility of reading signs as if they were traffic-stop-signs, that the element of faith and belief - the appreciation of the unseen/unproven - is the post-lapsarian frustration of spirit in being unable to quite divorce the self from the need for interpretation, the need for reading and proof.

I don't think I'm wrong in asserting the urgency or primacy of this semiotic engagement in the period, I would assume that the detective fiction genre is merely a happy coincidence and convenient catalyst for these impulses.

Maybe Waugh can convince me to convert to Catholicism :P.

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July 14, 2003

US Customs

What? A tailor make a man?

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July 12, 2003

Igby Goes Down

As I pointed out to Eugene, I'm always more eloquent about things that I dislike. So let's just say Igby Goes Down is absolutely sublime. Even the musical director's occasional apalling taste in timing and music didn't detract so much from the fact that it's so incredibly affecting - so moving while being so absolutely hilarious.

It's a tribute to the director that the players in the film were so amazing despite being such mediocre actors elsewhere. Amanda Peet and Jeff Goldblum (who I normally despise like I despise Ulrika) were actually fantastic, as was the normally so wooden Ryan Phillipe. Bill Pullman of course was immaculate and Susan Sarandon flawless - but I was just taken aback by how much Kieran Culkin resembled a young Robert Downey Jr. - with all that ambiguity of will and succeptablity to tempation, not to mention the pervasive sadness and shiftiness in his eyes. Claire Danes played up the snotty pseudo intellectual college girl with aplomb, and regardless looks rather nice in her knickers and not much else.

They have Red Lights lighting the way from the main escalator well to the various cinemas, presumably to allow people to adjust to the relative darkness of the cinema. The corridoor I passed on the way to the film smelt of BMTC; which made me a bit unsteady for a while, so I had to hold on the the handle of the door.

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July 11, 2003

When Things Happen

I suppose it's been quite an eventful day, and not totally annoying for being graduation. The ceremony itself was pathetic till the guy from Aardman Animations came to give his speech, which I thought was quite okay, he seemed really quite affected by what was being proffered to him - which is a nice thing to witness.

Still not enough happened for me to take off my shades on approaching the Vice Chancellor. It was my little tribute to Less Than Zero, and the spirit I suppose of Rules of Attraction - I think reading The Sword of Honour Trilogy is getting to me, in a good way.

Only spoke to Ini (don't even know if that's how his name is spelt), which makes me wish I could contact him and be nice for having been so sullen when I saw him. Wish Johnny had been there, he would probably have been the other person I'd bother to talk to. The rest can pretty much carry on sucking eggs.

The day could only get better from there, had lunch with the parentals at Cafe Uno, bought a suit which I'm quite taken with.

Had a nice cathartic encounter with the porter etc. which I'm feeling vaguely guilty for now. It's a pity that something so good, that you dream about doing so much for so long, should have to lead to this kind of nagging niggling remorse. Probably feeling so guilty cuz I'm feeling happier, less in a funk over the whole graduation fuckshit, after spending the evening with Eugene, Delwyn and Dion.

We actually went to Symrin, which turns out to be just a dinky little takeaway instead of the restaurant I'd envisioned. The woman/owner was as affable as she always is over the phone, and it was a real pleasure to see her finally.

She and her shop seemed like such a fixture in the community there, with people constantly coming and going out of the shop, that she had hardly a free minute to banter with us. I could say something asinine about immigrant integration, but that just seems rather trite and out of place.

But she really knew all her regulars by name and they all treated her like pretty much a community leader, a figurehead of a family. She'd send regards to peoples' families, and would great people with a chirpy "hello trouble". She reminded me of Arun, and the lay philosophies that he was so assured of - especially around the subject of money.

After dinner was time for all out gossipmongering session, bringing up Cain from the past year, such as there was, and rehashing the old favorites that Eugene had not quite heard of. Eugene of course had plenty that we found new. But I suppose, like amsterdam, what's spoken of in Eugene's kitchen stays in Eugene's kitchen. Unless you ask. Doesn't even have to be nicely.

But plenty of shoveling going on about practically every non-ninja Singaporean/peripheral for the past couple of years. And I mean all. Fun fun fun.Eugene is one crazy open mouthed fucker - ie fantastic. I was rolling on the floor laughing for most of the time - literally. From the insight he gave in to Emen though, makes me think better and better of our mutual friend (not that I had though badly in any way to begin with). Makes me wish I had spent more time with Emen - clever Emen.

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July 10, 2003

My Organ of Veneration (and other bits and bobs)

I can feel my Organ of Veneration acting up again. Su-lin's blog is quite engaging. For those that have not found the wonders of it, her blog is here. I'll probably but a permanent link to it sometime. But yes, I like the story about her skiving sister which you can find here. At the time of posting it was the most recent entry. Nice, charming, engaging - and at points revealing a kind of depth of feeling in tandem with a sentimental attachment to family - which even for her is ever so ambivalent.

I have two rather distinct ways of thinking of sentimentality but hopefully the import of the word itself is allowed to be dependant on context rather than rigid meaning/association. But then I probably prize ambivalence too much for anything so clear - helpful huh?

It'd be nice to think that I have a Great Story to tell, and that one day I will find a way to write it. But then I feel the need to just get Any Story down on paper, lest greatness never materialises.

Tried calling Cari, shall try to leave my TV with Ve-Yin for her to pick up - hopefully Jason's coming down with her, so they won't have too much trouble with it all.

Hmm... still resentful? Oh Yeah Baby. Motherfuckers.

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July 9, 2003


I am feeling a huge great swell of seething resentment towards this university and the whole graduation rigmarole.

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July 8, 2003


Nice obliging Emen came to visit my lovely blog/site. Nice to see him rather amused. Louis aims to please. But yes, clever Emen. Louis is starting to sound more like Su-Lin for some reason. Soon I'll start going "heh" in IM conversations.

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Doing stuff

Busy busy busy. Will probably be going to Manchester tonight to play mahjong and pick up the parental units tomorrow morning.

I've migrated my phone to pay as you talk, instead of actually cancelling the phone, which seems to be easier, I'll have to get them to send my bill to Manchester so it's easier for Delwyn to pay my last bill. I'll have to give them a call again.

Unfortunately when I go in to close my bank account, I'll probably be putting money in rather than taking it out. I'll have to ask if they have any alternative accounts I can move to so that I can pay my mobile bill instead of Delwyn. Will have to cancel my direct debit as well though.

Ordered the Gianduja, hopefully it'll reach the hotel in time, don't quite know if the paper ticket will make it here in time.

The graduation stuff can be picked up tomorrow at 4 or something from Physics, and I'll probably return Su-Lin's book then, or later tonight before dinner.

So yes, busy - all without leaving my room.

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Starred firsts.

Hmm, it seems that my ravings about getting a starred first were rather premature, so, well, that's that. Only thing that saved me from 2.1 anonymity was my hardworking nature for my Norse translation, which no doubt pulled up the marks of that module to 70. No surprises for which module the 50 was for... Richard Walsh apparently does have a sense of smell, giving me a 68 :P.

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July 7, 2003

Media things

The whole CD buying spree has been pretty rewarding, if only for the fantastic cover of "Wild Honey Pie" by the Pixies on the Live at the BBC disc.

Just watched an episode of Spooks, and lets just say I'll be buying the Season 1 DVD sight unseen. Very impressive, the 6 episode season format really does seem to do wonders for QC with the BBC. Will probably consider getting Red Cap as well, just for cute blondy woman whose name I can't remember right now: ah, Tamzin Outhwaite.

Still no reply from Cari, so I'll have to see her after graduation.

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Alone in York

Feeling retiscent despite the things that are happening, probably because it's just busy stuff and other people's problems that are coming up. Otherwise, still glorying in the firstness of my first. Shall skulk round the department office tomorrow and try and find out my detailed results. Really wonder if I should fight for my starred first.

I do however, have a bunch of CD's now that dig deep into the Throwing Muses ouvre in particular, as well as getting more of the Pixies, and the first Breeder's album. Woo hoo.

Spong was at Ve-Yin's place and answered the door, cuz Ve-Yin was at the gym.

Cari hasn't replied yet, but anyway Delwyn's coming down tomorrow to pick up stuff, so can't really go down anyway, unless I just go after noon, and mostly to deliver the TV and get sloshed.

Got a haircut from James again, at Sharp. Pity that just as I've found a hairdresser I like, that I have to leave. But then I'm leaving York, so...

Shall wonder at Peishan's lack of appearance and ask her about it.

Still feeling out of it despite having been back for the weekend - a bit strange, but not entirely unpleasant. Shall go off and take a shower.

For whatever strange reason, it's my old blog that's been getting the most hits, probably cuz it has the most text of the whole site - though the search strings that lead people here are a bit predictable - mostly stuff with subtitles somewhere. Ah well.

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July 5, 2003

What happens in Holland

Oh, and the general consensus among the 3 of us, ie: Dion Delwyn and I, is that what happens in Holland, stays in Holland.

So you're going to have to ply us with vice to get anything out of us. As far as I know, officially: "We went the to see the museums".

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What did Louis get for his degree?

I've got a first. Yay for me :D. Tell me how clever I am here.

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July 3, 2003

They're... all... Dutch???

I'm in Amsterdam:P. Woo Hoo. Using the rather naff comps (all macs) at the hostel I'm staying at. Keyboard is awful, so more when I get back. I love it here. It may be my new home.

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June 29, 2003

I Bought CDs

I just spent about 50 pnds on CDs :). God damn that record industry, saying we don't buy CDs anymore. Here's what I bought:

Pixies - Doolittle
Breeders - title TK
REM - Murmur
Soundgarden - Louder than Love
Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger
The Smiths - Strangeways, Here We Come
The Smiths - The World Won't Listen

Basically delving a bit deeper in to the classics and getting the new Breeders CD, which, from what I've heard so far, is superb. The rest are just things I'm embarassed I don't have more of, especially the Pixies. Bought all of it from this place in York called Track Records, near the Burger King.

Seems like a pretty good place for alternative stuff, ie not the pop-alt stuff that they sell at chain stores. And they had most of the stuff I bought at about 5.99, which is nice.

I'm sure I could get this stuff on Amazon from resellers and stuff for that price, but it's just nice buying a whole bunch of CD's from an independant store. And it's nice sifting through bargain shelves and finding exactly what you should be buying/what you wanted to buy.

I suppose my taste is a bit dated by now, which is why what I bought was in the bargain section anyway...

Oh, and the TV reception depends on the weather apparently, so whatever. Shall now go e-mail Cari to ask her if she wants a slightly damaged TV cabinet.

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June 28, 2003

Packed and Moved

Have moved into Ingram H, where I'll be until graduation. Depressingly, it's that much of a nicer room than my old one - the TV reception is absolutely flawless and sharp after the intense fuzziness I've become accustomed to.

Emen will be over in a minute, as will the curry (again). Everyone seems to be pretty damn sick of moving and carrying all this crap all over the fuck-shop. I know Delwyn and Dion are pretty grumpy having to keep going back and forth to Manchester.

But well, will be leaving for Holland on Tuesday, which is actually when my results come out, but *what-ever*. I've pretty much got the route to Stansted, we'll have to pre-book the parking so it's cheaper, and we've got accomodation sussed for both Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

I think the plan is that we just spend the last day farting around Eindhoven, but not actually staying there. Apparently it's that boring that hostels aren't actually a priority.

I've found "What Katy Read", so I'll see what Su-lin says, whether she wants me to try and get the money back or whether she wants a last reminder of her time in York, a souvenir if you will. Like I planned to do with the Golding books in the RJC library - which no one ever took out :P.

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June 27, 2003


I'm feeling pretty shitty now after a night of packing, and I've just been looking at websites about speeding in the UK. The good news is that if indeed I got snapped, then all Dion has to do is state that he was not the driver, and that it was me driving. I just wonder what they'll do when the discover I'm not a UK citizen...

I'll probably ask Dion to give my Singapore address and we'll just see what happens. But the speeding laws really do look fucking draconian. Fine there were speed camera signs all over the place, but... I just suspect that because I was going to overtake someone, that my speed might well have been rather high, which would mean a larger fine/more points. Not that it really matters about the points, since I won't be driving in the UK anytime soon. Bastards.

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June 25, 2003

Louis and Manual Cars/Karen's stuff

Maybe Louis should stay away from manual cars.

Aside from the fact that I left the handbrake on while driving for a considerable amount of time (sorry Dion), I was sweating like crazy for most of the time (it was hot, but not that hot). I can't remember driving that badly since I first started driving. Had problems moving off, stalled a couple of times, became far too fond of stepping on the clutch... I should be shot.

But yes Karen now has a place to store all her crap, one that she will gladly pay for - won't you Karen? The fact that she'll be getting most of my crap thoughtfully leftover presents should be a lovely consolation.

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Just been through a Firefly marathon. I really cannot praise the series enough. It's just the way it stands up to multiple viewing that impresses me to no end. Of course certain portions are a bit affected, but the rest that isn't genuinely moving is just gorram funny. I have no doubt that it's the feelings of loss that accompany it's less than illustrious history that allows it that particular poignancy, but that is special in itself, and worthy of comment. If only the movies are this good. Movies. Plural.

Delwyn and Michel are nice company, and so is Chateau Online. Delwyn I have no doubt I will see again, but thinking of Michel strikes me as a particular kind of redemption. Michel's nice. And above all nice to me, which is nice.

Because, as Firefly is testament to, that sentimentalism is never quite complete without the uproariously hilarious, have a look at this, and wonder. We wish we all had Cheezy Bao.

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June 24, 2003

Claire Sighting and other things

Saw Claire today, and must remember to go and meet her again at 10.15 on Friday in Vanbrugh. Claire, as always, is nice, and she wasn't just ignoring me, since she only finished her stuff 2 weeks ago and is still recovering. I saw her in Vanbrugh where I was going to have a sandwich.

I must endeavour to promote my site to her, since she's not one who's likely to be online perpetually with messenger, and the forums might be a nice spontaneous place for her to come once in a while.

And of course since she wants to know all about me, she can come and read this lovely blog. I shall endeavour to send her an e-mail (which. like all my e-mails now, contain a subtly placed link to this site) with my internal no. so she can perhaps remind me of our meeting so I won't forget.

Hope Dion found his car radio place, if not he's a bit cock :D. Should have mentioned to him that slot loading players are probably the way to go rather than disc changers, but I suppose they're cheaper anyway, so he shouldn't go wrong there. Hope my boxes are able to get delivered, Parcelforce should be smart enough to put it with the porter if no one answers the door.

Otherwise when I'm not packing I might go and practise driving manual again, which shouldn't be too bad of a stretch. Still haven't remembered to go buy cucumber. Might try and drive to somewhere with cucumbers then.

Andrew's been a bit tardy with his e-mailing me the number of the storage company, but I suppose he's having exams. I might give him a call tomorrow or something.

Michel's coming over for dinner, shall try and message him to bring me a copy of the unaired firefly episodes.

I'm returning to being impressed with Chateau Online, since the mixed case they sent Delwyn looks pretty good. Granted we probably drank the nicest bottle of the lot, but it was rather superlatively pleasant, and very smooth.

Have decided that even though this is a long entry, because there is no central thread or link to the various portions of it, that using the extended entry function would not be a good idea. To use the extended entry function, the entry body would really be like a kind of teaser to the rest - Showtalkers does that a lot - and the best bits of the entry (referred to in the title) should be in the extended portion. In this case, since it's rather meandering, that wouldn't make much sense - though if the content spread across a no. of categories, I'd probably split up the entry, as I have done.

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June 23, 2003


I'm feeling sombre. That fucking bitch Yu-wen probably has something to do with it. :P If she ever reads this, ah well, who cares. Louis likes to burn bridges, not that there was much of a bridge to burn anyway.

I know I'm an ass in so many ways, well, in a lot of ways, but at least I know that I always try to make thing better between myself and other people. The martyrdom involved no doubt is part of the appeal, but then I always feel very earnest doing it. Is that too cryptic? Sucks huh?

I mean, fine, you fuck things up and you know it, boo hoo. But trying to be nice and being ignored? Yahtzee...

Delwyn was right, the new guys this year lack drama. But I suppose the rest of us make up for it.

Feeling a swell of sympathy for Spong right now, knowing that Kuan Ming probably fucked him over in Cambridge. That's not right. I'm crying me a river right now.

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Dion the Dude, more Wimbledon

Dion posted in my forum, which is nice of him, you can find his sparkling witticisms here. You can also see how he voted in my ongoing poll.

Oh, apparently the random fetching women in the Wimbledon stands were not so much random or girlfriends but convenient representatives of the BBC, who are now pottering about in filler between matches. Hanging out and cozying up to more dishy tennis men.

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I've just cleaned out the rice-cookers in the kitchen. It would be wrong to say things were alive in them, more that things had evolved and civilisations crumbled. Not that I'm one to talk.

Am planning a dinner for the psycho students who have finished their first exam today, so I can make use of the Emperor chicken spices I have. Chicken rice is planned for Wednesday. Wonder if there'll be enough food for everyone. Emen's in a mood so he's not joining us for what ostensibly would have been his brithday dinner.

Hopefully celery and oyster mushrooms will be enough. If not I could just make the steamed egg. I've got to remember to buy cucumbers for wednesday.

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Wimbledon's on, though I can't seem to find out when Henin is playing. It's all men's tennis now, with gratuitious shots of pretty women in the audience (I assume the girlfriends of the dishy male players). Bored now.

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Packing stuff

It's so god-damn humid here right now, having just rained. It's been about an hour or more since I moved all my books and tapes out onto the landing (and into the bath). They will all be packed by tuesday night after I get all my lovely boxes from seven seas (my moving company).

I'm hoping to fit everything into about 3 boxes, since I really don't have a lot of clothes that I want to keep. The weight limit of 30kg per box might be an issue, but I'll try and spread the weight out.

Thinking about looking for a job is fucking depressing. I wonder where the hell I'm gonna get a suit.

Hopefully I can get them to ship my stuff later so I don't have to hold on to the stuff here before shipping it. All my crap is going to storage. Karen had better know what Paypal is.

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June 22, 2003

Dion bought a car

Yup. Bought a car. Which I could have done. But no. No car for me. I'm so getting a car in Chicago.

He got a pretty nice Vauxhall, about 9 years old, but runs pretty well. A bit rough round the edges and the non-facade externals are showing a bit of wear, but otherwise quite nice. Seems to purr along quite admirably. But not exactly the ideal road trip car - need to get air conditioning and a slightly less rickety car for that. And Ryan Air is like 40pnds return, so... And they fly to Eindhoven :D.

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June 19, 2003

Sorry Su-Lin

I feel bad for being so snarky about Sulin's site. I've not been able to reach her to show her my 5 minutes of work on a new template she can use for her blog: here. Very rough work, I just changed the colour of an existing template to the first green colours I could find.

If Su-Lin comes to York she can get short tutorial in how to change colours in HTML code (well actually in the template CSS...). But yes, as Peishan pointed out I like things nice and clean none of this huge image background malarky.

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Hail Hail

I will now blog out of boredom. I'm surprised by how much I like "No Code", one of

The link above is to, which is a fantastic resource for quick overviews of artists and their albums - very canonical and very biased towards the popular and the mainstream, but a useful resource nonetheless. It's where I sent Peishan when she asked me about political activism in rap/popular music.

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Su-Lin's Blog

May I recommend to you the blog of the esteemable Sulin, to be found here. (Sulin, did you get my ICQ messages about your new template?)

I'm sure Sulin will be ever so cross, but I just have to speculate as to the nature of her blog's Title: Fitzie's Arms. I surmised that it was probably a rather ironic reference to Fitzie's distinct lack of arms, but Su-Lin assures me otherwise. The real reason for the name is somewhat more pedestrian :P.

Just at this moment Sulin's blog is having issues with templates. Or to be more exact, I'm having issues with her templates - Su-Lin, dear, background images fuck the hell up this wonderful thing called smooth scrolling and are the work of the devil and the bane of the internet (well them and spam, pop-ups, animated gifs, embedded sound files, flash, and any browser other than Opera).

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June 18, 2003

What to do...

Nice to listen to Rage Against the Machine again. Peishan was asking about political activism in rap, so obviously they came up. And as I suspected, the forum was a bit too much for Peishan to handle ;). Oh, and Su-Lin's comp is acting up, suspect it's her modem drivers - if Su-Lin's reading this, please just go to windowsupdate and download whatever new available drivers there are...

Site seems pretty much sewn up, in terms of formatting. Spent far too much time tweaking the layout of the style sheet... But yes the content will get there eventually. Teo seemed rather disappointed that my resume wasn't up.. :P

Oh yes, just wanted to comment that whoever's been downloading my Klip, hoorah for you, since you'll probably be reading this quite regularly. Good for you :D. At least I know Teo will be proficient enough to figure out how Klipfolio works...

Andrew's over with a couple of bottles of wine, but it's just a bit early at the moment. Xiao Ran's coming over for mahjong, so that should be a good time. Bumped in to her after seeing Clarissa going towards her and Michelle's place. Michelle's funny :D. Lots to say about being pampered upper middle class in this country that privileges ghetto cred - also has lots to say about the innumerable racial encounters she's had. Must be something about her demeanour. Her and Ve-Yin... *sigh*.

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It's late

It's just past 3.30 at night right now. I didn't sleep the night before, thought I sort of made up for that last night already. I've had an excruciating day at my computer classes, so much so my eyes are vaguely swimming as I read myself typing this.

I suppose I'm being stubborn, as I tend to be, under certain circumstances, late at night, when I decide I'm not too fond of sleeping just yet - which is why I was awake to go and see Su-Lin the day before yesterday.

The visit with Su-Lin went well, she's handed in her stuff, I watched her photocopy and bind her thesis and hand it in. Apparently that bitch Alison (Alyson?) O'byrne is a TA at Leeds now. I gave her name the finger on the staff name list on Emen's behalf. Her kind (including Ulrika obviously) deserve nothing less than damnation.

The revival of Su-Lin's computer went well, she now has a reasonably up-to-date Operating System that wasn't installed 4 years ago. She's also made Opera her default browser the clever girl. If only all my evangelising went so well. Cross cable is a wonderful thing - as are PCMCIA network cards. I must remember to bring back whatever spare parts I can from HK's place to Singapore.

The Category system for the site is pretty useful, if a bit paranoid making since I tend to be composing halfway and thing of something that's more applicable to another categoy and switch halfway to another post. But it's all good, as long as Peishan doensn't whine to me about reading too much computer stuff (I'm not letting it go - boo hoo; muahaha).

I'm a bit torn about whether I should go to Andrew's birthday party on Friday, since it would be an ideal time to go to Leeds and play bridge with Su-Lin. Again, we'll see. It's nice to know that Emen's going to Andrew's do though, so I'll know someone at least. Shouldn't I remember that I hate events like these?

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June 16, 2003

Su-Lin's Dire Struggle

By the time anyone reads this, probably Su-Lin will be done, but she's struggling hard away with her thesis right now, and I'm sure she could do with some positive thoughts flowing her way. And anyway it's just nice to be able to support the wonder that is Su-Lin.

Louis will be going to visit her when she's done, in about 3 or so hours. It should be a hoot, and we shall have a nice lunch and I shall come away with nice food and Su-lin will hopefully have a nice newly formatted computer.

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The First

Beginnings, supposedly, are alway hard, and this has been no exception. I've spent most of the past day setting stuff up. It's late. Or early. Certainly brings to mind the fact that this beginning is not one that is a Beginning - but then, so few instances are.

So if we are really to pretend that this is the start when we know it is not, then let us not bother with half-delusions - which is why this is the The First post. And as we all know, in the beginning, when things are just minted, we are to create rules, things to make things tidy and neat and organised.

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